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Basic principles and rules of business etiquette

If you want to look great in a business environment, then you need to know the basic rules and principles of business etiquette. Knowing the art of communication will increase your reputation in the eyes of your partners, help you successfully conclude deals, and therefore, will bring more income.

In addition, at the level of office workers, the basics of service etiquette should be known to everyone and everyone, since employees are the face of your organization and are responsible for the image of the company as a whole.


All rules of business etiquette are based on the following principles:

  • Common sense. Any business is built on achieving a common goal by a community of people. These goals must be achieved exclusively by reasonable methods;
  • Ethics. In no case does business etiquette run counter to generally accepted moral and moral concepts;
  • Freedom. In the business environment, there is often a clash of interests of both opponents and partners. This principle states tolerance and tolerance for manifestations of character, culture, nationality of participants in business relations;
  • Convenience. Participating in official relationships, a person should feel as comfortable as possible. Business meetings, negotiations, a dress code, etc. should be organized as conveniently as possible for all its participants;
  • Expediency. All rules and norms of business etiquette serve to achieve common goals;
  • Profitability. Do not spend a lot of money on the content of etiquette. Any inappropriate expenses are a deduction from the income of either the organization or its employee;
  • Conservatism. Regarding business etiquette, it is better to adhere to the old rules of etiquette; the novelty you have introduced may be misunderstood. Still, the roots of business etiquette come from state, military, and secular etiquette that have a long history;
  • Ease. Compliance with business etiquette should be easy, unobtrusive and easy.

Main rules

Among the modern rules of business ethics include the following rules:

  • Reasonable Selfishness. Any business person must pursue their goals, but do not forget about your opponent. Listen carefully to the interlocutor and defend your point of view reasonably if disagreements arise.
  • Punctuality. "Accuracy is the courtesy of kings," says folk wisdom. A business person must be timely in everything - in negotiations, in terms of delivery of projects. A constantly late person gradually loses confidence in himself. Appreciate your and others' time, remember time is money.
  • Goodwill and positive attitude. The success of the company depends on its face. And her face is the workers. Friendly and friendly employees - this is a big plus to the image of the organization.
  • Confidentiality. Organization secrets or transaction secrets are not subject to disclosure. Official secrets are equated with personal secrets.
  • Predictability and relevance. To avoid unpleasant embarrassment, all actions in the business environment are clearly regulated. For example, when acquaintance, the following order is applied: greeting (handshake) - presentation - exchange of business cards (moreover, you must look into the business card, only then put it in your pocket). Your predictable and balanced behavior is of great importance to others.
  • The "asexual community" rule. In business, etiquette is applicable not only to men, but also to women. Secular etiquette is no longer applied to business women, where women are allowed more than men. There are no gender differences at work. For example, a woman at a meeting should confidently shake hands with a partner.
  • Clear organization of the workspace. A desk full of paper, dust and debris in your office will make a negative impression of you as a partner. Therefore, keep clean and tidy in your workplace.
  • Status differences. Typically, in companies, all employees are divided into classes, with the management being higher than subordinates. Therefore, the bosses in the organization have a more privileged position.
  • Efficiency. Business relationships always provide for the efficient allocation of resources, and business etiquette should help to increase the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Appearance. Follow the office dress code. Remember, you are greeted by clothes, so if you look elegant, stylish and presentable, then trust in you will increase significantly.
  • Literacy. Your speech, written and oral, business documents should not contain any errors. Otherwise, illiteracy will stain your image.
  • Correct gestures. Sign language can sometimes tell us more than the conversation itself. Avoid closed poses that speak of stealth, hostility, or annoyance. A straight back, a confident look and clear movements will distinguish you in society.

A modern business person should not only fulfill all the requirements of business etiquette, but also understand their essence, why they should be observed and why they are so necessary in business communication.

See how to greet a person in order to show him respect in the next video.


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