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Eva Mosaic Nail Polish

No wonder it is believed that a beautiful manicure and hairstyle can make every girl irresistible. Beautiful and neat nails are a visa to the world of success and beauty. It is rare to meet women who go out without quality makeup and manicure.. The woman’s hands are always in sight and their grooming can tell a lot about their owner. Well-groomed nails will never go unnoticed. They are in the center of attention and create an exceptionally positive impression of their owner.

In order to make a chic manicure, it is not at all necessary to rush to the salon, as you can take care of your nails right at home. In this case, it is important to select high-quality varnishes to create a beautiful manicure. An excellent option is the popular Russian brand Eva Mosaic. She gained her recognition among most women.

About Brand

Eva Mosaic is a popular company engaged in the production of varnish products and decorative cosmetics since the early 2000s. During this time, this cosmetic brand was able to establish itself exclusively on the positive side. Eva Mosaic always tries to stay on top of fashion trends.

The company follows its main rules of success. Products are made from high-quality raw materials at affordable prices, because, first of all, the company is focused on creating cosmetics that can be acquired by people with an average income.

Specialists of various profiles constantly work on the brand’s products. Their main task is to improve technology and improve the quality of manufactured goods. All cosmetics and varnish products undergo careful control at every stage of production.


Nail polish Eva Mosaic "Fashion Color" - A great solution for everyday life, and to create a sophisticated evening look. It must be in the collection of every lover of beautiful manicure. All shades look great on their own, and are also perfect as the basis for a manicure with stickers, glitters and rhinestones. Eva Mosaic also works well as a base for stamping.

The tight packaging of the small bottle prevents the product from thickening quickly. Lacquer of medium consistency, moderately viscous, which allows it not to spread on the fingers and cuticle of nails. It is easily distributed on the nail plate, dries quickly and has a comfortable brush. The first layer dries in just five minutes, but to get a rich shade it is better to use two layers. Unlike the first coating, the second layer dries longer - about 20-25 minutes. It is washed off by Eva Mosaic with a regular nail polish remover without any difficulty.

The Eva Mosaic color palette is represented by a large assortment. Beautiful varnishes of delicate classic shades will not disregard any representative of the fair sex. All colors can be combined with each other, and even their most daring and original combinations will look harmoniously on the nails.

Many shades of Eva Mosaic allow you to use the finish with a glossy sheen. Their coating looks quite dense when applied in two or three layers and gives a feeling of gel nails. This effect looks very beautiful, creating a perfectly smooth nail plate.

In the Eva Mosaic collection you can find burgundy, pink, green, blue, bright red, white shades. When coating nails in two layers of color, they become saturated without streaks and bald spots. Depending on the lighting, the varnish can change its color and playfully overflow. This applies to shades with the addition of sparkles and microparticles. To better fix the color, it is advisable to use the top top coating, which extends the durability of the manicure and gives it a chic glossy shine.

Advantages of Eva Mosaic varnishes:

  • Semicircular brush for easy application of varnish;
  • A wide range of shades;
  • Quick drying of varnish;
  • Durability;
  • Mirror shine;
  • High-quality color reproduction;
  • Low cost.

For girls who like to choose the color of nails to match the wardrobe and accessories, Eva Mosaic Fashion Color is perfect. A wide selection of colors will help to create various manicure options that do not have time to quickly get bored.

For those who care about the duration of wearing a manicure, it is better to choose gel polish. Its durability is increased several times in comparison with traditional nail polish.


Lacquers Eva Mosaic are very popular among customers. They note the excellent ratio of these products in terms of price and quality.

Many agree that all products are well applied and dry quickly enough. Their convenient brushes with a flat base allow you to paint over your nails without gaps, and the careful application of varnish makes the manicure beautiful without smeared edges on the fingers. Girls believe that Eva Mosaic varnish is better to be painted in two layers to avoid unpainted stripes and for full color reproduction.

A large selection of fashionable colors pleases with its variety. Indeed, in Eva Mosaic you can choose the shade that is most suitable for the wardrobe and the image as a whole. Lovers of nude shades will find a large number of interesting options for themselves, and stylish fashionistas will appreciate bright colors and varnishes with the addition of colorful sparkles.

In the video below you will learn about varnish budget finds.

Watch the video: Eva mosaic and Sally Hansen Nail polishСочные зеленые оттенки лаков (January 2020).


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