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Inflatable mattresses for sleeping: types and subtleties of choice

Sleep is one of the basic needs of man. It allows us to rest after a wakeful regime, and the body to gain strength and restore them after spending the day. The quality of sleep depends on a host of factors.

One of the most important is the surface on which we sleep. It is not always possible to sleep on a comfortable bed with a pleasant and soft orthopedic mattress. And in various conditions it is often necessary to use an air mattress for sleeping, which is usually laid out on the floor. Let's try to figure out how to choose such solutions so that with the help of these products you can get a good night's sleep.


The use of an air mattress for sleeping is appreciated not only by fans of travel and outdoor recreation, but also by people who often receive guests in their home. The current models on the market are practically not inferior to the well-known orthopedic mattresses, which is why they can easily replace even the bed in the room. But you should choose them with special care. Such a solution is convenient in terms of saving space, because during the day it is easy to fold and put into a closet, and in the evening thanks to the electric pump you can get a good bed in a couple of minutes. And the cost of such solutions is significantly lower than that of traditional beds. Yes, and to the bed you still need to buy a mattress. And here everything is solved simply and easily.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of such solutions should be taken into account in order to understand whether it is possible to sleep on these mattresses constantly. If we talk about the benefits, it should be called:

  • excellent elasticity;
  • comfort;
  • hygiene;
  • affordable cost;
  • light weight;
  • average dimensions;
  • the ability to quickly add a berth in the room;
  • hypoallergenicity.

Air mattresses are easy to transport, which makes them an excellent solution for sleeping in various conditions. It is easy to bring them into working condition using a pump, and it is easy to assemble back. They do not accumulate unpleasant odors, dust and moisture. And the presence of a layer of air allows you to sleep on them even on the ground or on a cold floor. And the choice of mattresses on the market today is simply huge.

But, like any product, an air mattress also has its drawbacks. For example, low-end models and mid-range solutions usually ship without electric pump. Therefore it is necessary buy separately. Also, such products are not too durable, because the protective layer is simply damaged here, and it is not always possible to immediately find a place for air leakage. For this reason, the product begins to deflate slowly.

And this is especially true if there are children in the house who like active games, or pets.

Naturally, if you choose a model more expensive, then it will last longer. But here it should also be understood that not everyone can sleep on it constantly. The fact is that for people with a sick spine, even options with an orthopedic effect cannot provide the necessary support for this part of the body at night. Therefore, this is another disadvantage of such a product.

But in general, there are still more advantages than disadvantages. This means that an air mattress is a great option to use it as the main means of sleep all the time..


If we talk about the types of air mattresses, then there are several categories:

  • models with a pump;
  • mattress sofas;
  • beach
  • tourist;
  • for kids;
  • orthopedic;
  • for daily use.

Now let's say a few words about each type. A model equipped with an automatic pump responsible for pumping will be more expensive than models where mechanical type pumps are used. Inflating and blowing off the product with car devices occurs in the appropriate mode and human help is not needed here. But in models with mechanical pumps, a person will have to pump air and bleed it on their own.

Speaking of sofas, mattresses need to be said that they can be used not only as a bed, but also as a sofa that can be easily moved from place to place. And if necessary, it can be easily assembled to free up space in the room.

Beach are used for swimming and outdoor activities. They are distinguished from other categories by lightness and high stability.

Models for children are suitable for babies from 3 years. They are a full-fledged sleeping place for the child, which is easy to fold and also easy to lay out. An orthopedic air mattress is used to reduce back and lower back pain. Such a solution has long been proven effective for back problems, as well as radiculitis and rheumatism.

The mattress can provide this effect due to the fact that it is equipped with a built-in stiffness regulator. This technical feature makes it possible to adjust the surface of the product for each specific person.

Travel mattresses are used for camping or hiking. They have high strength and compact size. Their design is thought out in such a way that they can become a complete replacement for mats. This solution is easy to place inside the tent or roll up, and then calmly put in a bag or backpack.

Models for daily use differ from the others in that they are made of durable materials with high density. This is due to the intensity of use, which increases the risk of puncture. For this reason, they are usually made of latex or polyurethane, which are significantly stronger than other materials.


If we talk about the size of the air mattress, then by this criterion it can be:

  • single;
  • one and a half;
  • double.

All of these models usually have the same length, which is about 2 meters. If we talk about the thickness, it is better to give preference to a thicker mattress. Too thin models are short-lived. If the mattress is high, then when inflated, it will be significantly more stable than the analog with a small thickness. On the other hand, when folded, it will take up more space and weigh more.

The average thickness of the mattresses that are sold on the market today is about 30 centimeters.

Here it must be added that when analyzing the parameters of the mattress, one should proceed from where exactly it will be used: in a tent, in a summer house, in nature. That is, you should also focus on what space you will have to place the mattress. Buying a large mattress for a small room is not a good decision, which will bring a lot of inconvenience.

And here we should give a classification of sizes among manufacturers, which is somewhat different from what we are familiar with. According to her, all mattresses are divided into the following categories:

  • Jr. Twin
  • Twin
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King

The first three categories repeat the classification mentioned earlier.

  • Jr. Twin - single size, the parameters of which are 76 by 191 cm. This is a beach option, because such a mattress will be very narrow. It has a small mass, for which reason it does not have much stability.
  • Twin - one and a half size with parameters 99 by 191 cm. The best solution for one person, because in this case the stability is better and the width of the mattress is greater.
  • Double - A double option with parameters 137 by 192 cm, although two people here will be a little cramped.
  • Queen will be slightly wider and longer with the parameters 152 by 203 centimeters. Such dimensions will be enough for two people to feel comfortable at night.
  • King mattresses have parameters 183 by 203 cm.


Inflatable mattresses are most often made of polyvinyl chloride, waterproof vinyl or plastic. They are applied a special spray that allows bedding to stay on when a person is sleeping. You can not use it, because this layer is quite pleasant to the touch. If the mattress is marching, then its spraying will be different. Yes, and such mattresses are most often made rubber due to the fact that they should not leak moisture and should be convenient to wash.

If we are talking about vinyl, then its main quality will be waterproof. It feels like velor to the touch. It holds linens perfectly during sleep and does not allow it to slide off the surface of the mattress. At the same time, it is very difficult to clean from sand. Under the influence of low temperatures, it acquires excessive rigidity. If we talk about plastic, then this surface can be described as smooth, on which dirt, dust and sand do not linger. It is convenient to wash. He does not let water through, but poorly holds bedding.

But in general, it is better to lay a plaid or blanket on such surfaces before going to bed, and already put bedding on them.

Rating of the best models

We give a top-ranking of models that, according to consumers, deserve the attention of those who are going to buy an air mattress in the near future or are looking for a high-quality solution. The most famous on the market are the products of companies Intex, Relax, Bestway, Campingaz. Models of these manufacturers occupy the top ranks of the ratings of the best air mattresses for rest and sleep.

  • For example, Bestway aslepa air bed It is a single mattress, which is usually used for camping. It is made by technology Coil beam construction, the essence of which is that the design is made of special partitions in the form of glasses. This solution makes the mattress tougher and more durable. If necessary, you can separately attach a sleeping bag to the product. The considered model is made of polyester, vinyl and polyvinyl chloride. It has a special valve through which inflation and deflation are carried out. The mass of the model is 3.5 kg. The maximum load that it can withstand is 135 kg.
  • Another noteworthy model - Intex Classicdowny Bed 68765. This solution is used for travel, tourism and accommodation, if the house does not have the required number of places to sleep. The weight of the mattress is 5.5 kilograms, and it belongs to the category of double. When it was created, Wave-Beam technology was used. Its essence is that the surface of the mattress is made stable and rigid to increase the comfort of relaxation. In this model, a special double valve is used, which allows the product not to let air in at the place of its installation. The kit includes a foot pump, as well as two branded pillows. Intex Classicdowny Bed 68765 can withstand a load of 270 kg.
  • Next Model - Relax Flocked Air Bed Double popular among users due to the fact that it has an electric built-in pump that can inflate a mattress for 3 minutes. It is designed for two people and can withstand a load of up to 230 kg. When creating the model, a special relief is used that does not allow the structure to deform and holds its shape perfectly. When creating Relax Flocked Air Bed Double, a polyvinyl chloride material is used, and the coating is made of vinyl and soft flock. The weight of the product when folded is about 3.5 kilograms. Thanks to the use of flock, the surface is not contaminated. By the way, the manufacturer provides several self-adhesive patches in the kit in case of product deformation.
  • The latest model, which is considered one of the best on the market, is the Bestway Comfort Green Double 67380. It belongs to the type of one and a half. It is made only of environmentally friendly materials and has a velor coating on the side for sleeping. It can withstand loads of up to 217 kilograms. Conveniently, any type of pump can be used to inflate it, which became possible thanks to the use of a special universal valve. The only drawback of the Bestway Comfort Green Double 67380 users call a considerable weight when folded - about 5 kg.

How to choose the right one?

In order to choose a quality sleeping air mattress, You should pay attention to a number of points.

  • Equipment. It is better to choose models in which the pump, case and repair kit are supplied. This will save.
  • Sizes. The mattress should not only fit the size of the person who will use it, but also fit freely in the room so as not to interfere with people moving in space.
  • Height. The model for daily use should be high so that the person who sleeps on it is comfortable, like on a regular bed. If the mattress is constantly taken on hikes or to the country, then it is better to buy not a high, but the most compact solution for easy transportation.
  • Permissible load. The mass that a particular model can withstand, the manufacturer usually indicates the box. In no case should you ignore this characteristic, otherwise the mattress will quickly become unusable and you will have to buy something else.
  • Coating and base. These two elements directly affect how durable the product will be. Therefore, the base must be as dense as possible, and the seams should be as strong and high-quality as possible. If we talk about the coating, the best models are where it is made of velor. It is easy to clean and does not allow bedding to slide off the mattress.

About what to look for when choosing an air mattress, see the next video.

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