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Liquid eyeliner

Expressive, deep, insightful, bewitching ... It is this view that every woman or girl dreams of. To achieve this effect, it may take a long and painstaking work of a professional makeup artist. But the main secret is hidden, first of all, in a competent and accurate eye-closing - an art that each of the fair sex can master.

In order for the result to be truly impressive, you need not only skill, but also the right means for eyeliner. Increasingly, it’s the liquid versions of such cosmetics that are gaining popularity.


Liquid eyeliner, as a rule, is supplied in a jar and with a brush, which is either built into the inside of the cap or attached separately. Some options for such eyeliner are very easy to confuse with mascara, as the jar may look like a slightly elongated bottle or even be externally stylized as a pen or felt-tip pen.

However, the difference from the usual dry eyeliner is not in appearance, but in efficiency and application features. It is worth mentioning right away that not every woman manages to make up her eyes with such a means the first time. Liquid eyeliner is hard to recommend for beginners, as it requires some skill. Using the same pencil or a special felt-tip pen it is much easier to draw a straight line and control pressure than with brushes.

On the other hand, learning to use such a tool with a great desire is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to make a little effort and patience to properly paint your eyes with liquid eyeliner, and you will immediately appreciate the mass of its advantages:

  • The colors are much richer and brighter.. Due to its liquid form, the product contains much more coloring pigments and is easier to fix on thin skin of the eyelids. In addition, you will have much more choice in terms of colors and shades. Such tools are rightfully considered professional, as they open up great scope for creating makeup;
  • Makeup is more sustainable.. Many eyeliners may contain liquid silicone or any other fixing components that make the eyeliner more resistant to moisture;
  • Colors are easier to combine. There are opportunities for bold experiments in your style;
  • You can achieve more accurate and accurate eyeliner. When using pencils, you can be very limited in their softness and the thickness of the stylus, but the brushes allow you to form any smear or line you need.
  • The cost of liquid eyeliner is pretty nice for a wallet. In addition, it is much more affordable than a newfangled gel pencil.

Of course, there were some shortcomings. As mentioned earlier, liquid eyeliner - this is not the best choice for girls who are going to paint their eyelids for the first time on their own. Everything is achieved through training and practice, but it will be better to start trying your hand with a pencil or felt-tip pen to understand the general principle of drawing arrows.

Also, you should always pay attention to the quality of the liquid product. The fact is that preference should be given to those options that have components that fix and protect makeup. Otherwise, all your beauty can simply “leak”. One of the main disadvantages of this eyeliner is the risk that the chemical may blur in the rain and get into the eyes, causing irritation or even serious damage to the cornea. For this reason, you should choose the most water-resistant options and apply eyeliner very carefully. Pay attention to the expiration date.

Again, unlike dry pencils, the liquid in the jar can become thicker, and thus unsuitable for use. Of course, there are dilution methods, but the coloring components can deteriorate irrevocably.

This will primarily affect the quality of makeup, as it can become faded, poorly fixed and deteriorate quickly.

How to choose?

Of course, the first thing any woman pays attention to when choosing cosmetics for makeup is color. If you are not sure exactly what style you are going to adhere to, then first of all, consider the classic options. These include black, gray or brown eyeliner. The first two can be well combined with each other, since the black eyeliner of the upper eyelid and the lighter of the lower eyelid may become the simplest and most successful solution.

In addition to shades, you should pay attention to other qualities of the product:

  • One of the main criteria of any eyeliner is durability. A good remedy does not disappear a couple of hours after application, and this is especially the case with dry eyeliners. Testing your favorite option is quite simple: apply a few strokes to the skin of your wrists or hands, and then wait about an hour and examine them. A good eyeliner does not lose color and saturation even after a long time;
  • Also during testing, pay attention to the ease of application.. In order to be able to achieve accuracy and accuracy in makeup, your product should lie down freely and continuously, without forming spots and lumps;
  • Carefully study the composition. Any color eyeliner will contain a water or silicone base, as well as a mass of dyes. This is far from an indicator of quality. Good products of this kind should also include natural oils, vitamins or minerals that strengthen the thin skin of the eyelids and prevent the irritating effect of chemical components;
  • Be sure to study the brush in the kit and try it in action. Drawing certain lines or drawing arrows is quite difficult if the brush is uncomfortable or too thick;
  • Also pay attention to additional eyeliner properties.. Very often on the shelves come across purely decorative options, for example, it can be a metallic effect or eyeliner with sparkles. They are not suitable for everyday or business style, but a brilliant option may be an unusual solution for any party or celebration.

How to do it yourself?

Another feature of this tool is the ability to manufacture at home. This is nothing complicated. There are many different recommendations and recipes, but in order to get a reliable eyeliner, you can use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Take two teaspoons of coconut oil and melt in a slow water bath until liquid;
  • Powder two tablets of activated carbon. This will be a coloring component if you want to get a black eyeliner. For a brown remedy, take half a teaspoon of cocoa powder;
  • Mix the finished coloring element with four teaspoons of pure aloe vera gel;
  • The mixture is slowly introduced into melted coconut oil and mixed until a homogeneous consistency. Cool;
  • The eyeliner is ready. It should be stored in a dark place in a hermetically sealed jar or vial so that it does not thicken or dry.

How to use?

As mentioned above, liquid eyeliners - This is not the best choice for beginners. Nevertheless, any woman can learn how to correctly and beautifully apply arrows. Just a little patience and effort is enough. Just adopt some recommendations:

  • Before painting your eyes, look at yourself in the mirror and visually imagine what the arrows should be in length and width;
  • Squint your eyes slightly, and then point the brush to the point where it should end. Do this procedure right in front of both eyes so that everything is symmetrical;
  • Connect the resulting point with the beginning of the row of your cilia;
  • A thin and even line should be drawn to the middle of the eye. You can add volume at any time;
  • If you know how to use a brush well, you can try a simple and quick option for applying eyeliner: a thin, gradually expanding line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye;
  • If, by design, an arrow is to be withdrawn, then you can lengthen its tail with the thinnest brush of all that you have. Apply a thickening from the bottom up;
  • The lower eyelid is better to bring softer and calmer tones.

How to dilute?

Quite often there is the question of what to do if the eyeliner has dried or thickened. Do not rush to buy a new one, because you can "revive" an existing tool:

  • Add a little ordinary clean water to the bottle;
  • Dilute with a small portion of makeup remover;
  • You can also dilute the eyeliner using a solution for storing contact lenses;
  • Also try holding a tightly closed jar or bottle in hot water.


Liquid eyeliners are becoming increasingly popular as professional makeup tools. They compare favorably with dry ones in a wider range of shades, color saturation, stability and a variety of additional decorative effects.

It is difficult to say which of the brands presented on the shelves producing such cosmetics is the best. To date, the leading brands are headed by such series of liquid eyeliners as "Joli Couleurs" from Vivienne sabo, "Super Fine Eyeliner Pen" from Essence, "Liquid Liner Waterproof" from Catrice, "Liquid Eyeliner" from "Gourmandiz", "Glam'Eyes" from Rimmel

Reviews about this product are usually positive. The main argument in favor of their acquisition is the perfect combination of quality, bright and saturated colors and affordable price.

See below for more information on liquid eyeliner.

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