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Manicure with a bow

Each girl dreams of a perfect manicure, and it is desirable that he lasts as long as possible and has a presentable look. Today, masters offer a wide range of nail services for every taste, color and wallet. Women just have to choose whether to make a manicure at home or "walk" their hands in a beauty salon. Next, we will talk in more detail about manicures with bows, which, for the most part, are in great demand among young people.


A manicure with bows will set the mood for the whole image and its owner. After all, he is so cute and airy. Most often it is performed in soft pink and nude colors, but bright options are also no exception.

An amazing manicure with bows can be easily called universal, because it can be performed in a variety of techniques and colors.

Bows can be drawn, pasted or made using stencils. Many people think that bows are exclusively suitable for young people, but, as the practice of experts in the nail industry shows, bows are often ordered by older ladies, however, they choose more concise and restrained design options.

  • Any bows will always emphasize the femininity of any image, complement it perfectly and even make a kind of emphasis;
  • Such a design can be easily done at home, even a schoolgirl can cope with it. And for this you need to have a minimum of materials and a maximum of desire and patience;
  • Bows always look good on both short and long nails, and also perfectly harmonize with any form of nails and successfully complement any, even the most intricate designs;
  • For the standard performance of bows at home, you just need a thin brush and preferably a dots that makes even points on the nails;
  • Such a design will be appropriate for any occasion, it is suitable for everyday life, work, study, as well as for any holiday.

Despite all the features of nail design, do not forget to include imagination and bring something of your own to it. Even if you take a ready-made design as a basis or the master advises you something.

Execution techniques

The various techniques for performing designs on nails with bows cannot be counted on all fingers, then we will consider the main and most popular ones:

  • One of the most beautiful and sought-after techniques is, of course, hand-painted, which is always highly appreciated. But, despite this, bows are drawn quite simply and quickly, of course, if you do not order 3D voluminous options with a heap of rhinestones;
  • Bows can be made in a variety of variations, they can be plain or lush with luxurious detailed rendering. But such a design is best entrusted to a professional in their field. Bows are also successfully combined with the aquarium design of extended nails;
  • The simplest execution technique is the use of stickers and sliders. They are very easy to use and require a minimum of effort. Quality options very often look no worse than hand-painted;
  • Bows on the nails can be done using fashionable stamping techniques and the necessary stencils. With the help of a special stamp you can arrange the drawings exactly where you need and do it in any color;
  • Also, laying out a bow with beautiful rhinestones or miniature broths that will definitely not leave your hands unattended can be a great solution. But such a design is best done on gel polishes, since on ordinary ones it simply will not last long.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all the techniques that can be used to create manicures with voluminous or miniature bows.

Most importantly, do not forget that you can combine techniques and get an individual design that will show off only on your hands.

Interesting ideas

If you can’t come up with your own and unusual idea for nail design, we recommend that you pay attention to the following selection with fashionable and interesting design options:

  • Delicate marigolds in pink and white. There are lots of design options. You can make a classic jacket and complement it with a pink or cream bow, or vice versa, make a pink jacket and add a bow with a small drawing to it;
  • To complement the evening look, you can use the shiny colors of the varnishes as the main ones and already apply black and white bows to them. They can be made in a thin sketch or be magnificent and voluminous;
  • To make the design more attractive and memorable, dilute your nails with unusual curls and lace;
  • Also, no one has canceled the use of bright, acid, neon and saturated shades of varnishes. Such colors perfectly diversify coal-black bows with rhinestones. Or modeling, but it is best done in a beauty salon;
  • It’s not necessary to draw bows on each nail; you can draw the middle and ring fingers with them. And you can draw either one bow or a lot of miniature ones;
  • A black bow on a white background will look very beautiful and unusual, such a manicure is suitable for any season and occasion;
  • Also, very often a variety of designs with bows are chosen for wedding ceremonies, because they always look gentle and relaxed. Of course, they are painted in delicate and pastel colors;
  • Velvet bows look very luxurious, which are most often done with acrylic powder. It is very important not to cover it with the finish, otherwise the effect of "velvet" will disappear.

What do you need?

To make the manicure perfect, you will need the following materials to create it:

  • Nail polishes. It can be both ordinary and gel;
  • Top, finish or clear-coat varnish, depending on what technique you will work with, a UV lamp;
  • Acrylic paints, especially if you draw on extended nails or coated with gel varnishes;
  • Brushes;
  • Various decorative elements: rhinestones, pebbles, broths;
  • Rubs for nails, foil and various powders;
  • Stickers or sliders with bows;
  • Stencils for french, if on it you are planning to draw a cute bow.

Of course, this is just an approximate and necessary list of materials for creating a successful and high-quality manicure. Most often, all these "little things" do not need to be purchased if you do not do nail art professionally. For the soul, you can buy only a few of them.

Cooking nails and hands

Before you cover your nails with varnish and draw bows on them, it is very important to prepare them. Cut the desired shape of the nails with a non-rigid nail file. To clean the nails, make a soapy bath or with sea salt. Carefully remove the cuticle with a special spatula and then remove it, as well as any burrs. If you want to trim your nails, do this before steaming them in the bath.

Do not forget about the rules of hygiene, pre-clean tools with an antiseptic and wash your hands thoroughly, and always carry peroxide with you.

We carry out at home

At home, you can perform several simple techniques and create cute bows on the nails. With stickers everything is clear. Paint your nails, the varnish dries, stick them and fix with a colorless varnish.

But consider the more complicated technique and make a jacket with a bow on the nails. To do this:

  • Cover the nails with the main color, for example, cream or pale pink. Allow to dry;
  • Place the stencils just below the consolidated edge of the nail, where the smile line is, and paint it black or white;
  • With a thin brush, start drawing bows just above the cuticle, where the so-called lunula is located. You can make a bow in any variation - simple or more complex;
  • You can draw it with clear lines in white or make it a frame using the dots;
  • If desired, add your bows with small rhinestones;
  • Repeat design on several or all nails;
  • After drying, cover the nails with a fixative, and moisturize the cuticle with special oil.

This design can be done with conventional varnishes as well as gel options.

The advantage should be given to the second, as they are more resistant and will hold rhinestones that you can use stronger.

You will learn more about how to create a manicure with a bow from the next video.


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