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Eveline Micellar Water

In appearance, micellar water is similar to drinking, odorless and colorless, but with the content of useful trace elements and other active substances.

High-quality skin cleansing is the main task of the product.

A small amount of the product can easily remove makeup, grease and dirt. Beneficial effects of elements Eveline facemed It does not irritate even sensitive skin, removing the smallest dirt.

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There are two types of Eveline makeup removers:

  1. For people with increased oily skin - deeply cleanses.
  2. For owners of sensitive skin - helps complete hydration.

When choosing, it is necessary to carefully study the composition, because some elements can carry not only positive, but also negative effects, causing an allergic reaction. Herbal supplements are not suitable for sensitive skin.


One of the most popular cleaning products is Eveline FaceMed Hyaluronic Micellar Water, which is ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin.

The tool has a triple effect of 3 in 1:

  1. Complete makeup removal
  2. Effective cleaning from pollution
  3. Reduces irritation and redness

The balanced components include the following components:

  1. kelp and orchid extract;
  2. vitamins A, F, E;
  3. hyaluronic acid;
  4. Matt active complex.

Due to the fact that the composition does not contain alcohol and alkalis, the use of micellar water Eveline does not adversely affect the dermis and does not overdry it.


The use of micellar water can significantly reduce the time to get rid of cosmetics. It is out of competition in terms of efficiency and speed of cleaning up dirt and cosmetics.

There are several advantages of Eveline water:

  1. No irritating effect;
  2. Free of fragrances and artificial colors;
  3. Affordable price;
  4. Completely removes makeup residues and dirt;
  5. Does not cause dryness;
  6. Makes skin smoother, nourishing and moisturizing;
  7. No bad smell;
  8. Easy to use bottle.

Along with the advantages, there are effects that can be considered disadvantages:

  1. The thinnest greasy film remains;
  2. Creates stickiness and shine;
  3. Does not completely remove waterproof cosmetics.


The main advantage, which is noted by all who used Eveline FaceMed micellar water, is the fulfillment of all the requirements for makeup removal and care for the epidermis.

Comparison of micellar water of different brands - in the next video.

The availability of the device allows you to use it daily.

Many women who once applied Eveline FaceMed recommend it to their friends. The drug is used by women with different skin types and always get the desired result.

Buyers note the best price-quality ratio. Rich in beneficial elements, the composition has a truly effective effect on the skin.

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Watch the video: Eveline cosmetic makeup remover. Eveline makeup remover review. tutorial in UrduHindi (January 2020).


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