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Every day, many men and women resort to razors. A strong half of humanity achieves a smooth face, and girls monitor the flawlessness of the skin of their legs. After shave lotion is an integral part of the procedure. After all, it helps to calm the skin, while maintaining its health and tone.

Main functions

Even the most modern razors leave a lot of micropores on the skin, invisible to the eye. This injures the epidermis and can lead to irritation and redness.

A good after shave lotion for men provides complete skin care, performing a number of functions.

  • Soothes the epidermis mitigating the effects of mechanical damage, removes redness;
  • Prevents inflammation and irritation;
  • Disinfects micro-wounds, heals, promotes the speedy restoration of the skin;
  • Refreshes gives the face a tone;
  • Moisturizes maintains optimal water balance on the skin throughout the day;
  • Protects the face from the environment;
  • Gives to skin pleasant aroma (if necessary).

Lotions for women are slightly different from men's counterparts. They must also have disinfecting and healing properties. However, such products are not intended for flavoring the skin. But many women's lotions have special components that slow down the growth of new hairs.

Such products are found in many professional skin care lines after any type of hair removal (wax, shugaring, etc.). Any of these lotions is also suitable for treating the skin after removing hairs with a razor.

Advantages and disadvantages

The light texture of the lotion allows it to easily spread over the surface of the skin and quickly absorb. Means do not leave greasy marks and sticky sensations, do not stain clothes. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the products help the skin repair damaged cells faster.

Healing oils, herbal extracts and other nutritional and moisturizing supplements turn the lotion into a complete care product. This is especially important for men with dry and sensitive skin who neglect the use of creams.

The visual effect is also important. Lotions instantly neutralize redness, providing a well-groomed appearance.

Many men use after-shave care and as a way to give the skin a pleasant aroma. Perfume is appropriate in a business setting, and on a romantic date. Someone uses the lotion as an independent flavoring element, while someone enhances its effect with eau de toilette.

In this case, it is recommended to purchase all the care products of the same brand with the same aroma. In this case, the lotion will help to reveal all the facets of the perfume, creating an elegant and attractive image.

But many men buy alcohol products. They mistakenly believe that only this component is able to effectively disinfect the skin. However, alcohol-containing products can give the opposite effect.

Owners of dry and sensitive skin can feel a burning sensation during their use, which is not the norm. Also, an additional irritating factor can not only not reduce redness, but strengthen it. In addition, this component can cause even greater dryness and tightness of the skin, causing severe discomfort.

People prone to allergies should pay attention to other components of the funds. After all, even useful and caring supplements with individual intolerance can harm health. Therefore, before buying it is important to study the composition of the lotion.

And of course, it’s worthwhile to decide in advance whether you need the pronounced aromatic properties of the product. If you prefer odorless products or use eau de toilette, the manufacturer of which does not produce shaving products, purchase a neutral fragrance-free option.

How to choose the right one?

When choosing a lotion, first of all, it is worth considering the type of epidermis.

If you are familiar with frequent inflammations and oily sheen, you need an anti-inflammatory lotion. Antiseptic additives optimize the production of sebum, give the face a dull and well-groomed appearance.

Such a tool will disinfect microdamages associated with shaving, as well as treat inflammation and prevent the appearance of new ones. In this case, lotions with a low alcohol content are acceptable.

Holders of the dry type of epidermis can choose a product with nourishing oils and moisturizing ingredients. Such a tool will combine the prevention of inflammation, and protection, and quality care. In this case, alcohol-containing products are contraindicated.

Sensitive skin requires special care. She also does not accept alcohol and other aggressive components. The product must be hypoallergenic, contain caring ingredients.

For example, vitamin F has a calming effect. Vitamin A promotes the healing of micro-wounds. Aloe vera and panthenol are components that have healing and regenerative properties.

Often, products intended for sensitive skin care contain the corresponding inscription on the label.

After shaving a lotion for men, it is advisable to choose the same company as foam or gel. In this case, they will harmoniously complement each other's impact. Recall also that all products of the same line usually have the same flavor.

As for the female lotion, it must possess all the properties of a delicate restorative. Optionally, you can choose a product with components that slow down hair growth.

Also, when choosing a lotion, it is better to give preference to one of the well-known brands that have earned the trust of customers and positive reviews.

How to use?

Like any cosmetic product, aftershave has some application features.

  1. Cleanse your skin from other products. Rinse thoroughly the foam or gel that you used in the hair removal process.
  2. Treat accidental cuts with an alcohol-based product. If the lotion contains this component in its composition, then this item can be skipped.
  3. Pat your face with a towel, but do not wipe it dry. Lotion is best applied to slightly damp skin.
  4. Pour a portion of the product in the palm of your hand and evenly spread over the face with your hands. You can also use a cotton pad for this.
  5. If in addition to lotion you use a day cream, wait a few minutes and then apply the cream.

The technique for using a aftercare product for women is almost identical. The product is applied after thorough cleansing of the skin. The only difference is that in this case the epidermis can be dry.

In addition, many post-hair removal products are available in spray bottles. This allows you to distribute the lotion on the treated surface by pressing the valve.

Rating of popular brands


The brand's products have an opaque, slightly creamy texture and an unobtrusive, light aroma. The Active Comfort complex calms and moisturizes the skin. Lotions neutralize redness, prevent the occurrence of irritation. The series for sensitive skin does not contain alcohol and other aggressive components.


The products of this company are distinguished by bright invigorating aromas. Brand lotions also contain soothing and healing ingredients, soften and moisturize the skin. Lotions include alcohol.

Old spice

Known for all elegant bottles in red packaging give freshness, hydration and care. In the brand’s collections there are several products designed for the final stage of shaving. All contain alcohol.


Products from the French company also include alcohol, but its share is so small that it excludes overdrying of the skin. The vitamin complex fills the skin with energy, caffeine invigorates, and the caring components maintain optimal water balance and softness of the skin.


The Mennen collection features four masculine fragrances. Products tone and refresh. Provitamin B5 has a moisturizing effect. Protective components prevent irritation and protect the skin throughout the day.


The famous sports brand Adidas presents refreshing lotions with a unique recipe. The components of the products soothe, relieve irritation, and provide decent facial skin care. The aromas of the collection are original and unique.


Products of this Italian brand belong to a high price category. Lotions have a cooling effect due to the menthol contained in the composition. Healing oil of eucalyptus restores the skin, accelerates its regeneration. The alcohol-free formula makes products suitable for people with a dry and sensitive type of epidermis.


This fashionable and expensive brand also produces after-shave skin care products. A white bottle with a laconic black inscription represents the "Allure Homme Edition Blanche" lotion.

The product tones, disinfects, restores, does not contain alcohol. The lotion has a light and non-greasy texture, comfortable application. And the refined aroma of expensive perfume makes the product truly luxurious.

Spicy pepper, sweet vanilla, lemon, bergamot and cedar wood notes create a masculine aroma for decisive, stylish and modern men.

Dolce & gabbana

"The One for Men" is another luxury aftershave. Caring components relieve itching and irritation, soften, accelerate the healing of the epidermis. The light texture does not leave a sticky feeling, taking care of the skin during the day.

Luxurious aroma combines notes of basil, grapefruit and coriander, complemented by ginger, cardamom and silver cedar. Woody-spicy composition is universal. It suits both young ambitious young men and respectable men.


The well-known company Avon offers a budget product with a perfectly absorbing formula. The lotion contains aloe extract, which has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Stearic acid protects the skin from the environment. Caring ingredients moisturize, make the skin soft and velvety.


"Svoboda Men Care" - lotion from the Russian factory "Freedom". The product has a mild aroma combining citrus and woody notes.

Vitamin F moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic. Allantoin softens and stimulates tissue regeneration. Rosehip extract saturates the epidermis with useful vitamins, tones, moisturizes and protects against negative environmental factors. Provitamin B5 is responsible for cell repair.

The lotion quickly calms, neutralizes irritation and cares for the skin throughout the day. The product is ideal for men with dry and normal type of epidermis.

"Clean line"

For Men After Shave Lotion from another Russian company designed for sensitive skin type.

The product has refreshing and healing qualities. It eliminates burning, moisturizes, prevents the appearance of irritation, restores damaged areas of the skin. The composition of the product includes aloe, hops, a vitamin complex and a special ultra-moisturizing system.

The New Dawn

This company produces the most affordable after-shave skin care products. Means contain alcohol and aloe extract, have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.


And here’s the female version. Lotion "Payot Post Epil" Designed to treat the skin after the procedure of getting rid of any type of hair, including shaving.

The lotion contains extracts of medicinal plants (calendula, chamomile, gammamelis and others). It gently cares for the skin, neutralizes irritation and redness, restores the epidermis. Menthol has a refreshing effect.

Shea moisture

Another female product is After Shave Healing Elixir. LOsion disinfects the skin after shaving, shugaring or hair removal with wax. It soothes the skin, softens and nourishes it with shea butter and tea tree. The product relieves redness and itching, prevents the problem of hair ingrowth.


Judging by the reviews, the product from Nivea was recognized as the best men's aftershave. All products of this brand are distinguished by unobtrusive light aromas and perfectly perform their disinfecting and caring functions. Moreover, the products belong to the middle price segment and are available to a wide range of customers.

Nivea lotion is especially popular for sensitive skin.

As for women's products, many companies receive positive reviews. For example, the above lotion from Shea Moisture. The product not only helps prevent inflammation, but also quickly neutralizes the discomfort immediately after hair removal. It really moisturizes, soothes and restores the epidermis.

Some customers even use the lotion as a remedy for skin irritation in various situations (insect bites, scratches, etc.) In each case, the remedy shows its best side.

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