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Hairspray L'Oreal

Hairspray should give confidence that your hairstyle will be perfect throughout the day, even despite the vagaries of nature. In the domestic market of styling products presented a huge selection of this product of different brands. Let’s try to figure out how good L'Oreal hairspray is and what reviews have already been tried on this product.

About Brand

L'Oreal is one of the most famous brands in the world. Her story began more than a hundred years ago with the release of hair colors.

The brand currently has a wide product line. Perhaps, the modern cosmetic industry does not know this type of beauty products that would not be released under this brand. Here, and decorative cosmetics, and skin and hair care products, all kinds of hair dyes, as well as styling products, including hair sprays.

Every year, the company invests enormously in research and the application of innovative technologies in its products. In addition, all products are of high quality and meet all international standards.


L'Oreal hairspray has several advantages.

  • The product contains glycerin, panthenol, amino acids and vitamins. They moisturize your curls, have an antioxidant effect, protect against damage.
  • The alcohol content in this product is minimal, which gently affects the hair, does not overdry it too much.
  • The fragrance of L'Oreal hairspray is minimal and quickly weathered. It will not affect the smell of your perfume.
  • A different degree of fixation will help you choose a product for your hair type and hairstyle features.


L'Oreal hairspray has two product lines - a professional one, which was created for use in beauty salons and hairdressers and for everyday use. Also, all products have a gradation in degree of fixation.

The most popular are varnishes of strong and medium binding. If you need to fix each strand, then a strong fix is ​​suitable. If you need to create a creative hairstyle for a theme party or your curls are heavy and poorly kept in shape, then you are better off using a super strong fixation varnish.

If your strands are short, thin and not too thick, then you can use a product with weak fixing properties.

In addition, there are tools for flexible fixation, which are ideal for creating hairstyles with curls.

A fastening product will be necessary to create smooth hairstyles, as well as back combing.

There is also a product for creating volume on curls. It will help not only to fix the strands, but also lift them from the roots.

Major Series

In the line of professional varnishes, there are a number of tools that are the most popular.

"Professional Elnett Laque". This is an excellent preparation for fixing almost any hairstyle. This product is designed to give root volume to strands. It gives an excellent result on thin hair, does not weigh down curls, at the same time it perfectly fixes them. Fixing the varnish "Professional Elnett Laque" will last all day, you will be sure of the quality of your hairstyle.

In addition, the product will give a healthy shine to your hair. The cost of the product is about 1200 rubles per 500 ml.

"Infinium". Fine spray with fine dispersion. It instantly fixes the hairstyle, creating ultra-strong fixing and shine. At the same time, the curls are not glued and mobile.

A very pleasant fragrance will not annoy you, it disappears quite quickly. The cost of the product is 1000 rubles per 350 ml.

"Tecni Art". The main advantage of this product is its impeccable work in conditions of high humidity. This is an ideal tool for curls that tend to curl in rainy weather. Fixation lasts about 12 hours without creating bonding and a helmet feel on the head.

Gives hair a unique shine. The cost of the goods is about 1150 rubles per 400 ml.

Among hair sprays for home use, the series is very popular. "Studio". These products have a "shape memory". That is, when putting on a sweater or gusts of wind, your hairstyle will take its original shape. The formula of products does not stick hair, does not make it heavier, guarantees resistance to 24 hours.

The hairstyle is in perfect condition all day, curls have a healthy shine. The cost of the product is about 350 rubles per 250 ml.

How to use

Most often, hair spray, including L'Oreal products, is applied at the end to the finished hairstyle. To do this, spray it, holding the bottle at a distance of about 35 centimeters from the head.

To fix a single strand, it is necessary to apply varnish in the immediate vicinity of it. But here the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can give the hair unnecessary stickiness.

If only one curl is pulled out of your hairstyle, then you do not need to spray the product all over your head, just apply varnish to your fingers and carefully tuck the strand into place.

Like any remedy, L'Oreal hairspray can cause individual intolerance to the product. Therefore, if you have started itching or irritation of the mucosa when using this tool, it is worth stopping its use.

You should not use this product after the expiration date. It can not only not have an effective effect, but also spoil your hair style.


Reviews about L'Oreal hairspray are mostly good, as, in principle, about all the products of this brand. Whatever series you choose, with the right selection of funds, it will help your hair style withstand any effects on it, whether it be wind or rain, and at the same time it will help to maintain the health of curls by nourishing them with vitamins and amino acids.

Although some reviews refer to the settling of the product with white cereal on strands. Most likely, this is due to improper storage of the product during transportation or with the expiration of its shelf life.

Feedback on hairspray from L'oreal See in the next video.


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