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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Organic Kitchen Face Cream

Since the appearance on the market of caring products, Organic Shop cosmetics in a flash has become popular and in demand, having earned the trust of millions of girls and women at the expense of affordable cost and excellent quality. Every day, the brand’s technologists are diligently looking for new interesting and useful recipes for creating new cosmetic lines, one of the latest is the Organic Kitchen series.

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Features and Benefits

The line of facial creams "Organic Kitchen" is represented by a nourishing cream that moisturizes, mattifies or modulates and regenerates.

Any of these products has a number of important advantages, and these are natural ingredients in the composition, high quality, beautiful packaging, low cost with the declared volume of 100 ml.

"Organic Kitchen" has already managed to gain great popularity and trust of residents of Russia and the CIS countries. Face creams of this series are produced without the use of parabens and artificial colors, chemical fragrances, so they managed to become a Must Have product for many beauties.

Like all other products of the brand, creams are packed in compact 100 ml jars, there is a protective clasp.

Such a container is convenient to carry in even a small handbag and use as necessary. Creams are characterized by a light, delicate texture, are quickly absorbed, do not leave behind a film sensation on the delicate skin of the face, have a pleasant, natural aroma.


Organic Shop's Facial Skin Care Series includes:

  • Modeling BB cream. It is made on the basis of rice powder and a golden wax extract. Ideally masks skin flaws, removes traces of fatigue, provides skin nutrition, provides a protective barrier against negative environmental factors, relieves irritation, and regulates hydrolipidic balance. The person receives an even tone, normal production of sebum.
  • Cream-food "Pot of honey." At the heart of it is cypress honey, beeswax, wheat germ oil and wild rose. Thanks to the composition, the skin receives reliable protection against negative environmental factors, moisturizes and feeds on the beneficial components of the product. The cream has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, improves blood microcirculation and lymph outflow, softens the epidermis. It contributes to the rapid restoration of cells, helps to maintain hydro-balance, has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Nutritional composition "Wake up". Nutrition occurs due to the content in the cream of white grape juice and Kamchatka snowdrop extract. The cosmetic product moisturizes the skin for a long time, protects it from dehydration, fills the cells with energy, provides a healthy glow and well-groomed appearance. The skin of the face becomes soft, velvety, pleasant to the touch. There is the effect of rejuvenation, cell regeneration. After application, facial and age wrinkles are smoothed out, dryness and peeling are eliminated, and damage is quickly healed. Moisture does not evaporate from the cells, the skin is saturated with vitamins and minerals.
  • Matte cream "Yes, I do". An ideal solution for owners of oily and combination skin. Made from white peach juice and Amur velvet extract, it quickly eliminates the problem of secretion of excess fat secretion, makes the skin dull, effectively eliminates imperfections. The cream normalizes and maintains the water-lipid balance of the dermis, tones the cells, tightens the pores, gives a feeling of purity and freshness. Moisturizes the skin, evens complexion, vitamins, enriches with useful minerals. Thanks to magnolia oil and rice powder, it protects against UV radiation, smoothes wrinkles and restores skin.
  • Buy-by-night night cream restoration. The cream is based on organic white lily and fresh rose hips. The components contribute to cell regeneration, stimulate the active recovery of the epidermis, help to make the skin supple and elastic, slow down the aging process. The product for night use moisturizes the skin, protects against moisture loss, energizes. Actively nourishes the skin, rejuvenates, fights free radicals, increases the production of elastin and collagen. Almond oil softens the skin, and the rose petal extract fights the first signs of withering skin.


After analyzing the opinions of users about facial cosmetics series "Organic Kitchen", we can conclude that these products are in great demand.

Customers note the convenient packaging - a plastic jar with a lid and a tamper-resistant lock.

No one has any problems opening containers.

Moisturizing cream, according to most, has a delicate consistency, which makes the product look like mousse, is applied without difficulty, evenly distributed on the skin, is quickly absorbed, gives a matte tone after drying, does not cause shine. The pores are not blocked, the appearance of black dots on the face does not provoke.

Customers especially note the aroma. No chemical smell, the product emits a delicate aroma of natural herbs and flowers. Unfortunately for many, the incense with each opening of the jar disappears and becomes less pronounced. Women note that they often use creams not for their intended purpose, but rather, they are applied to the body and hands. They also speak of a positive result of such an application.

Consumers note the affordable price and availability of funds. You can buy it at any store of cosmetics and pharmacies.

Watch the video: Organic Kitchen. Органик Китчен (January 2020).


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