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How to fold a Christmas tree napkin?

New Year on the doorstep. Olivier and the main dish are ready - it's time to think about serving a festive table. A special, magical atmosphere will be given to the celebration by napkins arranged in the form of a Christmas tree.

What you need to prepare

To complement the festive table with an unusual Christmas tree, we need a napkin and small themed items for decoration. The napkin can be paper or fabric, green or red colors are ideal.

You can decorate the resulting Christmas tree with satin ribbons, small snowflakes or small balls.

How to do: step-by-step master class

The principle of folding the Christmas tree from paper and fabric is the same. But each method has its own nuances and some variations.


The process of creating a Christmas tree from a tissue napkin includes the following steps:

  • fold the napkin four times and put the resulting square with free corners towards you;
  • bend each lower corner of all four layers to the top, not reaching the top about 1-2 cm;
  • gently flip the figure to the other side;
  • fold the sides to the center on top of each other and again turn the figure upside down with an acute angle;
  • fold the corners up, turning each under the previous layer;
  • it remains to decorate the Christmas tree with prepared materials for the decor.

Another simple option for decorating a festive table: roll a napkin as shown in the figure, put 1-2 decorations on top of the Christmas tree to fix the shape.

You can make an elegant pocket for cutlery in the shape of a Christmas tree. To do this, you need a round napkin. Fold the circle in half, mark the fourth part of the diameter and fold the semicircle from this point in a zigzag - the tree is ready!


There is a simple version of a volumetric Christmas tree made of paper - this serving method looks no less impressive than from fabric napkins. To execute it, follow the diagram below:

  • unfold the paper towel in a rectangle and fold the upper corners to the middle;
  • do the same with the bottom corners;
  • Now fold the upper and lower corners to the center to make a square;
  • fold the square in half and bend the upper corners inward - a triangle is obtained;
  • straighten the triangle in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate the top with an asterisk.

This method is also suitable for tissue wipes. However, at each step of addition it will need to be ironed to fix the shape.


A beautifully served table will certainly create a festive atmosphere. However, there are no strict rules for serving a New Year’s table, the main thing is that the table should be elegant and bright. And napkins are the final, but no less important, finishing touch in the serving.

Red or green Christmas trees that will be brought on individual plates are perfect for the New Year's table. But do not forget about the combination of colors: if the green or red colors do not fit the dishes or tablecloths, then, of course, it is worth choosing a different color.

Fold napkins only with clean hands. The fabric must be ironed beforehand, and the paper should not be wrinkled when folded.

See how to fold a Christmas tree napkin in the next video.

Watch the video: Napkin Folding Tutorial - Christmas Tree Napkin Fold - EASY Folding for Dinner Tables @OrigamiTree (January 2020).


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