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Stellary Mascara

Mascara is an integral part of a women's cosmetic bag, whatever the weather or mood. Eyelash products from the Swiss brand Stellary can definitely become your must-have gizmo, and for more than one season. We will talk about their extensive assortment, tricks of application and, of course, share practical tips.

About Brand

Mark Stellary appeared in our country relatively recently, but has already managed to win many regular customers and loyal fans among the female population of Russia thanks to the release of high-quality decorative cosmetics at affordable prices.

The brand was founded by professional makeup artists who worked with stars for many years and knowing the needs of fastidious celebrities, they decided to create and bring to the masses such decorative products that meet all professional characteristics.

And besides, it boasts an extensive assortment of colors, shades and textures and an affordable price.

The name "Stellary" translates to "Starry", and this means that any girl who purchases products from the brand can easily recreate the most coveted makeup from the carpet right at home. The brand founders finally made this stellar chic available. In addition to the release of decorative cosmetics, professional make-up artists of the brand share the secrets of beauty and tell a lot of tricks.

Stellary cosmetics mean high quality standards, safety, reliability, the use of advanced technologies, a variety of products, stylish design and decoration of every beauty product and reasonable prices.

Product range

Much of the choice of mascara is not an easy task, but a huge assortment of products from the brand, regularly updated collections and the appearance of new products will please absolutely all capricious ladies. Basically, all means solve several problems: length, volume and tightening. Single options are aimed only at one of these goals.

The first tool that I would like to talk about is "Wild Volume". This special mascara in a stylish bottle will allow you to get the most effective volume without extra effort. An ideally created thin brush will help to color and separate each cilium in a matter of seconds, and easily fill the cilia with volume and density. Available in shade 01 Black.

If you are looking for volume and elongation, then "Ultra Long Black Mascara" will be a great solution. This mascara has a special brush that perfectly stains even small cilia in the inner and outer corners of the eyes, making them voluminous, fluffy and as long as possible.

Ink "Glam Volume" not only helps to create an unsurpassed volume, but also gives the cilia a seductive curl. So if you decide to get a hypnotic look without resorting to magic, then boldly choose this mascara for the most charming look. It has a curved brush that uniformly stains cilia from root to tip.

"Rich Volume" in a black shade will help to create a dazzling look, maximum volume and separation. This product has a very thick brush, which can easily create a rich volume in a matter of sweeps.

Ink "Deep Black Drama" help fix the elegant curvature of the cilia, fill them with maximum volume and a charcoal-black hue. The brush of this mascara will be convenient even for those who do not like to color the cilia for a long time, since it is made in the shape of a feather. A pleasant creamy texture is absolutely not felt in the eyes and does not make them heavier.

For maximum curl, boldly choose this mascara, and it will definitely not let you down.

Star mascara "Black Star 3 in 1" lengthens, divides and curls even the smallest cilia. A very convenient brush allows you to evenly color the cilia in just one touch. In addition, this product is also especially its packaging, which is designed to protect the product from premature drying, heating and cooling in cold weather.

This mascara will please you for a long time.

Ink "Angel Look" for the most delicate and angelic look with perfect curling of cilia and luxurious volume. This tool has a nylon brush that stains absolutely all the cilia. Also, this mascara is very pigmented and allows you to get a rich black tint.

If you are a lover of false eyelashes, but do not like to glue them, be sure to pay attention to the mascara with the effect of false eyelashes "Lash Award", which will create a chic panoramic volume, precise separation and density. The composition of this carcass is enriched with gel and wax, which seem to envelop each eyelash to achieve the best result.

And finally, mascara "Skyscraper" for perfect lengthening and twisting will become your number one assistant. Her convenient brush easily paints over all the cilia at one touch, in addition, the mascara is very resistant, which means that it will not crumble and will not leak even in a few hours.

Expert Advice

If you are the owner of straight hairs, it is better to twist them first using special tweezers, so it will be easier for you to get the desired bend and volume. To get the effect of puppet or false cilia, apply at least two layers of mascara, while carefully staining the cilia. You can use an additional brush for combing.

If you have very long cilia, then mostly choose mascaras to create additional volume.

Many makeup artists recommend applying mascara in zigzag movements, that’s how you can easily get the desired result.

Also do not forget to color the cilia in the corners of the eyes. If you have mascara with a very thick brush, then try changing the staining angle and applying the tip with upward movements.


Each girl is individual, as well as her needs and desires to get a certain result from a cosmetic product. About the same tool you can find absolutely conflicting reviews, because there is no such tool in the world that will equally suit everyone right away. You can hear and read a lot of positive reviews about carcasses from the brand, but there are also controversial issues. Many ladies agree that Stellary eye products:

  • Very effective and convenient to use, even if you are in a hurry somewhere.
  • Lengthen even the shortest cilia, as well as stain them well in the corners of the eyes.
  • Meet almost all promises made by the manufacturer about luxurious volume and length.
  • They have an acceptable price and are easily removed from the eyes.
  • Very persistent and pigmented, do not leave lumps.
  • Do not crumble and do not flow even after a long time.
  • Available in beautiful packaging and have no intrusive odor.

By the minus, many women attribute the fact that the carcass dries out pretty quickly, but perhaps this is due to their improper storage. Many ladies complain that the brush is gaining too much mascara, and this is largely inconvenient when applied, although the consistency is very good and evenly distributed on the cilia. Also some of the minuses include the lack of a waterproof option and a variety of colors.

See Stellary’s review of mascara in the next video.

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