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Base under the shade of Lumene

The modern cosmetic market can offer women not only a standard foundation for makeup, but also a number of products with a narrower specialization. One such tool is a base under the shade.

The skin around the eyes is significantly different from the skin of the rest of the face. It is thinner, drier, less prone to the occurrence of comedones, but begins to show signs of aging earlier than all.

In addition, any eye problems cause swelling and redness. In this regard, cosmetics, which are applied to the area around the eyes, as well as cleansers, are given special attention - they are created from the most neutral components that will not aggravate the condition of the skin.

One of the popular tools of this class is the base under the shadow of Lumene. Under this brand, a number of similar products are produced, among which there are also combined ones - for example, the base for the eyelids and lips. Most of them belong to the budget price category and their cost varies from 300 to 900 rubles. for packing.


A base under the shade is necessary, first of all, in order to provide additional resistance to decorative cosmetics. Loose shadows, and especially pearlescent shades, tend to quickly crumble or gather in the folds of the skin, which spoils the whole makeup. To prevent this, a base is applied that allows you to color the eyelids with shadows as evenly and accurately as possible.

The base under the shadow also smoothes the skin around the eyes and can additionally help hide imperfections. This is especially true in the case of facial wrinkles - it is not able to remove large bases, but it is quite possible to hide small ones with its help.

The base under the shadows was created as a cosmetic product suitable for any type of skin. It does not give too strong hydration and has a relatively light texture, which means it is safe for oily and combination skin. At the same time, due to the content of oil and other moisturizing components in it, the base does not dry the skin and even vice versa, it has a positive effect in the case of dry skin type.


The main advantage of the Lumene Eyelid Base is its natural components. For example, Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer contains arctic berry seed oil that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it fresher and healthier.

According to some reviews, the base even leaves the skin smooth and silky after removing makeup. Wherein the product boasts a lack of harmful parabens and perfumes, as well as a neutral and weak smell.

The consistency of the product is creamy, without excessive fat content, despite the presence of oil in the composition. The texture is matte, which again goes to her only a plus. The base color is universal - pale flesh-colored with a yellowish tint.

"Lumene Beauty Base Eyeshadow Primer" according to numerous reviews perfectly copes with its main tasks. This base makes even mineral friable shadows with shine more stable. In addition, it gives additional brightness to the color and provides a more dense coverage of shadows.

Eyeliner and eyeliner also hold perfectly on this basis. You can also apply concealer and correctors on top of this base, for example, if you need to hide bruises under the eyes or other imperfections.

Using this tool, try to apply it in two layers. Many complain that this base does not always hold the required number of hours, however, a double layer is able to solve this problem, ensuring the stability of makeup for the whole day. It is still not recommended to apply the product on the upper orbital bone - in this case, the upper eyelid will not appear wet during the day.

Without exception, all Lumene makeup bases are packaged in convenient small tubes with narrow spouts that help you accurately dose the product. This makes the tool convenient not only at home, but also on trips, and also makes it possible to use it for quite some time. In addition, this shape of the tube allows the creamy base to not dry out and maintain its qualities for a long time. All this has allowed the Lumene Beauty Base makeup line to be on a par with the best cosmetics in this class.

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