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Which baby soap is better for newborns?

Already in the last weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother thinks about a shopping list for the newborn. Of course, first of all, a crib, a stroller, a changing table, clothes and other items are chosen to provide mom and baby with comfort and convenience. But few people think that in addition to nipples, bottles and diapers, you also need to carefully choose children's cosmetics. Good creams, oils and bath products should be one of the first places on the list of every expectant mother.

Soap should be selected with special attention, because children's skin is significantly different from adult in many ways, so parents need to think about purchasing high-quality cosmetics for their baby in a timely manner.

In this article we will analyze the optimal composition of baby soap, help determine the selection criteria and consider the best products for the child.

Features of the delicate skin of the newborn

There is an opinion that most new-fangled products, such as baby shampoos, shower gels, detergents, conditioners and many other products marked "intended for children" are made for the purpose of making money. Until now, many are confident that children's products are no different in composition from adults. But this is completely wrong. Children's products undergo more rigorous quality control than adults and have a special composition without sulfates and parabens, which does not harm delicate skin.

Some doctors do not recommend the use of any means during the first week after birth, since the baby’s skin is still very sensitive and thin, so you should wash it in ordinary or preferably boiled water. And after that you can already use soap. The child’s face is wiped with cotton pads dipped in cool boiled water.

So, we will consider the reasons for which it is nevertheless necessary to give preference to children's means for caring for newborns.

First of all, one should take into account the fact that the skin of children is incredibly thin and very sensitive to all external factors. Accordingly, such a skin requires particularly gentle and soft care.

Another feature of children's skin is the unregulated work of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which are responsible for creating an invisible protective film on top of the baby's epidermis and guarantee its safety. In addition to the fact that this layer is very thin, it is also quite easily washed off if you use coarse soap, as a result of which the skin becomes vulnerable. Children's products not only gently wash the skin, but also do not harm the work of the glands and do not wash off the protective film, carefully taking care of the baby.

Since the epidermis of the newborn actively promotes gas exchange, it needs a good, but at the same time gentle cleaning, so as not to block the process in some areas and not to worsen the condition of the child.

Baby products are designed taking into account all the features of the skin of newborns, they gently cleanse and do not dehydrate the epidermis, providing an optimal level of hydration and without washing off the protective layer.

It is important for each parent to know that in no case should a child wash or wash their clothes with household soap. Despite the fact that it has excellent cleansing properties, this soap has a high alkali content in the composition and can greatly dry out the skin of the baby, which can cause irritation, itching and allergies. Therefore, this is far from the best soap for newborns.


Manufacturers provide several types of detergents for children, each of which has its own advantages.

The most common type of baby soap is liquid. Its composition is as safe as possible, therefore, well suited for newborns. You can use it every day, it does not harm the delicate skin of the baby. Liquid soap, it is a shower gel does not dry the skin and does not cause itching or an allergic reaction and acts very gently.

The advantage of this type of product is also that they, as a rule, have very convenient bottles with a dispenser that provide optimal dosage and do not require additional help if you have a child in one hand and you wash it with the other.

The next most popular is cream soap, which contains components such as lanolin and glycerin. These ingredients help moisturize, soften the skin and relieve inflammation. These products are also great for daily use.

But some of them contain fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction, so before buying, you should carefully study the composition of such funds.

Standard solid soap Once upon a time it was the only means for bathing not only adults, but also children, but with the advent of more sparing products it was pushed into the background. It perfectly cleanses the skin, creates a good protective layer, but due to the fact that the epidermis is very dry, it can be used only once a week and only after the child reaches one month. It should be noted that such a product is ideal for washing hands after a walk or before eating.

Also, solid soap will be an ideal product for washing children's clothes, its composition is more gentle and suitable for children's skin than washing powders, even for children.

Another subtype of these products is soap with a variety of additional ingredients in the form of chamomile, aloe, fir, sage and other extracts that have their own properties. Such products soothe, relieve itching, reduce diaper rash and generally act favorably on the skin. But if the baby has too sensitive skin, you should still abandon such soap so as not to cause irritation once again.

In general, it is advisable to use this type after the baby reaches two or even three months.

How to choose

Before acquiring a particular type of soap, you should pay attention to certain details that will help you choose the best and most suitable remedy for you, because each child is individual. First of all, the packaging should have an inscription indicating that this product is intended specifically for children. Even products for sensitive skin, but intended for adults, can harm the baby, so you only need to purchase goods that are adapted for the skin of newborns.

Read the product packaging carefully. On each tool, the age of the child from which it can be used, the expiration date, and also the composition must be indicated. Try to buy soap marked "hypoallergenic" or "GA". Such a product will definitely not cause skin irritation. Perhaps on the bottle there will be a note on the environmental cleanliness of the product. Such markings are issued only in the case of a truly pure composition without silicones, parabens or dyes. As a rule, these are the following labels: “Ecocert”, “Icea”, “Natrue” and “Cosmos Organic”, “BDIH”.

It is desirable that the liquid soap be completely transparent, since too saturated or thick composition can indicate the presence of a large number of fragrances or dyes. Also pay attention to the smell - it should not be too harsh or intrusive.

Components such as glycine, lanolin and vegetable oil are considered safe, so do not worry if they are part of the soap. Additional ingredients in the form of plant extracts should be selected depending on the skin of the child.

For example, soap with chamomile or celandine is suitable for very sensitive skin, prone to diaper rash. This product will moisturize the skin and maintain a protective layer, as well as soften it. Sage, eucalyptus and calendula extracts are good for relieving irritation or inflammation.

Avocado extract does an excellent job of peeling, and plantain has a little scratch. Lavender or fir oil helps to relax and provide the baby with a peaceful night's sleep. Honey tones the skin well.

It is not necessary to buy soap in the store, you can make it at home yourself. A handmade natural product is always higher in quality than a factory one.

For swimming

For bathing a child, it is better to buy liquid or cream soap. Both that and another remedy have a gentle composition, which will favorably act on the skin even with daily use.

Great soap for bathing will be liquid soaps of such domestic brands as "Spring" or "Eared Nannies". They have a wide range of child care products. As a rule, all products of these companies are hypoallergenic and suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Among European brands leading Weleda. The products of this brand are of high quality and completely natural and safe composition, suitable for children from the very first weeks.

Another Russian brand is Little siberica - This is one of the few labels that have a European certificate of quality. All cosmetics company is absolutely safe and has a natural composition. Bunchen, Sanosan and Johnson's baby They also produce wonderful hypoallergenic products that can be used from the first days of the baby.

For washing things

For washing children's clothes and linen, it is better to choose a solid soap. It perfectly cleans stains from tissues and disinfects them. Soap is much better for washing newborns than baby powders. Excellent soaps at affordable prices and with good composition produce democratic Russian brands "Spring" and "Eared Nannies".

For washing

Some children, especially those whose skin is prone to redness, need to be washed more often than usual. To do this, it is recommended to use a cream soap, since it has a milder composition that does not injure the skin and not only cleans it, but also moisturizes. Great Cream Soaps Launch Johnson's baby, Sanosan and Bubchen. These products gently take care of the baby’s skin and prevent diaper rash.


A huge number of reviews of baby soap makes it easier for many mothers to decide on the choice of a particular remedy. Many bloggers compile their ratings of children's products, which fully describe one or another composition, its advantages over others and features.

The best baby soap unconditionally produced by Weleda. His products are completely natural, have a good composition, but, unfortunately, have a high price, which is not available to everyone. After Weleda, as a rule, in the popular ranking follow Bubchen, Sanosan, "LV" and other manufacturers. Russian brands are not inferior to foreign manufacturers, while they are much cheaper. "Eared Nanny" and "Spring" They are also among the leaders of many ratings, but, unfortunately, the natural composition of some of the funds of these companies is often not always noted.

What soap to choose for a newborn, an overview of the different brands - in the next video.

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