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Gel polish lamp

Girls know how important it is to have beautiful and well-groomed pens. Successful manicure plays a very important role in this. Gel polish is very popular. Some girls turn to specialists, others learn to do it themselves. The right choice of device is very important for creating a beautiful and high-quality manicure with gel polish. Inexperienced nail service masters often have difficulty in choosing and acquiring similar equipment. The lamp for drying gel polish has several important characteristics and features, so to make the right choice, it is worth understanding them.


There are devices that do not dry gel varnishes of some manufacturers, others cope with this task perfectly. Moreover, different instruments require different times to complete this task. All this is due to the characteristics of the units.

The device with LED radiation has small dimensions and weight, it lasts quite a long time, LEDs are not afraid of light shocks.

Not all gel varnishes freeze under the influence of light from this device. Gel polishes of some manufacturers do not cure at all or this process becomes very long. This is due to the fact that the LEDs emit ultraviolet light in a narrow range.

Absolutely all gel varnishes freeze under the rays of UV-lamps, but the drying time is longer than that of the previous sample. This is due to the fact that ultraviolet radiation is emitted in a wider range. The disadvantages include the fact that the lamps often require replacement. This entails additional costs for consumables.

A video comparison of the three paws for gel polish is in the next video.


Gel polish baking devices can be classified according to many criteria, the most important are the device format, types of lamps, power.


This product appeared not so long ago and became famous for its speed. 10-30 seconds are enough for the polymerization of materials. In this device, gel varnishes of some companies and shellac are dried. The speed of work affects the overall duration of the manicure, and this is an indisputable plus. Most models are quite large, powerful, and expensive. Some LED lamps have sensitive sensors - the glow turns on automatically when you put your hand inside.

More recently, 6-watt mini options have begun to appear.

The price of such a device is much lower than that of a full-size one. The unit is convenient to transport. Manufacturers recommend it for vacation trips or for craftsmen who travel home to a client. Pay attention to the options for one finger or travel flashlights.

LED lamps can work for about 100,000 hours. It will take about 10-30 seconds to dry the materials, provided that the gel polish is suitable for drying in this type of device. The whole process of coating the nails with gel polish will take about 20 minutes. LEDs do not lose power during operation, failure of one diode does not significantly affect the lamp performance.


Such devices appeared first, therefore, they are most popular among masters. A lot of design solutions and a wide price range ensures that everyone can choose the device to taste and afford. Devices can have a power of 9W, 18W, 36W, 54W. This parameter varies from the number of lamps in the device, each of them has a power of 9 watts.

Devices may have a timer. In cheap, the time is determined by 2 minutes or turned off manually. The more expensive ones have timers in increments of 1 minute or 30 seconds. UV lamp can have different sizes. There are mini options or travel lamps, also devices are made to simultaneously dry both hands.

Speaking about the shortcomings, it should be mentioned that ultraviolet radiation slightly dries the skin and negatively affects the organs of vision.

Such consequences can be avoided by observing operating precautions. The UV-device also has such a drawback - the bulbs burn out during intensive use, which entails additional costs for the master.

Replacement will be required after 5000-10000 hours. The exact period depends on the operating conditions and voltage stability. It takes about 2 minutes to dry the gel polish, and at least 3 minutes will be required for the top layer (top coat). There are also CCFL devices that combine the previous types of lamps and the cold cathode.

CCFL lamp

Such devices combine fluorescent lamps with a cold cathode. In the nail service, the use of such devices is a novelty. Devices are more durable, because radiation occurs as a result of the glow of gases in the tubes. The unit is able to work about 80,000 without replacing the lamps. CCFL-drying practically does not generate heat during operation.

CCFL & LED - hybrids that combine LED and fluorescent radiation. Such devices dry absolutely all materials within 30-60 seconds.

What principle to choose

For working with gel polishes, power and type of lamps matter. Size and shape only affect work comfort. The most universal option can be considered a device that is designed to dry your fingers on one hand at the same time.

Such models are equally comfortable for both home and salon use. The largest UV devices of this type weigh about 2 kg. If you work at home with clients, it is better to get a portable mini-lamp with LEDs. Such a device has a lower weight and small dimensions.

Be sure to pay attention to the lower and upper part of the drying structure.

Many units have a retractable bottom or no bottom at all (in the form of a horseshoe). For masters, this is very important. The ability to disinfect the bottom increases the level of cleanliness and safety. UV, CCFL and hybrid hinged lids will be convenient to use. Moreover, the collapsible design will please you when replacing lamps.

For commercial use, a hybrid dryer with a total power of 36 W (12 W CCFL + 24 W LED), with a hinged lid and a retractable tray, a timer and a switch-on sensor is perfect. Such a device is suitable for drying gel polish, shellac, gel. You can perform nail extension and manicure of any complexity. If you just started to learn the profession of a nail master, then you should get not only a stationary hybrid dryer, but also a portable LED device. For beginners, a device with a 6-watt UV glow will be enough.

In order not to regret the purchase, choose a lamp exclusively according to your needs. When choosing a lamp, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The size.

The device for one hand is suitable for any type of manicure, it is universal. Two-hand drying is suitable for commercial use in salons. It can also be convenient for craftsmen who work at home. One-finger lamps - travel option or for personal use. It will not be convenient to do a manicure, but it is very convenient to fix or update the cover on vacation.

  • Type of.

Ultraviolet lamps are quite suitable for home use and for small salons. LED light sources need to be replaced less often, but such an acquisition limits the choice of materials. The versatility of hybrid lamps is attractive, but their cost is much higher than previous options.

  • Manufacturer.

If the quality of the lamp is important to you, then give preference to European or American manufacturers. Asian lamps will be more budgetary, but there is a high risk of a malfunction.

  • Additional functions.

Decide on your needs and choose the lamp with the right number of functions. Do not overpay for what you will not use.

  • Body material.

Metal cases are more reliable and durable, but their cost is much higher than plastic. The latter will also serve you for a long time, but require more careful use.

  • Power.

The lamp cost depends on this criterion. A more powerful unit will significantly reduce the time spent on manicure.

How to use

Drying the materials in the device is the key to high-quality manicure. The time interval for hardening depends on the type and power of the lamps, as well as on the material used. The basic principles for using devices are very simple. Read the instructions for the device to learn about its specific features. UV and CCFL lamps dry materials in 2-3 minutes, and LED and hybrid devices in 30-60 seconds. If you hold the material for less time, then the manicure will quickly peel off the nail.

For safe use, follow the rules:

  • Do not look at the radiation for a long time. This can cause visual damage.
  • UV lamp life - about 5 years. You should not use them after the expiration of this period. Gel polish under such a glow will not dry, but curl.
  • Remember that parts cannot be simply thrown away, they require special disposal.

Is it harmful

Some women deny themselves a manicure with gel polish because of concerns about their health. The rejection of a durable and high-quality manicure is due to the fact that some doctors insist on the dangers of ultraviolet lamps. Girls are frightened by the fact that the radiation from the devices for drying the gel polish can provoke the development of cancerous skin cells in the hands.

The basis for such statements were two cases in which women found such an incurable disease after the systematic use of lamps for drying. Scientists decided to conduct many tests and refuted these hypotheses. During the tests, it was found that a daily ten-minute exposure to ultraviolet lamps for 25 years gives a low probability of developing cancer cells.

For drying the gel polish is enough 3 minutes, in return you get a reliable coating for 2-3 weeks.

It is worth noting that doctors have long been using ultraviolet radiation as part of the complex treatment of many diseases. However, doctors did not record a connection between the use of UV lamps and the development of cancer.

It is worth noting that with every contact with the sun's rays, the skin is also saturated with ultraviolet light. In moderate amounts, such radiation is not only useful, but also necessary for the body. But an excess of ultraviolet radiation can lead to burns and even mutations, but not one UV lamp can not lead to such consequences. Lamp manufacturers set a specific power and skin exposure time for your safety.

If you are still afraid of doing a manicure at the master, then take some safety measures. Check with the master about the equipment manufacturer, the number of lamps used and the time the UV exposure would affect the skin during the procedure. You should also clarify how much time these lamps are used to ensure that the recommended life has not passed.

In order to protect and reassure yourself even more - consult your doctor.

A dermatologist or oncologist will help you with this issue. They can establish the tendency of your skin to form cancerous tumors. For this, certain tests are carried out, the results of which you will know after 7-10 days. You should also resort to such counseling if you have many moles on your hands.

Thus, it becomes clear that the correct use of lamps during the manicure procedure is safe. As for LED lamps, their safety is not at all in doubt.


According to consumer reviews, it was possible to make a rating of the most popular lamps.

CND UV Lamp 36W

Masters claim that this is the optimal high-class lamp for gel polishes. This model is perfect for commercial use. Girls say that the presence of 4 timers, a screen with a countdown for a period of time, a fan, a power indicator, a tray with sections for fingers makes the lamp more than comfortable to use.

The lamp copes with all types of gel materials. Optimal eye protection against ultraviolet radiation minimizes the risks of exposure to the organs of vision. The authoritative and serious appearance of the case attracts the attention of consumers. Fast drying speed reduces the overall procedure time.

Jessnail 36 W

The Russian manufacturer pleases its fans with versatility and affordable price. Such a device is preferred by novice masters and girls who do manicures at home. The craftswomen are pleased with the presence of three operating modes, the ability to turn on the lamp without a timer.

Some girls complain that timers for 2 and 3 minutes are not always convenient and there is not enough timer for 1 minute. These same girls notice that the affordable cost and high quality of the lamps smooth out this drawback. The lamp dries out absolutely all materials with sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

Opi led light

An excellent choice for commercial use, according to experts of the nail service. LEDs (6 W, 32 led-lamps) dry materials at an incredible speed, and a high-quality mirror coating ensures uniform baking. The lamp has a stylish housing; it does not have a pallet. The timer and touch sensor makes working with the lamp more comfortable.

Girls say that the metal case is reliable and not afraid of mechanical damage. Masters claim that the original design and structure of the body makes the lamp suitable and convenient not only for manicure, but also for pedicure.

LED + CCFL "Diamond"

The hybrid hybrid lamp pleases girls with its affordable price and high quality. The device dries gel varnishes, biogels, led materials. 12 LED bulbs and 1 spiral provide fast drying, most materials are baked in 30 seconds.

Girls say that the presence of 3 timers (10, 30, 60 sec.) Makes the work comfortable and fast. The removable bottom will delight you during the pedicure procedure. Attractive design with many colors makes it possible to choose a device for every taste. Owners notice that this is the best drying in its price segment. The miniature lamp housing makes it possible to transport it if necessary.

Runail 36 watt Ru 911

A good result and affordable cost of the device attracts both novice masters and professionals. The girls say that the dryer is suitable exclusively for stationary use, it is inconvenient to transport it. The timer in increments of 1 minute ensures comfortable use.

Classic appearance and minimalist design will fit into the interior of any salon. A retractable bottom provides comfort and hygiene of the device.

"Planet nails big heart"

One of the most inexpensive LED dryers does its job well. The dryer does not have a timer; it dries the materials in 30-90 seconds. Girls say that such a device is ideal for home use. The manufacturer claims that the device is capable of uninterrupted work for about 40,000 hours and most users confirm this data.

9W mini nail dryer led uv lamp

The compact baby pleases its owners with acceptable power and compactness. The device does not require complicated maintenance, has a timer and more than an acceptable price. This dryer is ideal for personal home use.It is convenient to take a lamp on a trip and many girls purchase it precisely for this purpose.

Stylish design with many colors makes girls happy. Girls warn that only 4 nails can be dried in the device at the same time, so it should be used according to the 4 + 4 + 2 principle.

36W Aliexpress

The cheapest option is a lamp from China. The case is not particularly durable, so the dryer is very sensitive to mechanical damage. Girls say that it is quite suitable for trial (first) attempts of independent work with gel polishes. The device does not have additional functions.

Girls note that you can close your eyes to many shortcomings, because the device has a low cost, but it dries gel materials well. Poor quality lamps are often bundled with the device, so the owners recommend immediately preparing for their replacement. The presence of a timer for 120 seconds in the machine makes it possible to navigate in time during operation.

Watch the video: Gel Nail Lamps: UV vs LED? (January 2020).


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