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Sugar manicure gel polish

A variety of varnishes today pleasantly pleases even the most demanding customers. You can find glossy, matte, neon and even "space" coatings. Therefore, to choose something that helps you express yourself will be very simple. One of the most interesting novelties that have appeared recently is sugar manicure with gel polish. Many manicure masters make it, because this trend has attracted girls and women of different ages. Let's figure out what its features are and how to repeat this salon product at home.


This manicure looks very unusual. Your nails seem to cover fine granulated sugar grains of the desired color. It looks interesting and very beautiful. Most often, this option is chosen by young girls. In this style, a similar decor of nails looks quite appropriate.

You will learn more about sugar manicure from the next video.

How to use

If you like this interesting idea and you want to make such a manicure, you do not need to contact the salon or the masters. It can be fully implemented on its own. Sugar gel polish can be bought at the cosmetic store or ordered online. The choice is quite large, so something you definitely like.

So that the varnish fits well on the nails and each nail as a result looks like a small colored sugar, the bottle must be gently shaken before applying the product. If this is not done, then the result will be far from what you wanted to see in the end. This applies to the coating, and the color itself.

There are peculiarities in the issue of application.

It is important to use the brush correctly without collecting too much product on it. Paint your nails with a thin layer. If necessary, after it has completely dried, repeat the procedure. But in no case do not try to apply more nail polish on the nail plate at a time - the very effect of granulated sugar on the nails will disappear.

If you do everything right, then the varnish will dry almost instantly. There will be no bald spots and transparent stripes. If you need a manicure to last longer, then on top of the nails you can also walk with a thin layer of fixative. It will also add a manicure of a flickering effect.

The other side of the issue is the removal of this magical product from the nail plate. Since in its texture it differs from simple varnishes, it needs to be removed in a special way. As practice shows, if you start to erase it with a cotton pad dipped in acetone, then small "grains of sand" will damage the nail plate. In addition, for a complete cleansing of the nails, you will need a lot of time.

Solving the problem of cleansing nails is quite simple.

Remove it as a classic gel polish, even if you painted your nails with a simple varnish. Moisten cotton pads in nail polish remover and attach them to the nails, covering with foil on top. In this form, an impromptu compress should be held on the nails for several minutes.

After this, the foil needs to be expanded, and the softened remnants of the varnish should be removed with a cotton pad. It will come off easily without damaging the structure of the nail. At the same time, neither color nor sparkles will remain on the skin. After removing the gel polish, it is advisable to moisten the hands with cream or oil so that the skin around the nails is not dry.

How to choose the right varnish

This so-called marmalade gel polish is present in many lines today. Therefore, you can buy almost any product and apply this cosmetic "marmalade" on the nails. But the best thing, of course, is to choose a proven and high-quality option. In this case, the design will turn out to be more beautiful, and the manicure itself will last longer.

Let's look at several options for sugar gel polish from different brands, analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

Jerden "Color Sugar"

This is the first varnish that comes to mind when trying to make a top of popular varnishes for sugar manicure. This series has a fairly rich color palette. You can find as many as fifteen shades that look very interesting and unusual. But the color palette is not the only advantage of varnishes from this brand.

The pluses of these products include the fact that they dry as quickly as possible. Yes, and the finished manicure lasts long enough. The resulting sugar marigolds will last for three to four days. But the term of wearing a manicure can well be extended. If the chip is small, then it can be corrected with varnish. It will not be very visible.

"Sahara Crystal" by Dance Legend

This series with a beautiful name belongs to the category of professional tools for creating sugar manicure. The color palette is also quite interesting. But there is a peculiarity. Varnishes from this brand on nails look a bit different than in the bottle. In addition, so that the varnish does not harm your nail plate, before applying it, you need to cover the nails with clear varnish or a quality base.

Golden Rose "Holiday"

Compared to previous options, these varnishes are much cheaper. This is a budget alternative for those who want to get a beautiful manicure with the effect of "cotton candy" on their nails. At the same time, despite the low price, in terms of quality the product does not lose at all to more expensive analogues. Therefore, you can safely buy the product, and even not in one color.

As for the shortcomings, they are here too.

The varnish is less dense, so in order to get a beautiful color, it must be applied in two layers. But if you carry out this procedure carefully, you will get the desired result and a beautiful rich color. In addition, such a manicure does not need additional fixing. The nails will already look effective and flicker beautifully.

From budget products on the same principle, varnishes from the Expert Color company can also be advised. They are inexpensive, but at the same time they are pleased with good quality. The resulting colors look impressive and no worse than if you did such a manicure in the salon.


Sugar manicure is an interesting trend that has spread both among celebrities and ordinary women.. The latter, first of all, are glad that getting the desired result is quite simple and you can do it even at home.

Such gel polish is worn for a long time. If you do manicure in the salon, then it will last more than a week. Home coverage will please you a little less. But three to five days is enough to look at such a miracle on your nails. However, it all depends on the individual characteristics of your body, and on the quality of the product itself.

In addition, sugar manicure is suitable for different life situations.

On the one hand, he looks elegant and will fit into evening looks. And on the other hand, it is quite possible to combine it with your everyday clothes.

Such nails look interesting and unusual. With the help of such an experiment, you can get both a plain manicure and multi-color. So, for example, it is fashionable to single out one fingernail with either a different color or with a different texture. Therefore, all nails can be made glossy, and one - "sugar". It will look original. Combine different shades and textures, and even at home you can do something unusual with your nails.

In general, sugar manicure is an ideal option for decorating nails for the summer or spring, when you want something nice and light.

Choose a varnish for your style or just for your mood, and create your stylish manicure with the help of such a tool.

If you have not tried this new product on yourself, you can safely experiment. Perhaps this is exactly what you lacked in order to give your style a highlight in this season.

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