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Cream LibreDerm "Collagen"

In the arsenal of face care products for any woman, there will always be day and night creams, as well as creams for the area around the eyes. And we very often do not wonder why they are needed. But they are of great importance for the skin of our face, because they not only nourish and moisturize it, but also protect it from the harmful effects of the environment, for example, exhaust gases, UV rays and much more, which slows down the natural processes in the epidermal cells and accelerates the appearance of the first signs of aging. Next, you will learn about creams of the Russian brand LibreDerm, which takes pride of place among companies in the domestic beauty industry.

Collagen Collection

As part of our body, there is a huge amount of proteins that perform a variety of functions, one of which is collagen, which accounts for about six percent of the mass of the human body. Collagen is a protein that forms the basis of connective tissues in the body and ensures their strength and elasticity.

LibreDerm knows that over time, collagen begins to be produced less, in addition, we all have emotions, and we also experience various stresses on the body, which often affects the area around the eyes. It is there that the collagen network, which must be restored with the help of special care products, is very often destroyed. In addition, the face itself begins to lose firmness and elasticity, which is why the LibreDerm brand has created a special collagen collection that will help to comprehensively combat age-related signs of skin aging.

Product Overview

In the collagen collection for skin rejuvenation, you can find the following effective tools to restore lost beauty and get rid of visible signs of aging:

  • Cream "Collagen" for face, neck and décolleté. Thanks to the use of this product, you will regain firm and supple skin, as in the old days, in addition, the cream will help smooth out even expressed wrinkles, even out the tone of the face and make its outline more clear. After application, you will get healthy and saturated skin, filled with life and energy. The composition has a special collagen - a complex due to which moisture is retained longer in the cells of the epidermis. In addition, the composition contains special peptides that stimulate collagen production in a natural way. These peptides slow down the appearance of wrinkles, providing a rejuvenating effect on the skin. The composition of the product is rich in vitamins and oils. It is recommended to apply the cream with smooth massage movements, it can be used morning and evening on cleansed face skin. In the evening, let the cream soak, so apply it a few hours before bedtime.
  • Cream "Collagen" for the eyelids and skin contour around the eyes. It will help to deal with visible signs of aging, loss of firmness and elasticity in the eye area. Smoothes noticeable wrinkles. It will restore skin tone and radiance. The composition contains collagen - a complex that will help retain moisture and the necessary vitamins and minerals in the skin cells for their best effect. Also in the composition is an extract of Persian silk tree, which has a lifting effect and significantly strengthens the epidermis. It is recommended to apply with light movements to the area around the eyes in the morning and evening, on a previously prepared and cleaned face. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to apply the cream for two months.
  • Collagen Hand Cream is used to care for delicate hands that have lost elasticity. A very rich vitamin composition and collagen complex will have a complex effect on the appearance of the first signs of aging on the hands. It is recommended to apply on dry hands with massage movements.

More details on the composition of funds

To get the big picture, why do these collagen products really help our face, you should consider in more detail withleaving these funds.

The main component is collagen complex which we have already mentioned above. This complex helps the skin return an even tone and smooth wrinkles.

Elastin responsible for the restoration of epidermal cells and their further regeneration. The combination of collagen and elastin gives a complex effect that positively affects the condition of the skin of the face.

The composition also has Vitamin Tocopherol possessing antioxidant properties. It will help to refresh the face and improve blood microcirculation, as well as nourish the skin with useful trace elements and oxygen.

And finally, the composition has camelina oil and rice oil. Ryzhikovoe has antibacterial properties, in addition, it improves metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis. Rice has anti-aging and nourishing effects.

Expert Advice

To achieve the best effect from the use of certain creams, specialists in the field of cosmetology recommend adhering to several basic rules.

  • The first of which is that all creams should be applied to a previously cleaned and prepared face. Only in this way will the skin “be ready” to absorb all the most necessary and useful that the cream contains.
  • The second rule is the integrated use of funds. You can not use only day cream and expect that wrinkles will sink into oblivion tomorrow. Only the combined effects of day, night creams, serums and masks will help achieve maximum effect from the products. As for the collagen collection from LibreDerm, you can use face cream, eyelids in the complex, and sometimes use a collagen mask. The brand also produces drinking collagen, which helps restore the body from the inside.
  • And finally the last rule that cosmetologists recommend adhering to is the use of a series of products from one line of one brand or one brand. Since these tools are designed specifically to complement each other, the chaotic choice of funds from different manufacturers often just does not bear fruit, and sometimes worsens the situation with the face. The choice of different products should be discussed with a cosmetologist. But still, such care should be selected more seriously and carefully.

Of course, these rules are only recommendations.

But, if you want to get a healthy and shiny face, get rid of the first signs of aging and prevent their rapid appearance, then take the choice of face care more seriously, lacking the first moisturizer for wrinkles from the store shelf.


All representatives of the fair sex sooner or later begin to think about finding anti-age products that will not only have an effective effect, restore skin elasticity, fight wrinkles and pigmentation, even out skin tone and much more, but also please with their accessibility and price. That is why many women choose products from the collagen series of the domestic brand LibreDerm.

Mature women leave only enthusiastic reviews about the regular use of the cream LibreDerm "Collagen", which, in their opinion, copes with all its tasks promised by the manufacturer. In addition, a rather large amount of funds in this collection, which can be used in combination and get the desired effect in a shorter time, also pleases.

Women with dry skin note that after several applications, their face has ceased to be dehydrated and dull, and the features have become more expressive, toned and noticeable. Ladies also noticed that the cream has a pleasant consistency and does not clog pores at all.

But how many women - so many opinions. Some of these funds were not at all impressed and did not bring them the desired effect. But not only ordinary housewives, but also professional cosmetologists note the positive effect of the funds from the collagen series from our domestic brand. Therefore, if you decide to restore your face, pull it up and get rid of wrinkles, then why not take a closer look at LibreDerm.

You can learn more about LibreDerm cosmetics from the video.

Watch the video: Beauty Haul Косметика LIBEDERM Бюджетные покупки косметики (January 2020).


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