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Johnson's Baby Cream

Every mother strives to give her baby the best of everything. She always cares about him and wants to protect from all adversities. Therefore, mothers are always especially selective when choosing skin care products for their children. One of the most common modern products of this kind is Johnson's Baby Cream.


Johnson's has several cosmetic lines: various creams, body milk, baby soap, bathing gels and foams, as well as shampoos for the smallest from the top from the top to the heels series.

All creams of this manufacturer are divided into subcategories in accordance with their intended use. The brand’s luggage contains anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, protective and special diaper creams.

Product types

The composition of all creams is developed in conjunction with pediatric dermatologists and approved by pediatricians.

Tenderness of nature

One of the brand’s most popular products is Nature Tenderness Moisturizer. The name of the product itself speaks for itself: it is intended for the delicate, especially sensitive skin of infants. The composition of the product contains exclusively natural elements and minerals, as well as vitamin E, which eliminates all kinds of inflammation and irritation. The cream is instantly absorbed and does not stick, therefore it is very convenient to use.

Gentle care

Among the protective products for skin care of a child, another cream for children, which is produced under the name "Careful Care", is widely used. This product has been recognized by consumers for its function of protecting the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors. The cream leaves no traces, is well absorbed and can be purchased at a very attractive price. Use it whenever you are going with your baby for a walk, to kindergarten or to visit.

Under the diaper

It is very important to protect the skin of the child from diaper rash, especially when it comes to newborns. After all, feeling irritation and discomfort, the baby will constantly be capricious. Diaper rash often occurs in places where the skin does not receive enough oxygen. This happens, as a rule, when for too long a baby is wearing a diaper, for example, at night.

Johnson's Baby hypoallergenic cream under the diaper is enriched with glycerin, which protects the baby from diaper rash.

The method of application is extremely simple: the product should be applied every time you replace the diaper, and then your baby will always feel comfortable.

Before bedtime

Johnson's Baby’s Specialized Before-Sleep Line contains Lavender Extractsthat will ensure a good night's sleep throughout the night. Studies of this series of products have proven that the baby calms down faster and falls asleep. It is recommended to use the cream in combination with other means of the Johnson's Baby "Before bedtime" line. Bathe your baby using the foam or bath gel from this series, then wipe the baby's skin with a bath towel and rub the product with light massage movements.

For face, hands and body

Another 3-in-1 cream for milk from Johnson's Baby is milk cream. It is such a universal product of the brand that it is suitable for skin care of the face, body, and hands. By the way, this tool has spread not only among babies, but also adults. Many mothers use this cream to care for their own skin. According to them, after it the skin becomes smooth and delicate.

Daily care

The product is intended to moisturize the skin of the child throughout the day. Helps maintain tenderness and softness. Can be applied in a thin layer on the body and face. The tool has passed clinical control, and its effect is confirmed experimentally. Attention: suitable for children only 3 years old.

Application Tips

Before use, be sure to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer. To avoid the negative effects of using the cream, store it in a dark place and at a certain temperature indicated on the package. Never use the product after the expiration date.


Despite its good reputation, Johnson's has not only supporters, but also opponents of its products. And there are also those who used to buy brand name products, but recently refuse to continue using them. What are the reasons for this?

The thing is that many women noticed in the composition of the cream Johnson's Baby Gentle Care the presence of a large number of components of unnatural origin. And even the fact that the product contains many plant elements could not level out such a nuisance. Therefore, in some women's forums, many mothers sound the alarm: Johnson's Baby cream is not suitable for children's skin, since dangerous components were found in its composition.

Some of the mothers complained of instant tingling when applying this product to inflammation.while complaining about the artificial components contained in the cream. However, there is nothing supernatural in this: when applying any product to irritated skin, you can feel some discomfort, which, moreover, quickly passes. But the effect of the remedy will definitely please parents. Some mothers used the cream "Tenderness of nature" to get rid of irritations on the face. According to them, the product coped with this task perfectly.

Others are unhappy that after a single use, the redness did not disappear. In order to achieve a result in any way, it is important to follow the rule of constancy, i.e. the product can have a positive effect only if you use it on a regular basis.

In addition, often those who have been using creams of this brand for a long time complain of vodka, which has recently emerged from the cream. "Tenderness of nature"They claim that this has not happened before, and now it feels like some kind of spoiled cream, because before the cream is squeezed onto the surface of the skin, some incomprehensible water moistens it. Some people are indignant. However, there are reasons for concern not at all.

The thing is that the change in consistency occurred due to the improvement of the technology of using the product. It is due to water that the cream spreads better on the surface of the skin and is absorbed faster.

As for the positive reviews, the cream recommended by moms from Johnson's Baby includes diaper cream. Those who used it say that they have been looking for a truly high-quality and effective cream for a long time. Having stumbled upon this label, we were pleasantly surprised by the result of its influence: the baby's skin becomes smooth from its effects, irritations pass. And even if the baby spent the whole night in the diaper, the next morning the skin does not have redness and diaper rash.

So, opinions were divided: someone for a long time, without all kinds of complaints, has been using the products of this world famous brand, and someone writes that the baby has allergic reactions. However, here it is rather a matter of portability of the components. Perhaps in those children in whom the appearance of irritation was observed, just too sensitive skin and the remedy should be selected based on this fact.

It is also worth noting that some negative reviews about the Johnson's Baby series were left by mothers who did not even use the products of this brand. The reasons for this, according to them, were the smell and consistency of the product. Women, frightened by the pungent odor and too thick consistency, came to the conclusion that a natural product, which contains exclusively plant components, cannot smell like that. And too much cream density will simply clog all skin pores.

Therefore, the remedy was often sent to the closet, and negative feedback was sent to the Internet. Of course, think for yourself, decide for yourself - to use or not to use.

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