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Avon Care Hand Cream

Every woman dreams of having healthy and velvety skin of her hands that radiates radiance. But not many people know that you need to take care of your hands regularly to maintain youth and freshness of the skin for as long as possible. With Avon Care Cream, taking care of your hands will be a real pleasure. It moisturizes tender female hands, protects them from bad weather conditions and nourishes the skin with nutrients.

In this article you will find out what types of Avon "Care" products are available, the main composition of the cream and customer reviews.

You will see an overview of Avon Care creams in the next video.

Brand history

Avon products are in great demand among most women for a long time. Her story begins back in 1866, when the first steps of the company were just beginning to emerge. During the existence of the brand, a large number of enthusiastic fans have appeared. A clear advantage of Avon is the availability of products for people with different income levels.

As for the Avon Care series of creams, it is no exception, and is an affordable remedy for all the fair sex.

Product Features

Avon "Care" is made from natural substances, it is hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive skin.

The developers of the funds took care of the possibilities of a wide choice and made it so that every woman could choose a care product in accordance with her wishes and skin type.

The cream is packaged in convenient tubes of 75 or 100 ml. It is compact and fits even in a small handbag.

Components Included

The special properties of Avon Care Care Moisturizer can help protect your hands from the negative effects of the environment: wind, frost, cold air or sunlight. Avon products are the most effective, which include regenerating chamomile extract, glycerin, wax and natural oils. Glycerin saturates well with moisture, drawing it directly from the air. Macadamia, olive and cocoa butter have excellent moisturizing properties.

Liquid paraffin has a softening effect, which creates a protective film for the effective conservation of moisture.

Types of funds

Avon "Care" is presented in the form of a whole collection of products, each of which performs its main function - cares for sensitive skin of the hands. Avon has provided options for all occasions, so choose the tool you need.

  • Moisturizing cream is designed to combat dry skin, gradually saturating it with moisture. Its texture is usually soft and airy, which makes it possible to easily and evenly distribute the product on the surface of the skin.
  • The protective cream creates a special film, which protects hands from the negative effects of chemicals and contact with water. This is especially true when washing dishes and cleaning the house.
  • Nourishing cream restores skin cells and enriches it with useful substances that add softness and velvety. Typically, such a cream has a greasy consistency.
  • Winter hand cream helps save the skin from the weather, which is manifested by cold wind and frost. Such phenomena can significantly drain the skin, depriving it of the necessary moisture. Winter cream creates a special oily film. Its properties do not allow frostbite hands and saturate them with moisture.
  • Anti-aging cream makes it possible to get rid of small wrinkles on the hands, which are inherent in women over 40 years old. The skin of the hands is subject to great wear and tear and often gives the age of its owner, but the beneficial properties of the anti-aging cream will help to cope with this task and give hands freshness and youth.
  • Healing cream fights problem areas of the skin, eliminating inflammation. The composition of the drug includes special medicinal components.

Overview of Popular Tools

Avon Care has an assortment of different care creams. Such funds will help to create a complete care for sensitive skin.

  • You can safely call cream a universal assistant for the care of female handles "Pink Magnolia"which moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates cells. It has a light aroma of magnolia, which retains its effect for several hours after application.
  • "Intensive help" aimed at deep skin nutrition, it is especially relevant in the cold season, when the skin is subjected to great tests. Its dense texture helps to create the maximum protective effect from dehydration of the skin of the hands.
  • "Youth Asset" - This is a cream based on elastin and collagen. Its main function is to smooth the skin from wrinkles, giving it softness and grooming.
  • Emollient properties "Tenderness Aloe" have a mild calming effect and nourish the skin with the beneficial components that make up the cream. Aloe is able to slow down the aging of hands and relieve inflammation. Such a cream will be a real helper for every woman, especially in the cold period of time.
  • Unrivaled Nutrition first of all conquers with its stunning aroma. It contains African Shea Butter, which has a softening and smoothing effect.
  • Beckoning cream name "Cherry blossoms" attracts the attention of most customers. Its refined aroma will not leave any girl indifferent. Its soft formula will make the skin soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • "Planet SPA" - This is a product that saturates the skin with moisture, forming a special protective film. In this series there are options with olive oil, salts and mud of the Dead Sea and with shea butter.
  • Series The Tranquility of Provence contains jasmine and french lavender extracts. Its thick consistency is well absorbed into the surface of the skin without leaving greasy or sticky residue. Its light and sophisticated aroma remains even some time after applying the cream.
  • Fragrant Vanilla - This is a gentle hand care product. They will become soft and silky to the touch. The cream has a wonderful aroma; it exudes subtle notes of sweet vanilla.
  • "Luxurious care" contains only useful components. These include vitamin E, argan oil and glycerin, which are aimed at moisturizing and nourishing the skin.


The best way to talk about the properties of products is the reviews of real customers who were able to experience first hand the usefulness of their purchase. Most women noted that Avon "Care" quickly absorbed without leaving greasy marks on the skin. It has a pleasant aroma that lasts a long time after application. Some girls believe that the cream is inherent in excessive stickiness, but as the product is absorbed, this sensation disappears.

Reviews about Avon "Care" are mostly positive, because these products fit well on the surface of the skin without causing irritation, and the effect of moisture remains all day.

An overview of hand creams you will see in the next video.

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