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Expert Color Nail Polish

Any modern woman wants to look beautiful, stylish, well-groomed and be on the crest of a fashionable wave. Therefore, representatives of the "beautiful half" use a wide range of various cosmetics, including decorative nail polish.

It is well known that more than a thousand years BC, the famous Nefertiti already painted her nails in bright red. Currently, the trend is unexpected ideas, unusual solutions, the most daring proposals and experiments with color in the manicure sphere. The consumer market offers a wide range of nail polishes from various manufacturers, both popular in the global fashion industry, and small companies not known to anyone. This article will focus on Avon's Expert Color line of nail polishes.

About Brand

With nearly a century and a half history, Avon is one of the world leaders in the production of a rich palette of decorative cosmetics. A group of highly skilled workers annually discover new formulas of cosmetics, the quality of which is confirmed by international certificates. Leave millions of positive reviews from grateful users of the products of this brand. Especially popular are Avon nail polishes, which are represented by a large assortment of types: from ordinary decorative to trendy nail polish gels. Let's get acquainted in more detail about varnishes of the Expert Color series.

Be able to be in trend

Today in fashion, a bright, catchy and vibrant energy palette of colors that can attract the attention of others, make everyday life cheerful and give a charge of vivacity and good mood. All of these features can be seen in Avon's Expert Color line of the Nailwear Pro + line. This line is presented to consumers of 25 types of varnish of the most trendy unique shades of light beige natural to a mysterious smoky and plum.

The most popular are shades:

  • "Tropical orchid" - A saturated bright pink color is suitable for romantic, but stylish persons.
  • "Tweed" - glossy and deep color of overripe cherries. Suitable for daring images and spending the night with friends in the best clubs of the city;
  • Ripe Raspberry - translucent and jelly varnish, has a "delicious" raspberry color and is ideal for mischievous and optimistic girls with a cheerful disposition.
  • "Gentle Lavender" - a dense lavender-colored product in one layer covers the nail plate with the color of sensuality and romance, tenderness and thirst for travel.
  • "Decadence" - A bright, saturated purple hue with pearly notes will emphasize individuality and eccentricity, charisma and originality of manners.
  • Vintage - This color combines style and minimalism, sophistication and character, history and the desire to be at the peak of fashion. With this design of nails, you can come to work in the office in the morning, dine with friends in a cafe and have dinner with your loved one in a chic restaurant in the evening.
  • Coral Reef - a complex pink-orange shade conquers at first sight. This shade has become a favorite among impressionable girls with the most pink dreams and sincere desires.
  • "Citrin" - the name of the varnish comes from the name of the semiprecious stone of citrine, the color of which varies from light lemon to bright amber. This shade is suitable for bright holidays and noisy companies.

Undoubted advantages

Expert color varnishes are easy and convenient to apply on the nail plate thanks to the patented brush. The product is applied evenly, does not spread and dries quickly enough. After complete drying, forms a mirror coating on the surface of the nail with a unique sheen.

This coating strengthens the nail plate and is quite resistant to external aggressive factors: scratches, chips, interaction with chemicals or hot water. It lasts about 2 weeks, giving the appearance of beautiful well-groomed hands and self-confidence.

Design Tips

Thinking outside the box and courage in decisions always attract attention. Below are some tips for creating your own nail design with Avon Polish.

  • "50 shades of joy. "

Apply varnishes of the same color, but different shades, following the rules "from light to dark" ("Ripe raspberries" - "Berry extravaganza" - "Strawberry cream" - "Tropical orchid" - "Decadence").

  • "Sky of France".

This design will be a bit like a classic jacket, but with dots. Paint your nails with Strong Nature varnish, then take a special brush for painting and draw dots as a smile along the edge of the nail. For this process, the shade "Starry Sky" is optimal.

  • "A brilliant solution."

There is no better choice for a carnival and a fun holiday. To paint nails (except nameless) with varnish "Starry sky". Remain to cover with a deep shade of "Decadence". After drying, on top of the main one, apply any transparent varnish with large sparkles or fix a special silver sticker.

The Avon Nailwear Pro + line of Expert Color varnishes will help you find uniqueness and uniqueness for each “beautiful half”. Connect, combine, create and fantasize ... Be different every day!

Review on Avon Expert Color Nail Varnishes.

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