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Fashionable evening women's overalls

Women's evening overalls have long appeared in the fashion world and are now almost full competitors to evening dresses. An elegant and feminine jumpsuit is much more convenient than a dress, but it looks no less solemn.

Features and Benefits

The jumpsuit is good because it fits into the dress code of any event. It is enough to choose a model that is suitable in style and style, and you can appear in it both at a corporate party and at a family celebration. Overalls are also universal because they sit well on the figure, regardless of its features. In addition, depending on the material and the length of the legs, you can choose a jumpsuit that can be worn at any time of the year.

Fashionable styles and models


A plain trouser jumpsuit will best fit in a business dress code. Long legs with arrows made of dense material make the image strict and at the same time visually lengthen the legs.


If you can not decide which outfit to choose - more feminine, or practical, then you can always find a compromise. Choose a stylish jumpsuit dress and feel comfortable without losing attractiveness.

With open back

The jumpsuit with an open back looks spectacular and sexy. Only, choosing such a model is for girls with a perfectly smooth back without any flaws. Otherwise, it is better to refuse such a dress

With shorts

For warmer weather, you can choose an original jumpsuit with short shorts. Made of airy fabrics, such as silk or chiffon, this outfit is perfect for the summer season.

With neckline

An outfit with a deep neckline will look quite coquettish. In addition, he will stretch the silhouette, making the figure more attractive.

With drapery

If you have small breasts, pay attention to jumpsuits with drapery in the chest area. This decor will add volume and serve as the perfect decoration for your jumpsuit.

High waisted

High-waisted outfit for girls with a non-standard figure. A similar jumpsuit will emphasize the silhouette, making it more flying. Wide legs, especially those made of flowing light fabrics, will become a good complement to such a cut.

Beautiful colors

The black

Black is always in fashion, so buying a jumpsuit of a dark color will definitely be a win-win. Black overalls are often chosen by slightly overweight girls to hide the flaws of their figure.


Brave and bright girls should pay attention to the red shades. Scarlet, coral or burgundy overalls will make your look attractive and stylish.


An alternative to overalls in black can be overalls of all shades of blue. Royal blue or indigo shades look especially luxurious.


White overalls look elegant and fresh. They fit perfectly into the summer bow. White overalls are not very practical, but they are quite suitable for a ceremonial exit.


With lace

Romantic and feminine natures will like overalls decorated with lace. Lace outfit is suitable for an evening outing or a romantic date.


Unusually looks overalls made of velvet. The material is pleasant to the touch and looks expensive and elegant. A similar outfit decorated with satin ribbons and lace or guipure inserts will look spectacular.


Silk overalls are suitable for the summer season. Silk looks more attractive than cotton, chiffon and other more casual materials.

How to choose

When choosing an evening women's jumpsuit, choose it so that it suits not only your style, but also the features of the event.

The jumpsuit should be comfortable and suitable for weather conditions. For the summer, it is worth choosing outfits made of thin and light materials. Guipure, silk or satin are the best fabrics for sewing summer overalls, because they pass air well and prevent the body from sweating. For winter and off-season, pick up something warmer.

Carefully choose the style of the overalls. It should fit the features of your figure, so as not to emphasize its flaws. So, for full girls, designers create a lot of free jumpsuits that drape the silhouette with light flowing fabrics, hiding its flaws. A jumpsuit with flared trousers will help to balance the figure with lush hips and small breasts. And you can add water to this volume zone by choosing breeches or models with ruffles or pleats in this area.

A free jumpsuit is also suitable for excessively thin girls. Such an outfit will help make the figure more feminine. Girls with a slender figure can choose any version of the outfit. It can be either tight-fitting overalls, or shortened or complemented by spectacular cutouts.

Growth also plays an important role. Tall girls can choose stylish jumpsuits with shortened trousers. But fashionable women with small stature are not recommended to choose such an outfit, because shortened trouser-legs can cut growth, making the figure less proportional. If you're not very tall, try putting on high-heeled shoes and adding overalls with long legs that cover part of the heel.

The appearance of the jumpsuit should fit your look. Remember that darker shades are slimmer, making the figure more elegant and fit. Bright outfits make the image more fresh and delicate. Also try to choose an outfit for your type of appearance. Cold colors are more combined with a cold type of appearance, and pastel shades with a warm one.

If you don't like solid outfits, take a look at jumpsuits with interesting prints. Just remember that they can visually change your figure. Overalls with a small print add volume, so girls with curvaceous forms are better to abandon this option.

What to wear

As a rule, an evening women's jumpsuit is a thing that does not require any additions. Stylish jumpsuit decorated with decorative elements and beautiful finishes can be worn without outerwear, complementing only with correctly selected accessories and shoes.

However, if desired, the outfit can be supplemented with a shortened bolero, jacket or jacket. Such a top will make the image more interesting and protect you from the cold in the late afternoon. Choose a contrasting color top to make the image more interesting.

What accessories and shoes are suitable

An evening outfit rarely does without additional accessories and elegant shoes. Stylists recommend wearing overalls with high-heeled shoes or a platform to make legs longer. Models with cropped trousers for tall girls can be combined with elegant ballet flats in classic colors.

A correctly selected bag will also make the image more stylish and harmonious. The best option for an evening bow is a small clutch. It is desirable that it be a contrasting color. In addition, such a clutch can serve as a bright accent in the image.

Interesting accessories will help to complete the image. If you want to focus on a thin waist, complement the jumpsuit with a thin strap or a wide belt. The neckline neckline outfit can be complemented with a beautiful pendant, and the open-bodied jumpsuit with bracelets. However, do not overload the bow with a large number of accessories, because the line between the stylish image and the tasteless is very thin.

Where to wear

An evening jumpsuit can be worn at any special occasion.

To graduation party

To stand out among a large number of graduates in the same dresses, take a chance and put on a stylish evening jumpsuit. A good option is a monophonic jumpsuit that emphasizes the figure and is decorated with a small amount of decorative elements.

To the party

The jumpsuit is also well suited for a noisy party, regardless of where you go, to the club, to a concert or a private celebration. The jumpsuit is versatile and in it you will feel comfortable dancing and lighting all night. At the same time, you will look sexy and spectacular, attracting no less attention than girlfriends in dresses.

At the corporate party

For corporate parties, classic overalls are more suitable. The evening outfit in classic tones will fit even in a fairly strict dress code. Choose overalls in achromatic or pastel colors, complementing it with stylish accessories.

On a date

You can create the image of a tender and romantic girl for a date with your beloved, using not only a dress, but also a jumpsuit. It can be either restrained and executed in gentle colors, or more frank, decorated with an open back, deep neckline or translucent lace inserts. In this outfit, you will definitely charm your companion.

For the wedding

If you are ready to deviate a little from tradition, overalls can be used as an alternative to a wedding dress. In this outfit, you will definitely look original, without experiencing any inconvenience during the first dance, wedding photo shoot and banquet.

For a wedding, designers offer a large selection of light overalls of various styles. As a rule, they are decorated with ribbons, lace, rhinestones and other decorative elements that make the outfit truly festive and sophisticated.

Stylish looks

In warm weather, a short cocktail dress can be replaced with an elegant lace jumpsuit with short shorts. The light yellow hue looks very gentle, emphasizing the natural beauty. You can complement such a bow with platform sandals and a bag over your shoulder a couple of tones darker than overalls.

An elegant and quite conservative bow will be based on a white jumpsuit. A closed model with long flared legs will stretch the silhouette, making it more elegant. A long translucent white cardigan will add lightness to the look, and stylish accessories and a small clutch will become bright accents in this plain bow.

A more versatile option is a plain evening jumpsuit in an actual dark blue color. Complement it with high-heeled shoes to create the illusion of incredibly long legs, and an original fringed clutch. In this outfit, you can go, even to a party, even to the premiere of your favorite movie.

Women's fashion is becoming more practical. If you are tired of dresses, you can quite replace them with no less stylish and feminine jumpsuits. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, and remain feminine in any outfit!


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