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Red nail polish manicure

Hands give the woman what is called “with the head” - the success of the image in general and the level of self-confidence depend on how well-groomed the fingers are.. A manicure with red varnish will undoubtedly attract the attention of others, but for the effect to be 100%, the coating should be perfect.


A woman with scarlet nails will not leave anyone indifferent. Red varnish is courage, sexuality, self-confidence, a desire to be in the spotlight. And although a manicure of this color is, of course, a classic, it is difficult to compare it with a “little black dress” that suits both a feast and the world. Red nails are good when they are appropriate.

There is a concept of "manicure etiquette": what colors and lengths of nails are appropriate in a given situation.

Red is best worn for special occasions.

Bright scarlet nails will undoubtedly be appropriate at a party, cocktail, disco. The solemn evening event is also an excellent occasion to get a red bottle from a shelf. If you have a date, you need to decide on the mood. For those whose relationship is in the "candy-bouquet" stage (going to the cinema, a walk along the promenade, a romantic evening on the observation deck), it is better to choose a more delicate shade: pink, beige. But for an incendiary evening "with the continuation", you can paint the nails with bright red.

You can go on holiday with bright nails, especially if the trip is going to be active and fun. For those who want privacy and tranquility, a quiet holiday with their family, goes to detox, it is better to choose a more modest color. In any case, it is better to use gel polish for a vacation.

For all these reasons, you can choose options with nail design: for example, on one (usually ring) finger. Drawings, rhinestones, applications and decorations in other techniques are perfectly acceptable.

Whether to wear such a color of nails in the office is a moot point. Much depends on the individual style and characteristics of the dress code at the enterprise. If scarlet varnish is not prohibited, then you can afford to wear it in the office, but best of all on the average length of a natural nail. A win-win option - burgundy varnish, manicure of wine shades.

Having figured out whether a bright manicure will be appropriate, you need to correctly do it. Red color will not tolerate misses! ABOUTGeneral rules for applying nail polish to everyone are known. Features of the application of scarlet varnish:

  • It requires perfectly groomed hand skin. Bright varnish will attract the attention of others to the hands. Each scratch and each burr will be visible. Care for the skin of the hands before doing such a manicure, you need at least a week.
  • In addition to well-groomed skin, hands and fingers should be beautiful on their own. It makes no sense to draw attention to the hands if they are not the best part of the body.
  • Coverage should be perfect: chips, scratches, dents will be very clearly visible. If the coating on one of the nails is damaged, it must be repainted!
  • Experts advise buying red varnish from a good manufacturerso that it is a quality product with a comfortable brush.
  • Etiquette experts believe that with a red manicure you can not wear many rings. One is enough - the most modest of your collection or engagement.

Many women today prefer to use gel polishes: they are very persistent and have a "volume", look better on the hands. But since you can’t walk with red nails for a long time, there is no point in using such a bright gel polish. It will be enough and the usual, but good quality. After a party or a date, it can be easily removed so that you can go to work in the morning.

Design ideas

The latest trends in manicure - definitely FOR all shades of red. Scarlet, wine, plum, raspberry shades are popular.

If you managed to choose a good shade of red, you can especially not fool over the design and make the usual glossy monophonic coating. This option is suitable for women of all ages and for most situations in which red varnish is generally appropriate.

  • Last season's novelty - matte finish - remains relevant today.. As if dusted, such a manicure looks expensive and adds an image of rigor (a good option for the office!). There are home-made ways to make a matte finish, for example, hold nails that have not yet dried out over a pot of boiling water or add a little corn starch to the bottle. However, it is better not to experiment and purchase a matte varnish.

Some companies have a special topcoat that “matts” glossy varnish and at the same time fixes all the layers.

  • Matte varnish looks good solo, however, it can be fantasized based on it. For example, create a pattern with the same shade in a gloss: stripes, peas, geometric pattern, flowers.
  • Very fashionable design resembling a "French": matte surface of the nail of the same shade - glossy tip.
  • With red color the moon manicure looks good. This term is called a coating, where the lunula is accentuated - a white semicircle at the base of the nail. You can take two different shades of red, or you can play in contrast by outlining the lunula with white, black, brown or other suitable colors. A semicircle may not be completely filled over, but only indicated by a strip. In any case, this option will be bright, fun and eye-catching.
  • You can combine matte and moonlight manicure in one. Some designers even boldly combine lunar and French, emphasizing both the hole and the tip of the marigold.

Other options for lunar manicure are when a “smile line” is drawn on the hole, not a semicircle. In addition, the base of the nail can be distinguished by a triangular pattern.

  • For a party or other fun event, you can paint a bright red lacquer rubbing. These are special powders that, when rubbed into nails, create shine and overflow.

Special spangles are abundantly applied to the layer of gel polish dried under the lamp, which are rubbed into the nails with your hands (while the top layer is still sticky). The finer the sparkles, the more spectacular the result. Milled into dust, rubbed into 2 layers, they create a completely mirror coating. And if you cover your nails with a glossy top, the result will exceed all expectations.

In a provocative and bold way, such a nail design can be complemented with varnish shoes or a handbag, and, of course, red lips will be a faithful companion of glossy nails (although this has not been a “mandatory” requirement for a long time).

  • Volumetric manicure looks very interesting and stylish. For various occasions, he can be his: funny nails - "strawberries", glossy ladybugs, matte manicure with a "knitted" or "quilted" pattern (very "warm", winter version), voluminous floral pattern, monograms. It is important to remember a sense of proportion: 10 nails with the same volumetric pattern do not always look good. It is best when 1 or 2 fingers are highlighted in this way, and the rest have a uniform coating.
  • Another trend that does not go out of fashion is ombre coating. It looks very beautiful in shades of red. As well as on hair, ombre implies a smooth transition from one color to another. This transition can "happen" at the end of the nail or at its base - both options look equally good. This gives the image of mysticism, mystery. The undisputed favorite is red-black or red-brown ombre.
  • Pattern design - Also a worthy option, especially since nail art masters do not stop coming up with something new. Geometry, dots, flowers - win-win options for a vacation or a fun evening.
  • Stripes - vertical or horizontal, drawn with contrasting varnish, can visually improve the shape of the nails.
  • Stamped Design (when the drawing is applied using a special stamp) it will help to make a professional manicure at home.
  • Manicure trends such as Negative Space and Frame will work well with red. The latter involves outlining the entire nail on the perimeter with contrasting varnish (this technique visually shortens the nails, so it is better to do it on long plates), and “negative space” implies “leaving” uncovered, transparent zones on the nail. Initially, the plate is painted with transparent varnish, and then strips are applied to it, triangles or other patterns in red.


The concept of "red" is not limited to the standard scarlet color. In the lines of manufacturers of cosmetics for nails, the number of shades of red is always very large.

For those who want to make themselves a plain coating for the office, it is worth considering the type of appearance and skin color. Blondes and fair-skinned girls are best suited salmon shade. To dark-skinned women most of all go wine shades, dark red, raspberry. For owners of light beige skin, orange-red or a shade of ocher is ideal. A classic deep and bright scarlet color can be worn by everyone.

A competent combination of colors in a manicure will allow you to make a harmonious design that will create a great mood and will be remembered by others.

  • Red with black - a classic combinationallowing you to make a bright and dramatic design. In such tones, strict look perfect nails with stripes, "french", geometric pattern, ombre. Black and red manicure, of course, for a special occasion.. These colors must be duplicated in clothing, shoes or accessories.
  • The combination of scarlet and white is fun, easy, girlish. Based on these tones, delicate and naive designs are created - polka dots, flowers, moon manicure. Often this combination is adopted by the bride.
  • If you want to "lower" the degree of brightness and make the design light and playful, you can combine scarlet with pink. Sometimes they even pick up several shades that, as it were, "reduce" the brightness to nothing. An important rule: pink should not be puppet. Ideally, if it is from the same gamut as the main color, it is simply lighter by 2-3 tones.
  • If you add blue, you get a very bright and flashy combination. In order not to look tasteless, you need to think carefully about the design. Based on these two colors, you can make a good manicure - "crackle" (alas, the last few seasons he is not in fashion) or gorgeous marigolds in marine style, adding white. For themed parties make the design a la American or British flag. You can make Russian, however, the appropriateness of such a manicure can raise questions.
  • Red and beige are well combined. A monochromatic scarlet design with a beige fingernail on the ring finger looks very good. Another option is for office modesties: nude manicure with a red stripe on the ring finger or a type of jacket.

To create bright and unbanal nails, colorists recommend combining scarlet with emerald, turquoise, bright yellow, brown flowers.


The use of various decor in manicure is popular, however, more and more stylists say that in this matter extremely important sense of proportion. Especially when it comes to design with a predominance of red shades.

All design options with decor will be relevant only for parties, holidays, weddings, discos and other "one-time" events.

  • Glitter Design Will Look Goodif it is rubbed or a small amount of gloss on the tips of the nail. A good option is one shiny fingernail. If you want all 10 fingers to shine, it is better to do this on natural nails of medium length and no longer add any effects.
  • The design with gold looks expensive and shocking.. This can be a line of "smiles", a hole in the nail, strip, monogram. Gold glitter or powder is applied in a dense, uniform layer. In this combination, any decoration methods will be good.
  • Dark red lacquer is well complemented by silver jewelry - rhinestones, sequins, powder. It is worth noting that the use of rhinestones should also be metered - usually they decorate the holes of the ring fingers or the tip of the nail. A good option is a vertical strip of rhinestones on the middle or ring fingers.
  • Microbeads are great for young girls - they completely cover the nail or lay out some kind of pattern. Also, to create a fun design, Fimo is suitable - ready-made miniature figures that are attached directly to the nails. Most often, fimo portray pieces of fruit or vegetables, funny faces, toons, flowers and insects. Fimo-design is most strongly supported by artificial nails.

Fimo comes in the form of tubes, which the master cuts himself before use. Thus, by adjusting the thickness of the slices, you can create a three-dimensional or flat image. Perfect design for a vacation or a beach party!

  • To create a luxurious, regal and "expensive" manicure, "liquid stones" are suitable. This, of course, is a salon type of manicure, only the most experienced craftswomen can make it. The pattern is drawn with gel varnishes, polymerized under a UV lamp, then a foil is attached to the nail, which after a while is removed with a jerk, leaving a beautiful mark. Volumetric “liquid stones” are drawn with a special composition, which are then hidden under a top base like under glass.

Liquid stones will not make manicure any more difficult, and, unlike rhinestones, are durable.

  • In red shades, a combination with a white “stone” will look good, or you can imitate the ruby ​​on the nails of some other color.
  • For home decor, a slider design is ideal. One or more stickers with patterns are applied to the nails pre-painted in the base color. After applying the fixative, they are well dried.
  • One of the novelties of the season is flock decor or velvet nails. On plain red nails will look very elegant! After applying the varnish on the nails, a special pile is sprayed, which adheres, forming a soft and pleasant to the touch surface.
  • Scarlet manicure can be decorated with lace - black or white. It looks great on the nail of the ring finger. A piece of lace is cut out in the shape of a nail, glued on top and sealed with a top. You can imitate a lace pattern with a sticker or stamping. Such a pattern is appropriate to supplement with a pebble or rhinestone.
  • Nail piercing is back in fashion. A tiny silver or gold jewelry on a chain of 2-3 links and put on a nail in which a small hole is drilled in advance. This is an option only for artificial nails.

The number of decor options is so huge that it is simply impossible to list all the options in one article. Maybe something original will tell you your own imagination or an experienced master.

New items

Judging by the news that nail designers present to us this year, the most important trend is to combine different techniques with each other.

  • Dramatic red and black combinations are in fashion. You can make black ombre at the base of the marigold, apply a geometric pattern or "spray" volumetric flowers.
  • Beautiful color "french" with a twist: on the ring finger, the colors of the nail and the “smile” change places.
  • What this option for manicure is combined with is immediately clear: it is a black dress or suit. It is manicure, as well as a good handbag or shoes, that can diversify the boring black color of clothes, while not going beyond the bounds of what is permissible.
  • The combination of red and white will never go out of style. In this manicure there are two actual trends at once: voluminous, as if cast drawing and delicate addition of rhinestones:
  • An interesting combination of bright varnish, Negative Space technique"and three-dimensional artistic painting. By the way, asymmetry is increasingly common today: two nails are decorated on one hand, and only one on the other.
  • Very elegant and expensive "evening" combination of matte and glossy coatings. "Frosted" fingers are decorated with a pattern of rhinestones, forming a semicircular line. The combination of colors - cherry with silver - looks bohemian.

If you do not know what to choose: French manicure or moonlight, do them at the same time. The combination of red and beige will look very restrained. Rhinestones - optional.

  • A more "predatory" version of the lunar manicure - the semicircles turn into sharp triangles, which visually extend the nails. To combine with black, a dark shade of red is selected.
  • Geometric, but delicate: This pattern is due to a combination of three different shades. The base is matte light pink, the side parts of the plate are covered with scarlet and cherry flowers. Fingers look smart, bright, but without too much drama.
  • The design with sprinkling velor powder is not suitable for every day, but it looks stunning - the nails no longer need any other decorations. It is worth playing on the texture: there must be something velvet in the image - ideally scarlet shoes.

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