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Good shampoo for colored hair

Women began to dye their hair from time immemorial. And to this day, most of the fair sex resort to the staining procedure. Someone uses paint to hide gray hair and the first signs of approaching old age, others follow the fashion and try to transform their appearance, others just like to change and surprise others.

Despite the fact that many brands strive to produce natural cosmetic products, use healthy ingredients, vegetable oils, coloring agents, they still cause some damage to the hair.

Wanting to find gorgeous, radiant curls, ladies often remain with dry, painful, dull remnants of strands. In order to avoid such disappointments, dyed hair requires special care. It is impossible to imagine daily hair care without the use of shampoo. Its action for colored hair is similar to the care of overdried and damaged curls.


Compared with a conventional shampoo, shampoo for colored hair should have additional qualities. When staining, our curls are under tremendous stress, because they are affected by such a number of aggressive chemicals. The structure of the hair shaft changes, allowing pigments of paint to get inside and gain a foothold there. therefore the product should give the hair a well-groomed appearance, nourish and smooth the hair surface.

It is desirable that the shampoo has a fixing substance to preserve the color in the composition, not allowing the color to be washed out. The less washing will take place, the less often you will have to turn to the painting procedure again.

Often, such a product has a lower percentage of detergents. Even better, if these are natural active ingredients that gently act on the hair without drying out and harming it even more.

The best option for caring for colored hair is to use shampoo and balm together, at least occasionally make nourishing masks. This will moisturize, strengthen the hair, positively affect the epidermis of the head and hair follicles.

It is imperative for a product of this type to have in its composition substances to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The light of the sun adversely affects the pigment, and the hairs themselves do not feel better.

There are also tinted shampoos, allowing you to extend the brightness of the colors on the strands or give them a more pleasant shade. The coloring component in these products complements the usual detergent for the care of colored hair. It is not particularly resistant and is easily washed with ordinary shampoos. It is able to change the shade, rid the blond of yellowness, strengthen the red or dark color.


Recently, the so-called organic shampoos are in greatest demand. containing predominantly natural ingredients in its composition. Such a product does not contain harmful additives, aggressive substances, sulfates, parabens and carcinogens. The basis of shampoo is 70% purified water, 20% - washing and foaming components. And only the remaining 10% comes from useful supplements, such as vitamin and moisturizing complexes, vegetable oils and extracts. This percentage also includes a few, but necessary preservatives and flavorings, ideally natural.

Such products gently and gently act on the epidermis of the head and hair, while quite well removing dirt.

The advantages of organic cosmetics can be considered:

  • Bulb nutrition and health restoration of the damaged structure of the hair shaft, smoothing keratin scales;
  • actively moisturize and strengthen, make curls strong, elastic, give shine and a well-groomed look;
  • thanks to a mild detergent base and the absence of aggressive ingredients, the hair retains color and its original brightness longer;
  • Forms protection against harmful environmental factors: dust, wind, sunlight, as well as styling and styling.

Of course, most likely, a professional product will have a larger percentage of natural substances in the composition than conventional mass consumption products. But there are exceptions to this rule. For example, Wella line cannot boast of a completely natural composition. But rather cheap and common products Natura Siberica are rare for the Russian market representatives of organic cosmetics.

Which to choose

Care for colored strands, in fact, is similar to the measures recommended for damaged, thin and dry hair.

Even the most gentle paint penetrates the hairs, damaging their structure. After that, the hair becomes dry. For dry hair, careful care and a careful selection of products are extremely important.

Of course, you should pay attention to the manufacturer of the goods. The more famous and larger the company, the more it usually values ​​its reputation and the opinions of regular customers.

The best way to avoid mistakes in choosing a shampoo is to consult a specialist. Your stylist or hairdresser can advise you on a quality product, you can also consult a doctor who will examine the structure of your epidermis and hairline and recommend, if not a brand, then the necessary active ingredients in the composition.

Consider the main criteria by which hair cleansers can differ:

  • In composition

It is best to choose cosmetics with the most natural composition for damaged and weakened hair in a post-stress state. Pay attention to organic sulfate-free products, they are often labeled "Eco", "Bio" or "Organic".

Vitamins and mineral complexes, oils and plant extracts, keratins, hyaluronic acid and other useful substances are welcome as ingredients for a natural detergent.

It is desirable that the preservatives and stabilizers are also replaced by natural analogues, for example, citric acid. Essential oils, rather than perfumes, can be used as flavorings in a good embodiment.

  • By hair color

Some manufacturers, evaluating the needs of women, in addition to conventional hair products that have been highlighted and dyed, produce products specifically for light, red, and dark hair.

Such products contain special tinting pigments that do not allow the color to be washed out, make it possible not to resort to repeated stains for longer, maintain gloss and a good shade.

They can even help make the color better. For blond and streaked hair, they fight the hated yellowness of many. For some colors they add a pleasant warm tone. Dark and bright red hair is given brightness and saturation.

For example, a series of shampoos from the company L'Oreal uses Reflect Capture color preservation technology, which allows you to preserve the original shade, shine for a long time, give hair strength and a healthy, well-groomed appearance. A rather large palette of colors for use is presented.

For light shades, a well-known company developed an excellent line. Schwarzkopf. It has products for cold blondes, warm and golden colors, highlighted strands and universal for all types.

Manufacturers rating

Many manufacturers provide care, detergents for colored and clarified curls. Consider some of these products.

Rating opens professional cosmetics from Matrix, Keune, Kapous.

  • Kapous Introduces Color Care Color Care Series featuring shampoo, balm and mask. The products have a soft, gentle effect, which is why they are also suitable for damaged hair that has undergone highlighting, perms and other stresses. Combat unwanted shades after lightening. Kapous Shampoo is not natural, it contains sulfates. But, according to the manufacturer, just such a composition will help to get professional care. Enriched with keratin, the composition strengthens the roots, restores split ends and maintains color in its original intensive state. Provides protection from sunlight, guarantees regular use of voluminous, shiny and healthy hair.
  • Matrix Biolage Shampoo also a professional product. With each use improves radiance of curls and color depth. Retains dye pigments. Contains natural plant extracts for nutrition and health curls.
  • Shampoo for colored strands from Keune It contains a special complex for the protection of color pigment, it does not allow the hairs to lose color, gives them beauty and gloss. Provides triple protection: for the epidermis, internal and external hair cover.
  • "Color Brightness" by Ollin able to repair even the most severe damage to hairs. Its active components, represented by creatine, elastin and ceramides, improve metabolism in cells, correct breakdowns in the structure, soften the hair surface. It gives volume, shine, strength to the hair.
  • Alerana Company produces recognized anti-dandruff remedies. Also has an assortment of shampoos for restoration and health of dyed hair. Improves blood circulation in the epidermis, accelerating hair growth. Nourishes, heals and restores the hair shaft. Protects from discoloration, gives radiance to curls, protects from UV exposure. The effectiveness of natural active ingredients has been proven by research. It also contains proteins that restore the basis of strands.
  • One of the first brands producing natural organic cosmetics in Russia was Natura Siberica. The basis of the goods are extracts of wild herbs of Siberia, known for their healing power. The shampoo, designed to care for damaged and colored hair, contains a large proportion of natural plant extracts and oils. The rich variety of plants gave its healing powers to the remedy: Roman chamomile, forest mallow, soap dish, Rhodiola, cetraria, Arctic raspberries, wheat, sea buckthorn.

Thanks to the soapwort extract, shampoo is able to cleanse the skin gently, regulates the production of sebum, activates the growth of new hairs, and struggles with the problems of the epidermis.

The oil obtained from Altai sea buckthorn is an excellent antioxidant that saturates the skin with a complex of micro and macro elements, vitamins.

Soybean oil restores bulbs and tips, provokes the growth of new cells of the dermis.

Shampoo does not contain harmful and aggressive additives. It has a liquid structure and a light aroma, colorless. It is quite uneconomical in use and does not form a thick foam, which indicates the presence of only mild soapy substances.

  • "Bark" also produces an organic line of products for colored hair, including shampoo and balm. It is based on thermal sea water that moisturizes the epidermis of the head and hair, especially in need of it after chemical damage. Contains sweet almond oil, extracts of Japanese sophora, green tea leaves and wild strawberries, sunflower seeds, which have a healing, regenerating and nourishing effect.
  • Product from Clear Vita Abe According to consumers, it can be considered one of the best shampoos of this type. It is a mild, sulfate-free product enriched with vitamin E. It does not allow color pigments to be washed out. Foams well enough, so it can be spent economically.
  • Shampoo Concept for colored hair was created by scientists of the same company from Germany. The product gently cleanses chemically damaged strands, nourishes and moisturizes them, retains color. The highlight of this product is the Uniplant Citric complex, which is a combination of fruit hoods. Lemon, orange and tangerine esters give freshness to the hair, apple and strawberries restore the hair shaft, make curls silk. Enrichment with provitamin B5 and silicone makes the hair elastic, protected, facilitates combing.
  • Famous brand Dove also produces shampoo to protect color. Contains components developed using Fiber Actives technology, restoring the internal structure of the hair shaft. Micro serum envelops the surface of the hairs, preventing the color from coming out.
  • Indola care products, which has moved from the professional cosmetics sector to the mass market, perfectly protects strands from ultraviolet radiation and is suitable for use in the summer. For active recovery, it contains a complex of amino acids. Blocks gradual loss of color pigments, treats cross-section and fragility.
  • "Clean line", quite a popular brand in the Russian market, it represents inexpensive cosmetics. The product "Silky Shine" contains a decoction of a combination of five herbs and clover extract. Strengthens the strands, makes them resilient and elastic. The extract is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, F, minerals, essential oils and tannins, thanks to this it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes, has a tonic and protective effect.
  • Fructis' Persistent Color It has a restorative and strengthening effect, thanks to a combination of fruit extracts and vitamin E. Does not allow pigments to be washed out, makes hair shining.
  • Shampoo Syoss focuses on keratin fibers, protein and lipids in the composition. If you evaluate the reviews about the product, we can say that it is pretty good. But the content of silicones and other not very useful substances makes it not the safest and best.
  • Faberlic "Total Color" Designed for everyday care, especially for bright shades of red, chestnut and black flowers. It emphasizes the strength of color, its saturation and beauty. Provides protection for micro-compounds of paint.


After analyzing reviews of various products for colored, streaked and tinted hair, we can conclude that customers prefer color cosmetics and special care to professional cosmetics. This choice can be understood, because such products contain, indeed, working compounds as ingredients. Their effectiveness has been proven by numerous uses in the practice of salons and specialists. A product that does not meet the requirements of consumers and safety will never be able to stay in this market segment.

A good product from this category, according to women - this is "Biolage Colorlast" from the American brand Matrix. The product does not contain parabens, gently cleanses. For best results, customers use it in conjunction with air conditioning from the same manufacturer.

Organic cosmetics are also very popular. This is a natural composition based on the use of mild detergent formulas, plant extracts, decoctions of herbs, fruit juices, essential and base oils, vitamin and mineral complexes.

?Unlike other types of cosmetic products - it is the most natural and safe composition. Nowadays, the widespread use of chemical compounds, naturalness is greatly appreciated.

Moreover, most substances obtained artificially cause numerous side effects, skin irritations, allergic reactions, disruptions in the body systems, nervous, immune, and hematopoietic. A connection was even found in the formation of cancer cells using certain compounds.Therefore, manufacturers and, especially consumers, try to avoid sulfates, carcinogens, parabens, silicones, perfumes and other harmful components in the composition.

Natura Siberica represents the best product in this category. It is enough to look at the composition to understand where he got so many positive reviews from. Numerous extracts of herbs, fruits, wheat enrich, nourish and restore. Moreover, all these substances gently and naturally affect the hair and skin, do not cause negative reactions, with the exception of the possible individual intolerance of some of the components. The disadvantage of this tool can be considered a liquid consistency and unstable foam. But for natural cosmetics, this is the norm, because aggressive detergents are not used here, only natural soap substances isolated, for example, from coconut or soapwort flowers.

You can learn more about shampoo from the video.

As for other products that care for colored strands, users do not express themselves unambiguously. Confidence is enjoyed by European brands. Good Kerastase, Londa, L'Oreal, Wella, Kapous have established themselves. These are professional or related products. But they have a significant drawback common to all. This is their price. Of course, this does not prevent those who are already used to these brands from using them. But it’s unlikely that economical fashionistas will want to try such cosmetics for the first time.

"Recipes of the grandmother Agafia", "Natura Siberica", "Bark" appreciated for its natural and safe composition. But they are accused of uneconomy, poor washing of hair. With the constant use of such products, the hairstyle will quickly become dirty.

Famous brands Dove, Fructis, Faberlic and others, of course, could not bypass such products and present them to the market. They can not boast of a natural composition or salon effectiveness. But with a good choice, depending on the type and structure of hair, the absence of global problems with curls leave a large number of satisfied users.

The choice of care shampoo for chemical damage by coloring, curling and other benefits of the beauty industry is a difficult, and most importantly, individual matter. It’s hard to understand if you haven’t tried this or that remedy if it is suitable for you. One hundred percent it will not say even an experienced hairdresser and stylist. You still have to check the selected products, but for starters there is nothing left but to trust the opinions of experts and customer reviews.

Watch the video: Professional vs. Drugstore: The Best Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair 22 Brands Tested (January 2020).


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