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Gel Polish BMG

Currently, in the field of manicure, innovative transformations have occurred. But none of the services in this industry can even be compared with the functions of gel polish. Any of the women of our time who wants to be on the crest of a fashion wave and look stylish at least once has covered their nails with this type of varnish production. And gradually, but purposefully, it pushes the usual out of use, since gel polish, polymerized in a UV lamp, is more durable on the nails, durable and resistant to scratches and chips, beautifully lays on the nail plate and opens up new horizons for creativity and imagination.

The consumer market offers a wide range of this decorative cosmetics from different manufacturers. This article will focus on KAGA BMG gel polishes.

About Brand

Kaga Nail Art Industry Co (KAGA) is a Chinese brand with twenty years of history and an army of fans around the world that produces professional products for the nail industry. These products have international certificates of quality, do not contain harmful chemical and radioactive substances (formaldehyde, dibutylftapat, etc.), are developed on the basis of innovative developments, fashion trends, scientific discoveries and are marketed around the world.

The BMG gel polish line, which was launched in 2012, is especially popular.

About Products

KAGA presents several lines of BMG gel polishes, the production of which took into account and corrected the errors of the previous series. Combining long-lasting durability with a rich palette of colors and shades, manufacturers have made these cosmetics in demand both for manicurists working in professional beauty salons, and for ordinary users creating a varnish coating for their nails on their own at home.

The product consists of a three-phase system, packaged in blue 10 ml bottles with a black cap. In the domestic sphere of the nail business, they are jokingly called the “blue army”. The system consists of:

  • base coverage (base) - Interlocks the color coating with the nail, blocking the shade of the nail plate directly;
  • color coating;
  • fixing top - acts as a protective layer from external aggressive effects on the coating.

BMG gel polishes have a number of advantages in comparison with similar cosmetics of other companies.

  • The compositions have a liquid, but not spreading consistency, which greatly facilitates the application process.
  • Color coating is represented by a wide palette of colors from one and a half hundred shades, including heat-sensitive (change color under the influence of cold), mother-of-pearl, classic, pastel, “acidic” and containing sparkles.
  • These cosmetic products have a fairly budget cost, which allows you to purchase varnish for the representatives of the "beautiful half" of all segments of the population.
  • Manufacturers have developed a unique formula, thanks to which the product is easily and simply applied to the nail plate, forming a smooth coating without various bumps and lumps.
  • Many professionals note that varnishes have a fairly convenient brush: wide, but gaining the optimal amount of varnish for one nail.
  • Subject to technology and application rules, resistance is up to 3-5 weeks without cracks and browning.
  • These gel polishes are absolutely safe for the health of nails. in particular and the whole organism as a whole.

Application technology

Before starting to coat the nails with a varnish, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

You will need a nail file, a nail polishing buff, nail plate preparation liquid, KAGA BMG gel polish and a UV lamp (it can be replaced with a budget option - a small UV flashlight, which will affect the convenience of the process).

  • Need to prepare marigolds - determine the length, shape, polish with buff.
  • Sweep dust off the nails and treat them with a degreasing liquid.
  • Apply a thin coat of BMG base coat and dry it in a UV lamp for 1 minute.
  • Apply color gel polish and dry it for 2 minutes under the influence of UV rays. After applying another layer and again giving it time to polymerize in the lamp.
  • Apply BMG Top Coat Fixing Top.
  • KAGA cosmetologists suggest applying the topcoat 2 times, drying the layer every time.
  • The sticky layer is removed with the same liquid which was used before coating - KAGA Cleaning Fluid.

Ka take off

The BMG gel polish removal process requires certain rules to be followed.

  • Some varnish coatings require a small grinding of the top coat with a nail file before removal. Funds from the KAGA brand are withdrawn without this procedure.
  • Apply a sponge soaked in liquid to remove the nails.
  • Wrap fingers individually in foil envelopes for 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove envelopes one by one, After removing the gel film with an orange stick.

Alternative option

KAGA manufacturers also offer BMG "one step" single-phase gel polish, which does not require the application of base and topcoats, but is a 3-in-1 agent. It is convenient for surgical manicure, but keeps less than its three-phase counterpart (about 15 days). Presented on the market a fairly rich palette of eight dozen colors.

Proven Quality and Beauty

Based on the results of monitoring the reviews of numerous users who applied BMG gel polishes on their own, as well as the reviews of nail salon masters and their clients, we can conclude the quality of this cosmetics checked by time and experience. Products compete with similar cosmetics of Western and European brands and every year expands its field of demand in the world market.

Overview of the BMG gel polish color palette.


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