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Eyebrow Shadow Divage

Well-groomed natural eyebrows are the dream of any girl who follows world fashion trends. For several seasons, make-up artists of all fashion houses have been emphasizing makeup on eyebrows that are wide and thick. Caring for this part of the face is quite laborious and complicated, and the result does not always meet expectations. But manufacturers of decorative cosmetics did not leave the girls face to face with this problem. Now in stores there are many tools and accessories designed to help create perfect and luxurious eyebrows at home.

Cosmetics from an international brand

Mark Divage has been working in the market of decorative cosmetics for 18 years. This international brand approached its "coming of age" with decent performance. Caring for its beauty Divage is trusted by millions of women from Russia and Europe. Therefore, when searching for the perfect eyebrow shadow, you can safely give your preference to this cosmetic product. To create the perfect eye makeup, the company offers its customers not only shadows, but also pencils, mascara, mousses and whole special sets.

The products of this company are designed to help women create a stylish, energetic, creative, relevant fashionable image while preserving their naturalness and personality. The brand’s cosmetics are in no way inferior to luxury brands, but at the same time its price is much lower. Divage eyebrow shadows allow you to experiment and look for new facets of your beauty. After all, no bright makeup is complete without clearly defined and perfectly designed eyebrow arches.


Shades in the line of tools Divage allow you to draw beautiful brows and brunettes, and blondes, and brown-haired, and red. Universal shadows “Velvet” have a soft soft texture and resemble velvet. Hence the name of the product. This velvet texture makes it easy to apply and blend the product. The result is a perfectly even makeup, and the eyebrows acquire an attractive density.

The jar contains 3 grams of product. This volume is enough for a long time, because the shadows have a dense texture and are used very sparingly. Their formula resembles powder, due to which the color does not crumble, does not roll and keeps on the face throughout the day. The range includes three shades that will help you easily create thick eyebrows in perfect shape.

To do this, a small amount of the product must be picked up with a beveled brush and applied to clean eyebrows with strokes, starting from the base and moving all the way in the direction of hair growth.

Blondes and light brown are suitable for an ash gray shade or beige. Brunettes and brown-haired women will come to the aid of brown color.

Palette for all occasions

Use company products Divage lEasy and simple, because the manufacturers took care of the comfort of their customers and combined several shades into one product. "Eyebrow Styling Kit" is a kit designed for modeling and correcting eyebrows. With it, you can quickly and effortlessly realize the main trend in make up - perfectly thick, but natural eyebrows. Compact dry matte shadows will become the main palette when drawing wide eyebrows. The palette is multifunctional and very convenient to use, while it is quite cheap, so it does not require large expenses.

The kit has a professional beveled brush that allows you to draw a clear outline. A comb on the other side of the brush will allow you to smoothly blend and give a well-groomed and finished look to the image. Palette "Eyebrow Styling Kit" It is presented in two natural variations. A light brown and brown set is suitable for owners of golden hair. Brown and taupe set will be the perfect assistant for girls with dark curls.

To get a perfect look, with a beveled brush you need to mix both shades to get a suitable color. With precise and small movements, the shadows are applied to the eyebrows as the hair grows. Then, with a brush, all this is shaded so that the makeup looks natural and there are no sharp transitions.

To make the line look thinner and neater, you need to apply a lighter shade under the eyebrows. For a more defined and clear result, you can additionally use wax.

Makeup artist secrets

Eyebrow shadow Divage can be used both for dry shading and for wet. Using this product, it is possible to make mold modeling at home. To do this, use a brush moistened with water. She applied shadows and shaded. If you do not need to adjust the shape, then use a dry applicator.


The Italian brand of decorative cosmetics has long established itself on the positive side and is trusted by customers around the world. The eyebrow shadow of this company is an indispensable tool when you need to add volume and density. Women note that the palette "Eyebrow Styling Kit" it’s very convenient to take and use it, because inside there are two shades at once that you can mix, as well as a beveled brush, a comb and a mirror.

Another noticeable plus is the ability of the shadows to stay on the face for a long time, without slipping and not crumbling. Clearly, vividly, but at the same time, the shades presented in the palette look absolutely natural.

Women in their reviews have repeatedly noted that these shadows very easily fit and shade. This allows you to make perfect makeup even on the run. And those who previously used only pencils can no longer imagine their life without eyebrow shadows.

This video provides feedback on the shadow of “Velvet”.



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