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How to choose the best concealer under the eyes?

Huge loads in modern life make themselves felt not only in the form of fatigue, but are also imprinted on the face in the form of dark circles under the eyes. At the same time, the beauty industry is developing at the highest rate today, which leads to the appearance of many cosmetic products. They allow not only to get rid of skin imperfections, but also to improve it, as well as adjust appearance.

That is why it can be stated without a doubt that makeup is a serious science that needs to be carefully studied. It provides a wide range of tools, among which one of the most important is concealer.

What it is?

Concealer - This is a dense foundation designed for the face. Thanks to this product, you can achieve a radiant and even skin around the eyes, but the main function of this product is to rid the face of imperfections such as swelling or so-called bruises under the eyes. Representing himself as a highlighter, he will help to make the look more expressive and open.


Tools like proofreaders are very versatile: they not only make the complexion more even, but also take care of the skin. For dry skin around the eyes, this type of concealer is suitable that will moisturize the skin and maintain an optimal moisture balance in it. Other types of this remedy are actively struggling with imperfections, such as acne or rosacea.

It is also perfect for creating eyebrow makeup: after their shape is adjusted and finished with a special pencil or lipstick, many makeup artists recommend using a corrector in this area, because it will emphasize the bend of the eyebrow and create a dramatic and sensual image.

It is interesting that it can also be used for make-up eyes, especially for those who have "oily" eyelids.

For such women, there are special concealers that can not only even out tone, but also prevent oily sheen on the skin. The matting effect provided by him is truly effective, judging by the multiple positive reviews of girls who have tried this type of makeup.

And of course, speaking about the most important quality of the product, that is, its ability to mask some defects, it should be noted that due to various color variations, the cosmetic product easily copes with most problem areas. For example, it reduces swelling, blocks the purple circles under the eyes, and also removes redness from inflammation.

Many concealers, thanks to their innovative formula, are even able to counteract the appearance of wrinkles! This is a real revolution in the process of self-care, which can now be combined with the creation of makeup. This became possible due to the expansion of the composition, which contains a large number of nutrients that have a healing effect on the skin. Thanks to this, they can well compete with tonal foundations, which are represented by the widest assortment in the beauty market.


Based on the fact that today there are many different types of concealers that are aimed at solving various problems, faced with one of the difficulties described below, do not rush to the beautician - Perhaps some of them will be solved with the help of cosmetics.

First of all, I would like to note the so-called "correctors", which are designed to mask imperfections in those parts of the face where thin and sensitive skin is. Often, such products are liquid-based, but equipped with a brush that can easily cope with the distribution of the product on the skin, so you need to apply it pointwise. They are sold in a small tube or in economical neat packaging that looks like lip gloss.

Such products have the lightest texture to mask problem areas, but there are also such products that are endowed with strong pigmentation. And here it is important to understand in which cases to use certain means. More concentrated ones will be suitable when there is a need to hide puffiness under the eyes. Due to the large amount of pigment, the product helps to look perfect.

The area around the eyes, as you know, requires more serious care than simply "glossing over" the shortcomings. It is important to remember that it is necessary to carry out comprehensive care, that is, eat right, drink the necessary amount of water, get enough sleep and rest. Of course, many can now say that the modern pace of life does not always allow to fully comply with these requirements, because it requires a lot of time. It is for lack of it that most women turn to concealers in the hope of finding care and a positive, healing effect on the skin. Many today know that they look after their face no worse than creams.

If we talk about various types of therapeutic agents, then immediately moisturizing concealers come to mind, which should maintain a moisture balance in the skin cells. This type of product is most optimal because it allows the skin to maintain a fresh and healthy appearance. Without clogging in pores and microscopic wrinkles, it does not create a mask effect, but only envelops the face with a light veil. It must be applied from the outer corner of the eye to the inner, which will then allow it to be evenly distributed between the growth zone of the lower eyelashes and the area of ​​the nostrils. In view of all these advantages, this type of concealer has long gained enormous popularity among the fair half of humanity.

There are age-related funds that have recently become entrenched in a beauty market, but have already acquired a large number of regular customers.

Basically, these are women 40+, who devote their main care to the skin around the eyes to the fight against facial wrinkles. These concealers, already baptized as “new generation products”, contain many different nutrients and extracts of medicinal herbs and oils.

Pencil-shaped proofreaders have recently appeared to help mask blood stars and blood vessels, acne, and have a drying effect. This is possible due to the fact that the texture of the product is very dense, one might even say, solid. Such remedies are especially noteworthy in that they, due to their texture and release form, make it possible to perfectly mask the redness of the wings of the nose. An important advantage can be called the fact that after application there are no traces or stains.

Also on sale are correctors produced in the form of multi-colored pallets. They are intended for use throughout the face. These numerous shades will cope with several tasks at once, which is why they are so popular among professional makeup artists. Due to their versatility, they perfectly align their complexion, however, in order to achieve this, they must be applied using professional accessories, such as special brushes or applicators.


Products that care for the skin around the eyes, consist not only of masking elements, but also various nutritional ingredients. In order to choose a suitable corrector, the first thing you need to get acquainted with its composition.

Among mineral concealers, the main ingredients are vitamins and antioxidants. They allow a comprehensive approach to the care of the area around the eyes. The herbal ingredients included in the composition provide quick healing of acne and inflammation, because they have a therapeutic antibacterial property. Owners of problematic skin should pay attention to products that contain salicylic acid, because it is an effective and powerful component that helps deeply cleanse pores. It is important for those who have hypersensitive skin that does not perceive low-quality cosmetics to buy hypoallergenic products that prevent negative responses to the effects of cosmetics.

Interestingly, there are correctors with reflective particles in the composition.

Many will wonder: why, because such tools are designed to hide imperfections, and not to flaunt them. Such concealers have a denser texture, which ensures complete elimination of unwanted pigmentation, and they also reflect light due to radiance. As a result, problem areas will go unnoticed.


Due to the fact that concealers have a different purpose and a different texture, this is reflected in the color scheme that the modern cosmetic market offers customers.

Among the assortment you can find any necessary tone of the product: from green to pink; however, the most striking is the variety of warm colors.

They are presented on a gradient basis, given the saturation of the product. There are bright burgundy, and red, and delicate peach shades. Of course, choosing a palette of correctors is based on the problem that arose on the skin around the eyes.

Glossy products are especially popular among girls, which allow not only to hide the defects of the epidermis, but also to refresh the face, giving it a healthy glow.

What color is what for?

Many girls naively believe that the classic color of the corrector is beige. However, this assumption is fundamentally wrong, since the color scheme of concealers is quite extensive.

Concealers are available in a variety of colors to give your skin its most natural color. From blue to wine.

Manufacturers always come from the areas for which the product is intended, as well as the features of these facial areas. They also borrowed color rendering techniques: It is known that to obtain natural shades it is necessary to use two opposite ones.

Depending on the area of ​​use of the corrector, its various shades are used. Let's figure out how to choose the color of this product depending on the problem area and its inherent defects, because if you skillfully and skillfully choose the right concealer, taking into account the color and consistency, then not a single pimple and wrinkle will be noticeable.

From dark circles

To use the concealer under the eyes in order to get rid of dark circles, you need to understand that "light" correctors that hide dark pigments on the skin can "block" such shortcomings. This can be done using yellow, peach or orange concealers, which must be shaded after application. It is important to know that beige colors are not suitable for this case, because they are not too bright due to the lack of strong pigmentation. Because of this, it will be impossible to get rid of the problem: the corrector will only brighten this area, making the circles no longer brown, but grayish, earthy in color. Obviously, this is not a solution, because after receiving such a color under the eyes, the girl will look extremely painful.

From bruises

The yellow concealer will help get rid of bruises, because it perfectly masks cold shades, which are considered blue and purple. The saturated color lemon corrector neutralizes the defect, eliminates traces of fatigue and freshens the epidermis, giving it an even tone.

This tone is still very useful because it helps to hide the capillaries, which are most pronounced under the eyes just below their outer corners.

Vascular nets will also help hide the green shade of the corrector, however, in combination with yellow it will give the most powerful effect.

Pink, red and purple correctors will help get rid of yellow and earthy pigment spots on the face. Such products are often sold separately in the form of lipsticks, which are convenient to apply and blend.

Owners of problematic skin are advised to immediately purchase a green concealer, because it will neutralize redness, as well as make pimples and acne invisible to prying eyes.

Against bags

This problem - one of the most common in adulthood. To solve it, you need to buy the so-called age-related products that help maintain skin elasticity.

To achieve a positive result, you need to turn to a wide range of concealers. A combination of primer, several dense and pigmented correctors of nude shades, such as ivory or dusted roses, will give the best effect.

Overview of Popular Firms

The actual boom in beauty products has spawned a huge range of concealers produced by various companies. In order to make the right choice among the whole variety of cosmetic products, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular proofreaders.

The indisputable leaders in neutralizing the unwanted pigmentation of the skin around the eyes and not only are the remedies for Yves Saint Laurent "Touche Eclat". They elegantly refresh the skin, deftly mask imperfections, and also distract attention from unfortunate defects. However, such visible and pigmented areas as bruises or dark circles cannot be blocked due to their light and fine texture, therefore it will be optimal to combine these products with other, denser ones. The most tangible minus is the price, which is about 1400 rubles. Other professional products from Nyx, Shiseido and Inglot have a similar effect.

Company Max Factor and her Mastertouch Concealer - One of the most sought after concealers on the market, because the price-performance ratio is simply gorgeous. It is sold as a pencil, the small neat applicator of which allows you to perfectly distribute it under the eyes. In its composition, you can find reflective particles that allow you to use the corrector as a highlighter.

Analyzing the means of the mass market, such as Lumene, Bielita-Vitex, L'Oreal, Maybelline, we note that they are very high-quality despite the affordable price.

They are dense enough to cover dark areas under the eyes and perfectly smooth the skin. It is interesting that Maybelline products can be used even after laser interventions on the face, for example, after resurfacing. A nice addition is the affordable price.

Firms Vivienne Sabo, Becca, Estee Lauder, Sisley not particularly known among the Russian buyer, but their products do their job well and take care of the skin around the eyes.

How to choose?

In order to choose the best concealer, you need to build on your skin type and condition, as well as on the problem that exists on the epidermis. Texture and color will also depend on the degree of soreness and damage to the dermis. For hypersensitive and prone to negative skin reactions, it is advisable to choose only hypoallergenic products with a light powdery consistency.

Makeup artists advise choosing the tone of the beige concealer one shade lighter than the natural color of the skin, but the most important thing is to test the product on the skin of the wrist before buying.

It is necessary to build on not the price, but the age and individual characteristics.


Companies like Maybelline produce low-cost cosmetics, but that doesn’t mean that their products are of poor quality - not at all. In many ways, they can compete with more expensive means.

How to apply?

In order to properly apply the concealer and hide defects, we recommend using the instruction:

  1. Clean tonic face;
  2. Apply primer on the skin, preparing it for subsequent actions;
  3. Put points on problem areas under the eyes to remove their bright pigmentation;
  4. Further you need to mask pimples and blood vessels, and it’s better to drive the product with your fingers.

Masking each zone individually should be based on the characteristics of the skin, and only after that apply the main tone.

How to replace?

Sometimes it happens that the necessary funds are not at hand, so the question arises: what other products may come to the rescue to replace the concealer for the skin under the eyes. For this, you can use BB creams, which are famous for excellent skin care, including a neutralizing effect.


Corrective means are quite in demand among women. The girls' best concealers include products from Maybelline, Yves Saint Laurent, NYX. It is these funds that receive the most positive reviews.

You will learn more about how to choose an eye concealer from the following video.

Watch the video: Make-up For Beginners - Picking the Right Concealers - Under EyesBlemishes Step 4 (January 2020).


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