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Chanel Mascara

Each fashionista has in her cosmetic bag a tool that will help to look attractive and stylish in any situation. Many guessed that it would be about mascara. It is this cosmetic product that will help emphasize your eyes, make them expressive and attractive to the opposite sex. Consider the main features and advantages of the brand Chanel.

Features and Benefits

Chanel Mascara is one of the most popular. The company's products are quite diverse. The main goal of the product is achieved remarkably - this is a qualitative transformation of your look. Consider the main features of the product:

  • High quality product. This is evidenced by long and curled cilia of saturated color, which are obtained when using the product. Due to the optimal composition, the product is well distributed over the surface of the hairs and does not stray into lumps. You will also not see the effect of spider legs.
  • Thanks to the vitamins in the product Your eyelashes will become stronger, shinier and more elastic. Such mascara will effectively protect you from the adverse effects of the environment.
  • Durability. Thanks to the special composition, the mascara will hold throughout the day, it will not crumble and fall. You can be sure of your makeup.
  • Great effect. You can use the tool to lengthen your eyelashes and give them volume. Enthusiastic views of others will be provided.
  • Availability. You can purchase goods at any professional cosmetics store. In this case, you should carefully study the remedy. Inspect its packaging before buying, it should be airtight.
  • Affordable price. Many women believe that Chanel products are affordable at affordable prices. However, some girls suggest that the price is too high. Be that as it may, everything will depend on your income.
  • Easy to use. You can quite easily apply the product on the eyelashes. It is worth remembering that to give greater volume it is better to apply the composition from the roots to the tips.
  • Great mood. When you can make an original and fashionable make-up, lengthen your eyelashes and add volume, your mood will begin to improve. A good mood is the key to success.


When buying cosmetic products, you should pay attention to the composition of the product. One of Chanel’s core principles is safety. The famous brand took care of the health of every beauty. The main ingredients of the carcass include vitamin complexes, polymers, antioxidants, carbon fibers, natural pigments.

The cosmetic product gives a rich color, but it also actively cares. With regular use of the product, you can strengthen the hairs, saturate them with natural wax. You will get rid of brittleness and loss. Eyelashes will be just perfect. It is worth noting that when applying the composition, they do not stick together, but become long, voluminous and attractive.

Silicone mascara incorporates unique silicone in quality. It will help to effectively separate hairs without sticking them together. This product is quite resistant to the environment, it does not cause irritation. The look will become even more expressive.

Shelf life

Shelf life is a rather important parameter that should be considered when purchasing a product. Be sure to look at the packaging of the cosmetic product. The cherished numbers should be written on it. Do not use the product if the expiration date has already expired. This may not only not lead to the desired effect, but also cause significant damage to your health. When buying a product, first of all, look at this indicator.

It is recommended to use mascara only three months after opening, because often such a tool becomes a hotbed of bacteria. They can cause various eye infections.

It is worth watching carefully for your cosmetic product. If the mascara begins to dry out, crumble and crumble, then it is no longer suitable for use. In this case, it is better not to spare money, but to buy a new cosmetic product. You should also stop using the product if you feel a sharp unpleasant odor (or the consistency of the carcass has changed).

You need to store the product correctly so that it lasts longer. The substance should not be exposed to scorching sunlight or extreme cold. The best place for the goods will be a bedside table, as well as a cabinet. Do not store cosmetics in the bathroom.

Do not be afraid to throw away old and damaged things. It would be better to purchase another cosmetic product than to go to doctors for a long time.


There are various types of carcasses that delight even the most demanding customers. These include:

  • Waterproof. This cosmetic product is a moisture resistant product. Due to its composition, mascara will not leak if you fall under rain / snow. Such cosmetics are also resistant to tears. To remove such a tool, you need to use a special makeup remover.
  • Lengthening. This model will be a real salvation for the owner of short eyelashes. This mascara has the traditional components of silk and nylon fibers.
  • Volumetric. This cosmetic product will help create the effect of false eyelashes. The substance will help to thicken each hair, create a volume. The brush is quite large. It is great for rare eyelashes.

There are also original options with a mirror. These cosmetics are quite convenient to use. You can put yourself in order in any environment. At hand will be a useful mirror.

This year's novelty is a multi-dimensional model. It will help to achieve immediately the volume, length and attractive bends. You can create the best day or evening makeup. The new double-sided mascara is designed to increase and tighten even more efficiently. You will immediately gain an irresistible look.

Brand lines

Consider the main models of the brand, which are designed to give joy to their owners:

  • "Le volume de chanel". This option will give each woman an impressive volume. After the first application, you can see how expressive your look has become. The advantages of this line include the density and density. This effect is created thanks to a special brush. It consists of thin disks that are not only comb the hairs, but also lengthen them.

The composition includes a special formula of a substance with fluids. It will help maintain the created volume. Thanks to the wax, which is also part of the composition, you can get the most thick eyelashes. Acacia resin will provide quick drying of the cosmetic product.

  • "Sublime". This tool is designed to lengthen and bend the hairs. This will help your look to be even more expressive, feminine and alluring. Thanks to a special brush, which has 360 bristles, the composition can be applied very easily. The mascara is applied carefully, very evenly distributed.

The substance contains saturated black carbon fibers. They will provide a bright shade. In this case, you will also take care of the hairs. Thanks to antioxidants, the product effectively strengthens the eyelashes, gives them smoothness and strength.

  • "Inimitable intense". This three-dimensional mascara will help to lengthen the eyelashes, give them volume. It provides a unique languid look. It will be quite easy to apply the product. This is done using a special brush, the fibers of which consist of a thin vinyl polymer. The composition of the product includes wax. It gives a special length to hairs, gives a healthy shine.
  • "Mascara". This product has its own flavor. A special formula gives volume to each hair. Thanks to two brushes, you can create a different effect. The first helps to thicken and facilitate the application of the product. The second will lengthen, tighten and separate the hairs.
  • "Ultra noir". This model will make your eyelashes rich black. The brightness of the color provides a special charcoal pigment. The original brush includes snowflakes, which are strung on each other at different angles. So you can get a" wide "look.
  • "Dimensions". This tool will help twist, lengthen and separate. A special brush made of polymer fibers provides an easy and effective application. Mascara has a stable formula, does not spread. The composition includes paraffin wax, which gives the eyelashes elasticity and lengthens them. The film-forming components fix the bend. Thanks Lupine extract hair will be actively fed in. Mascara can be bought even for those who wear contact lenses.
  • "False false effect". This mascara will create the effect of false eyelashes. You will get an attractive" open "look that will captivate everyone around.
  • "Strategies". This option will pleasantly surprise you with the optimal combination of price and quality. The substance is laid down easily and smoothly, providing elongation and volume. The cosmetic product is easily washed off with special means.
  • "Base nourrissante". Amazing length and volume - you will get such a result from this product. You can emphasize the expressiveness of the look. A special brush optimally paints each eyelash, separates and tightens. The substance contains coloring pigments that will help to make the look deep and bright.
  • "Multi dimensionionnel". This is a good option for girls with short eyelashes. A comfortable brush will help to color each hair. The substance contains special components that look after the eyelashes.

You can easily choose the option that will fit perfectly.

How to choose?

If you are going to go to the store for shopping, you should understand what kind of mascara you need. If you are the owner of thick and long eyelashes, then you are very lucky. Any model will only help emphasize the attractiveness and expressiveness of your look. But if you have short eyelashes, then you should choose special products that will visually lengthen them.

If you want to emphasize the depth of view, then you should use the "Ultra Noir". It is she who will help saturate the hairs with bright pigment. Your eyes will not go unnoticed.

When making a purchase, you should pay attention to the product and carefully study it. Be sure to look at the expiration date. If cosmetics is expired, then you should not purchase such products. It can not only not meet your expectations, but also harm your health. Better not take the risk.

Be sure to check that the packaging is airtight. A sharp unpleasant smell should alert. It will indicate that the quality of the goods is not very high. Be especially careful if you buy goods through an online store. Take your time to take the product, check everything carefully.

How to use?

To get a wonderful effect, you should learn how to use the product correctly. When painting, do not rush. With the help of light movements, it is worth holding a brush from bottom to top - along the growth of eyelashes. If you want to get volume, it is best to start with the roots. By the way, experts advise initially to dye the lower hairs. So you can make make-up more accurately.

Do not allow air to enter the bottle. Carefully insert the brush and remove it from the bottle. Remember that rinsing off makeup is also careful - and at the same time thoroughly. Every time you need to completely remove traces of cosmetics, so that then the mascara lays down in an even layer.


Among the many positive reviews, we can distinguish those that speak about the unsurpassed quality of the product. Women claim that the famous Chanel brand meets their expectations. All products are of high quality, create the desired effect. Girls who dream of thick and long eyelashes can translate their desires into reality. Appropriate mascara will quickly and easily solve this problem.

A pleasant moment is a wide variety of cosmetic product models. This is noted by the fair sex. You can easily find the product that you like. You will be able to appreciate each model.

As for the price, not all cosmetics are of democratic value. However, products are quite affordable - it all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on beauty. Women also note the opportunity to purchase the product in any professional stores. At the same time, you should be extremely careful - you need to carefully inspect the goods.

Now you know the main features and benefits of Chanel Mascara. You can easily choose the option that suits you. It is worth taking the choice of a cosmetic product seriously, because it will help to emphasize your natural beauty.

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