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Base for makeup Oriflame

Flawless skin is not given to everyone by nature, but cosmetics can bring you as close as possible to your desired ideal. Base for makeup Oriflame - a great way to give your face a beautiful even tone and consolidate the result for the whole day.

Features and Benefits

Oriflame is a well-known Swedish brand that produces cosmetic products for any purpose. The assortment includes both care products and decorative cosmetics.

Tinting products occupy an important place in the collections of the company. Here you can purchase both a makeup base and a tonal foundation.

The first product has no color. He is responsible for the visual alignment of the skin structure, giving it softness and smoothness, provides a more uniform application of tonal products (powder or cream). Also, the base significantly increases the resistance of makeup.

The second tool can be used both in combination with the finishing powder, and in a mono version. A light foundation can slightly adjust the complexion and give it a healthy glow. Dense is able to completely mask redness and other skin imperfections.


All products of the company comply with international quality standards. Only safe and effective ingredients are used in the production. These are natural plant extracts, and oils, and vitamins, and the latest scientific developments.

SPF filters included in many products protect the skin from photoaging and sunburn. Mineral complexes saturate the epidermis with energy. Reflective particles give the face a healthy glow and “gloss”. And moisturizing ingredients take care of the skin throughout the day.

Each Oriflame product, designed for the base layer in makeup, has individual characteristics. This allows you to find the right option for any age and type of epidermis.

Owners of oily skin can acquire a matting agent with a fluid-like coating. For the dry type, a moisturizing base is more suitable. If the problem is redness, rosacea or age spots, then you should opt for a correcting tonal foundation.

The brand also has anti-aging cosmetics. Such products not only create an impeccable foundation for tonal coverage, but also take care of the skin throughout the day. They have a delicate silk texture, nourish and moisturize the epidermis, while maintaining freshness and youth.

Moreover, all types of bases are equally stable, because their main goal is to fix makeup.


Primer "Giordani Gold"

The base for makeup does not contain color pigments. It only prepares the skin for applying decorative cosmetics and evens out its relief without a “mask effect”. A delicate creamy texture hides enlarged pores, wrinkles and other irregularities in the epidermis. Special particles give the skin a healthy glow.

Orchid extract, rich in beneficial vitamins and amino acids, cares for the face throughout the day, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The product provides a more even application of tonal products, increases the resistance of makeup. The base is suitable for all ages, regardless of the type of epidermis.

Reviews. Buyers confirm the tenderness of the texture of the product and the ease of its application. The product really moisturizes the skin, allowing the makeup to lie more evenly and stay longer on the skin.

The primer delicately hides the peeling of the skin, looks great in combination with powder. The tool is ideal for young ladies with a dry and normal type of epidermis.

However, owners of oily skin consider the nutritional properties of the foundation excessive. After a short time, a gentle radiance turns into a greasy shine, especially when using a foundation applied over the base.

Also, judging by the reviews, camouflage by means of wide pores is very arbitrary.

Foundation "Luxurious Atlas"

Persistent mineral base from the "Giordani Gold" series, in addition to correcting the relief of the face, evens out its tone.

A complex of minerals fills the epidermis with energy and freshness. The product nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gives it a smooth satin. A dense coating allows you to use the tool in a mono version. A persistent formula provides uniform application of powder and the safety of makeup throughout the day.

The product also contains SPF 15, which protects against the negative effects of the sun.

Reviews. Buyers are not enthusiastic about this tool. The coating seems to them too dense, and the shades are too saturated. It is especially difficult to find a suitable version of the foundation for fair-skinned girls.

"The One Illuskin"

This tonal foundation not only prolongs the makeup, but also evens out the skin tone. The product transforms the face, visually hiding the enlarged pores and giving the skin a healthy glow.

Reviews. This product is one of the most popular in the assortment of the brand. It really makes the skin shine. The relief is visually leveled, enlarged pores, black spots and redness become invisible.

Girls use the foundation both as an independent corrective and in combination with tonal products. More often, shoppers use powder. Applying a second layer of foundation makes make-up heavy.

Owners of oily skin also note the need for a matte finish. Otherwise, after a couple of hours, the face begins to shine.

The basis for makeup "Perfect face"

This colorless primer is designed for owners of oily and combination skin. It mattifies, visually reduces pores, giving the face a smooth and well-groomed appearance. In addition, it increases the durability of tonal products, being an excellent foundation for flawless makeup.

Reviews Girls note the tenderness of the texture of the product, which easily and evenly lays on the skin, without creating a mask effect. The coating really smoothes out minor skin defects, masking enlarged pores. The face becomes dull and fresh.

"The One Everlasting Foundation"

Super resistant tonal foundation guarantees perfect coverage for up to 24 hours.

The product has a light texture, ensuring its comfortable application. Technology "FreshFix" maintains an optimal water balance of the skin. The SkinRenew complex possesses restoring and protective qualities. Color pigments hide redness and even out complexion.

The product is resistant to moisture, does not stain clothes and does not require makeup renewal during the day.

Reviews. Buyers confirm the high resistance of the product and its masking properties. The product perfectly mattifies oily skin and provides flawless make-up for the whole day. But the owners of the dry type of epidermis do not notice any caring properties of the product. On the contrary, the coating emphasizes peeling of the skin.

"The One Aqua Boost"

Moisturizing tonal foundation gives the face an even beautiful color, hydration and care.

Technology "Gel Technology" provides ease of coverage. Glacier water, which is part of the product, saturates the epidermis with valuable vitamins and minerals, softening and moisturizing it.

The face acquires a healthy radiance and a persistent (up to 8 hours) impeccable shade. SPF 20 allows you to use the product at any time of the year. The basis is intended for dry and normal skin.

Reviews. Opinions about this product are mixed. The medium density consistency evens out the tone of the face without leaving a sticky feeling. The skin looks smooth and soft.

However, for many girls, the coating seems too glossy. Therefore, the base is popular mainly with owners of dry skin.

Foundation "Yoghurt Mix" Veryme

Stylish black and purple packaging hides a product that fills the skin with energy for the whole day. Berry extracts and yogurt as part of the product nourish the epidermis, moisturize and care for the face. Four shades allow you to hide imperfections and create a flawless tone.

Reviews Judging by the reviews, the base is easily distributed on the skin, creating a soft and light coating. But the shades of the product customers consider unsuccessful. In addition, the bottle of the remedy seems inconvenient to use for many.


This moisturizing base is presented in a miniature tube with a simple black and white design. Medium-density coating is easy to apply on the skin without making makeup heavier. The image is natural and fresh.

Reviews. Customers like the delicate and unobtrusive aroma of the product, the lightness of its texture. However, this foundation is suitable only for owners of dry skin without noticeable flaws.

The liquid consistency creates an overly thin coating that is unable to mask severe redness, freckles, rosacea, or circles under the eyes. At the same time, a noticeable hydration of the product turns into a greasy shine on normal and combination skin, which must be masked with powder.

Unhappy with the girls and the color palette "Colorbox". Shades seem to them too dark and saturated. Owners of fair skin to choose the appropriate version of this tool is simply impossible.

Hue palette

Brand primers (base for makeup) are colorless. As for tonal foundations, each of them is offered to customers in several colors. As a rule, these are neutral shades of beige palette of warm and cold tones. Olive and similar options are extremely rare in the firm's palette.

For example, the tonal base "Luxurious Atlas" is represented by porcelain, pink, beige and ivory.

The foundation “Yoghurt Mix” is made in versions with very “tasty” names. These are milky, vanilla, honey and chocolate shades.

Some products are presented in colors with the same name. However, the same shades in each case may differ, be darker or lighter.

To determine which color is right for you, you can purchase probes and experimentally identify the best option. When choosing, it is worth remembering that the tone of the face should not differ from the color of the neck.

Also, for the summer and winter seasons, the basics of different shades are needed. Indeed, in the summer the skin becomes darker, even if you regularly use sunscreens.

Base for makeup - in the next video.

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