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To always look young and beautiful, the fair sex make any sacrifice. Each woman seeks to be the center of attention at any event, especially if a large number of guests are expected to be there.

Similarly, girls tend to be beautiful when it comes to taking pictures.

Indeed, the beauty captured on the photographs will remain for a long memory. In such a situation, contouring the face helps. This technique has long been adopted by the most fashionable and famous personalities.

Contouring is this type of make-up, resorting to which, you can visually correct the shape of the face, adding expressiveness to it. To use this wonderful technique, you need to know some nuances.

What it is?

To make the contours of your face perfect, you don’t need to rush from one extreme to the other and resort to risky steps, such as plastic surgery. You can do with very affordable and simple tools that can be purchased at any cosmetic store: a set of brushes and tonal foundations of various tones. In addition, you need to know how face contouring is done. By modeling the contour of your face, you can achieve a stunning effect.

The first sculptures of the oval of the face were tested on themselves by celebrities. Photos began to appear on the pages of fashion magazines, where the images of the most famous personalities were complemented by flawless make-up made using dark and light shades, which created a clear outline. Such modeling is based on a combination of light and shadow, which helps to emphasize some areas of the skin and hide others so that they are invisible.

To remove imperfections, you will need several different dark tones.

Light cosmetics and highlighters will help highlight the virtues. Such a structuring of your appearance should begin with the procedure for smoothing the skin tone with the usual tonal remedy.

The procedure for visual changes in the oval of the face is known since the beginning of cinema. So that the actors in the frame did not look “flat,” make-up artists began to use the contouring technique. Gradually, she firmly entered the life of modern stars.

Face contouring must be performed, observing some application rules:

  • Not worth it use red or orange tones, as they are able to give the skin color a painful shade.

  • It does not follow acquire a high sparkle with large sparkles, as they will make your face unnatural. You should give preference to a tone lighter than your skin tone. Such products will give the skin a soft glow.

  • Using Contouring You can make your look more expressive. To do this, you just need to apply a dark remedy to the area between the beginning of the eyebrow and the nose.

What to do?

To emphasize all the advantages of your face, it is not enough just to know the contouring technique. You also need to know by what means they perform this procedure.

Makeup artists distinguish the following types of cosmetic facial contour modeling procedure:

  • Dry contouring. As the name suggests, this technique is performed using dry means: powders, shades of various shades. This design can be used for everyday makeup. It can be performed even by beginners, since the products are easily applied and shaded, completely merging with the skin.
  • Cream contouring. It is carried out with the help of correctors, various tonal means, highlighters. Beginners and amateurs will not cope with this type, as the unprofessional application of cosmetics will create the effect of a mask. Therefore, it is worth entrusting cream contouring to masters with sufficient experience. The indisputable advantage of this type of “modeling” is that the skin is not only not overdried, but even moisturized. You should resort to this procedure if you are going to an evening event or photo shoot.

Whatever type you prefer, the main thing is not to go too far with the applied cosmetic products, because the result should be as natural as possible. To achieve this, pay attention to the funds that you are going to use. Among them must be the following products:

  1. The foundation for applying makeup.

  2. Palette with dry or cream cosmetic products. Instead, you can use tonal creams and powders of different colors.

  3. Stick for contouring. This is a kind of pencil of a certain shade, which is easy to apply to certain areas of the skin.

  4. Set cosmetic brushes. Among them there should be a special beveled brush for applying blush and several flat brushes.

  5. Special powder to consolidate the effect. Many women do without her, but professional makeup artists insist on its use.

In addition, you can’t just go to the cosmetics store and buy the first products that caught your eye.

It is worth considering many nuances in order not to purchase products that do not suit you.

Pay attention to the brand of the purchased product. A palette from an unknown manufacturer may contain a strange red tint that will give the face an unnatural appearance. Means for any type and color of skin are produced by NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Absolute New York.

The determining factor when buying should be the dark shade present in the palette. It must be a maximum of two tones darker than the natural tone. It is better to give preference to warm tones, since such funds will look more natural. Owners of light skin tone can try products with a pink halftone.

For beginners in the business of contouring, various powders are better suited, since it is much easier to work with them. When purchasing such products, Givenchy, Dior or Maybelline should be preferred.

For those who decide to master modeling using products with a creamy texture, Chabi-sticks are best. With their help, you can quickly get good facial contouring skills. Clinique sticks should be preferred. Among them you can find both highlighters and dark contours.

When choosing a highlighter, remember that it should not have too large flickering particles, and its color should be lighter than the complexion by no more than two shades.

When buying brushes, preference should be given to numbers 130-190, when it comes to applying corrective products. For shading, it is better to choose brushes with a large bevel. The material from which the brushes are made also matters. For dry products, you can take a brush with both synthetic and natural fibers, but for creams, you should take only a natural brush.

Step-by-step schemes for beginners

To properly sculpt, you need to take into account which make-up you are going to make: everyday or evening. For any case, there are its own application features that you need to know if you want to look natural and natural. The first thing to consider is lighting. Experts advise to carry out all manipulations with makeup in natural light or as close to it as possible. If there is not enough light, there is a risk of getting a fake make-up that will be too conspicuous.

The main steps of face modeling:

  1. Necessary apply makeup foundation on the skin.

  2. Should even out the resulting tone with a foundation or BB cream.

  3. With help a wide flat brush requires applying a concealer to the area under the eyes and wings of the nose.

  4. Using dark corrector, you should outline the nose, drawing straight stripes from the nose to the tip of the nose. This step will help adjust the shape of the nose, making it the way you want.

  5. In the next step cheekbones must be distinguished. Since they play an important role in the whole technique of sculpting, they should be the main emphasis. To properly highlight the cheekbones, mentally it is required to draw a line from the ear to the lips, and then draw the cheeks. Under the resulting fossa, a dark corrector should be applied so that the tone near the ear is as dark as possible. You should not draw a line to the auricle itself; it is better to leave a small area.

  6. Should adjust the frontal part of the face, especially if it is very large. To do this, you just need to draw a dark strip from one temple to another, stepping back about a centimeter from the beginning of hair growth. At the temples you need to make more emphasis.

  7. With help A dark corrector needs to darken the upper eyelids. This action will help give expressiveness to the look.

  8. Further you need to take a bright highlighter and use it to highlight the nose, the central part of the forehead, the corners of the eyes, cheekbones, the area above the upper lip and the corners of the lips.

  9. Should Shade all lines carefully. Transitions should be performed as softly and imperceptibly as possible. It is necessary to start the shading process from light areas, gradually mixing them with dark ones. These movements can be performed with your fingers, but you can use brushes.

This technique is suitable for any kind of contouring.

However, with dry modeling, you need to shade the funds immediately after applying them.

How to make your face thinner with makeup?

Sculpting faces for different personalities cannot always be performed with the same movements and using the same products. There is no universal approach. Each girl is an individual person who has her own appearance. These features must be considered when performing the contouring procedure. The main task of modeling is to achieve a perfect oval face, for this you need to visually reduce certain areas, and sometimes remove the second chin.

  • Narrow round face It is possible due to clarification of the central part of the face and darkening of the remaining skin areas.

  • Too wide the shape of the nose can be changed if dark means highlight its lateral sections, and light - the back. And you can visually remove the length of the nose in a simple way - by carefully shading a little dark corrector at the very tip.

  • Owners of a narrow an elongated face, you need to focus on the cheeks so as not to make the oval of the face even longer. The chin and cheekbone line should be darkened. When using blush, do not put them too close to the temples.

  • If everyday make-up created with the help of dry products, you should first moisturize the skin, and then apply a foundation on the face under makeup. Evening makeup using creams should start with the eyes and eyebrows to get a spectacular look.

  • Facial wrinkles visually removed with a highlighter and moisturizer.

Breast contouring

You should not think that the contouring technique is applicable only for visual changes in the shape of the face. With the help of cosmetics, you can adjust your figure, for example, to make the bust more expressive. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Apply dark remedy on the inner line of the chest near the hollow and blend well.

  2. It should be a little powder a feathery tool to make it more invisible.

  3. To the upper neckline you need to apply a little dark bronzer with a brush.

  4. To visually enlarge breast size is necessary to apply a dark remedy on the line of clavicles and blend.

  5. For the remainder the neckline requires applying a light corrector, blend and powder.

By following these simple rules, you can easily emphasize the beauty of your chest.

This is especially important when it comes to evening activities.

How to mask nasolabial folds?

Nasolabial folds can cause a lot of problems, for example, give out the age of a woman. This and other shortcomings can also be hidden with makeup. You need to do it carefully and slowly, in order to achieve the desired effect. Correction should be carried out as follows:

  1. Cleaning the dermis and its hydration. It is easier to apply cosmetics to prepared skin.

  2. Application of foundation products for makeup and foundation. A darker tonal product is applied to the nasolabial area. Do not forget to thoroughly blend the applied funds.

  3. Nasolabial application plot corrector, ideally suited to skin tone, shading of the product.

  4. Sculpting the rest of the face, depending on your preferences and characteristics.

  5. Fixing applied means with the help of powder. It is important that it is not tinting, otherwise the desired result will not be achieved.

  6. At the end Makeup should make up the lips with light lipstick.

Modeling the cheekbones

Cheekbones - this is a very important area that must not be forgotten when performing contouring. Properly emphasized, they will give aristocracy and nobility to appearance, and will correct the oval of the face. That is why it is required to emphasize them correctly. To highlight the cheekbones, you need dark and light correctors. A darker shade is applied to the area close to the temples, and a lighter shade is near the lips. After good shading, the cheekbones will look as natural as possible. If you apply too much, you can stretch the oval of the face too much, which is not always required.

Some nuances should be taken into account:

  • Not worth it highlight cheekbones with blush, as they will give the face an excess color instead of adjusting its shape.

  • Not worth it apply grayish unsaturated products. It is better to give preference to warm tones, as they look more natural.

  • Study better powder contouring. It’s easier to work with brushes and fingers. The main thing is to get smooth transitions of light and shadow on the face.

Choosing the right tools and applying them correctly will help highlight the right areas of the skin and make your face beautiful and natural.

For different types of face

Having decided on self-modeling of the face, you can not achieve the desired result. Often this is due not only to the wrong choice of means, but also to the incorrect application of a face on your oval. To avoid possible errors, you need to know the nuances of each form.

  1. To the owners The oval face is lucky as they don’t need to put a lot of effort into creating makeup. It is enough to apply a contour to the lateral parts of the forehead, highlight the eyebrows and cheekbones, and then apply the highlighter to the central part of the face. After shading, the procedure will be completed.

  2. Girls, in which the shape of the face looks like a rectangle, you need to take care of modeling the lower jaw. To do this, apply a contour along its sides with large strokes, and then they also select the frontal zone. Highlighter indicate the area under the eyes and the middle of the chin. Gently shade.

  3. To the owners a round face should pay more attention to the cheekbones. If you make them more expressive and narrow, you can visually bring your face type closer to oval. And then do the makeup of the first type.

  4. Women with a triangular face should avoid accents on the chin. You need to focus on the forehead to get closer to the oval shape.It is required to make the forehead visually narrow, and then adjust the cheekbones. You can make the chin less sharp due to a dark remedy. The highlighting product should be walked under the eyes, in the middle of the forehead and chin. The main thing is not to forget to shade everything well.

Celebrity Examples

The contouring technique was originally used by make-up artists at the dawn of cinematography. Gradually, it became widespread and won its audience. The first to try it on themselves were celebrities.

Kim Kardashian is considered to be the founder of makeup using facial sculpting techniques.

It was she who first decided to publish her photos after cosmetic modeling. After that, other stars and ordinary girls began to master the contouring technique en masse to look fashionable, stylish and natural. Absolutely everyone has adopted this procedure, since the effect exceeds all expectations.

Comparison before and after

Using simple tricks, you can get a stunning effect that is immediately visible. Makeup artists who have mastered this technique perfectly become very popular specialists in their field.

Many women who at least once used this procedure were very satisfied. With simple actions, you can lose more than a dozen years, visually get rid of many shortcomings, change the shape of the face and even out skin color.

For girls who suffer from imperfections of the dermis, face sculpting has become a real salvation. Skin imperfections are easily eliminated, the look becomes more expressive, and the girls themselves look more confident.

Facial modeling not only changes the oval of the face, but also makes its individual parts more effective, for example, lips can be made more plump and alluring. Girls who are not deprived of beauty by nature, after the sculpting procedure, look stunning, like real models.

In addition to the face, you can emphasize the neckline with contouring.

This has been tried by many ladies who love to flaunt in dresses with a wide neckline.

Thanks to the correct use of cosmetics, you can create an expressive stylish image. Contouring will help to create a modern everyday make-up or expressive evening. Many girls spend enough time to look spectacular, going on a date or a party. The main thing is to stay away from water, otherwise even the most persistent cosmetics can fail. If you want to impress with your appearance, but do not want surgery, contouring is for you!

You will learn more about face contouring in the next video.

Watch the video: How to Contour for Beginners - Tina Yong (January 2020).


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