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Girls often like to experiment with hair colors, changing their appearance radically. But few are ready to really paint in pink, red or bright blue. For those who are not ready for such serious experiments, many means are now being created that change the color of curls for a short time.

Tonics and temporary paints are no longer the only products for coloring the locks. Now popular is mascara. With this tool, you can completely dye your hair or change the color of just a few locks. In this case, the color of the hair will disappear after the first shampoo. So, even if the experiment is unsuccessful, you still will not be upset for a long time.

What is colored mascara?

Many people think that mascara can only be used for staining cilia. Therefore, many do not understand such a phenomenon as mascara. But in fact, this is a fairly simple product. Outwardly, this dyeing agent looks like a simple mascara with a convenient brush. This brush is small and allows you to paint over each individual strand well, making it bright and colored.

Most often, ink is used to emphasize individual strands. As a rule, unusual shades are used for this purpose. Well, mature women can use more classic colors for staining gray curls.


The composition of a classic mascara for hair should be not only chemical components, but also useful. This will protect the curls and provide them with full care.

The composition of the product must contain high-quality plant components. They actively moisturize and nourish the hair, so the curls even after staining remain well-groomed and healthy in appearance. The stearic acid in the composition helps to keep the resulting color longer. And to make the curls soft even after exposure to the paint allows the addition of glycerin and lanonin.

Also, many manufacturers enrich the product with vitamins. This makes it possible to strengthen the hair.

As a result, it turns out that, unlike many paints, good mascara does not harm hair, but rather. protects your hair from the negative effects of the environment.

How to choose?

When choosing mascara, you need to pay attention to the color of the product and its quality. Quality certificates and customer reviews will help you understand how good the product is. If you have the opportunity, it is better to buy a product that has been tested by acquaintances or friends, and not just well-advertised.

Only a quality product can color your hair well without harm. Customers are often advised to choose products from brands such as IsaDora, Winx, Estel, Kapous. These companies produce a really high-quality product that is tested by time and many girls.

Also pay attention to the composition. You already know what this product should ideally be.

And if there are chemical components and a minimum of natural additives in the composition of hair mascara, then it is best to refuse to buy such products. You will not notice any positive effect from its use.

A good option is Hair mascaraenriched with vitamins and supplemented with natural plant dyes. Brand Products Kapous or, for example, healing "Fast help"certified and completely safe for health.

Buy just such good carcasses, not cheap Chinese products. Be sure to look at the expiration date of the carcass, the availability of certificates and the reputation of the manufacturer. Also try to avoid cheap fakes. Poor replicas are even worse than products from an unknown manufacturer.

You can determine the quality mascara for hair even if you don't know anything about it. A good product should smell neutral. A pungent smell or just a very strong chemical flavor indicates that the product you have chosen is far from the best and most beneficial composition for your health.

Also, the mascara should have a pleasant consistency. It should not be sticky or sticky.

Make sure that the product rests on the hair in an even layer, gently staining the strands. After application, it should not crumble immediately.

Another important point is that the ink should perfectly match your color. Choose a shade that you like, but try so that the color of the painted strands does not contrast strongly with your color type.

If you have long wanted to experiment with your own appearance, then you can safely choose an unusual bright shade. It can be pink, purple or green mascara. When else can you check how unusual colors suit you without harming the hair structure.

Whole sets of small tubes with colored mascara are now popular. They dates a huge space for experimentation. Choose a full set, and so you can at least every day to complement your hairstyle with unusual bright locks. These kits come with smaller bottles. So they are not suitable in order to fully dye the entire length of their hair. But here it’s very easy to highlight a few locks, making a bright accent on them.

If you are looking for an option for full coloring, you will have to buy several bottles of colored mascara at once. Their number depends on how long your hair is.

How to use mascara for hair?

If you want to experiment with flowers and dye a few locks of hair, then this wave can be done at home. Not turning to the masters for help. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to work with colored mascara.

Regardless of whether you have mascara, white, turquoise, or brown, they are all used on the same basis.

First of all, before using the staining product, you need to wash your hair. The curls should be clean so that the paint lays on them well. Dry the locks with a hairdryer or wait until they dry on their own.

Mascara should not lie on wet hair, otherwise it will not last long. Separate a separate strand from the main mass of hair. It needs to be combed and pulled well so that it is more convenient for you to paint it. Make sure that the curls do not puff and are smooth.

The staining procedure greatly depends on how long your curls are. If you have short enough hair, you need to thoroughly dye it with slow, gentle movements. Work hairs, as if shading them. You need to move in the direction of hair growth, and not in the back. Dampen the brush in water so that the color fits well on the hairs.

Long-haired young ladies will use a slightly different coloring technique. Here you need to just as well moisten the carcass brush in warm water and spend along the entire length of the curl in one long motion. Try not to break the technology so that there are no gaps and transitions on the lock. The color with this procedure will be smooth, beautiful and natural.

After you have painted the lock with a brush, you need to wait until the paint has completely dried out. This usually takes no more than five minutes.

If you want the color of the strand to be as bright and saturated as possible, you will need to repeat the procedure, staining the same curl a second time. So the color will be more even and saturated. After you finish the dyeing process and dry your hair again, comb it with a thin comb.

After coloring the individual strands, do the hair styling. So you can make sure that the result suits you. If not, it will be possible to fix everything by correcting the colors with the rest of the mascara or by changing the shade.

If you want to paint the entire head of hair, proceed to painting the new strand after the previous one has completely dried out. This will make all curls monophonic and avoid the unnecessary highlighting effect.

Who is it for?

Colored mascara is a great invention that will appeal to both eternal experimenters and naturally conservative girls. If you like to constantly test some new trends and change something in your own appearance, then bright mascara will give you a great opportunity to look in a new way at least every day. Combine different colors with each other or just focus on individual bright locks

If you are not used to changing something, then the opportunity to color your curls for just a couple of days will delight you. Perhaps you will discover a craving for novelty. In addition, the same bright and unusual strands will perfectly combine with various unusual images. If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at a celebration, New Year or Halloween party, then bright paint will definitely suit you.

In addition, mascara can also be used at a more mature age to correct gray hair for a short while, or simply choose the color that suits you in the long run.

In this video you will find a demonstration of IsaDora hair mascara.


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