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Avent Stretch Mark Cream

Pregnancy is a great time. But the skin during this period is subject to huge loads. The stomach grows, the breast enlarges, the hips expand. Avent cream for stretch marks will help protect the skin and not spoil its aesthetic appearance.

About Brand

Avent was founded in the 80s of the last century in the UK. Initially launched innovative feeding bottles that helped reduce colic in babies.

The company is currently acquired by Philips, is issued under the brand name Philips Avent. But, despite this fact, production completely remained in England.

The company's products have a wide range for pregnant women, mothers and babies. There are dishes, nipples, soothers, breast pumps, breast pads and much more. Avent also has a series of cosmetics, which includes cream against stretch marks.

Features and Benefits

This tool was developed specifically for expectant mothers. It is completely safe both for pregnant women and during lactation. Avent cream has no contraindications, it is hypoallergenic, suitable even for sensitive skin. This is proven by many tests and tests.

The cream is aimed specifically at the treatment of stretch marks, and not at a temporary effect.

The natural components that make up this product gently care for the skin, restoring its hydro-lipid balance.


The main active ingredients of Avent Stretch Mark Cream are the following natural ingredients.

  • Shea butter. It is extracted from the seeds of the shea tree that grows on the African mainland. First of all, it is very rich in vitamins A, E, C, group B. It contains the following fatty acids: linoleic, stearic, oleic, palmitic, and therefore is a powerful natural antioxidant. Retinol, which is also rich in extract from shea, restores the work of epidermal cells, leveling it. The use of this awakens the dermis to the production of its own collagen, which gives it elasticity.

Softens it, makes it more velvety. Enhances the regeneration of the skin.

  • Seaweed extract. They are mined in the depths of the ocean, and they are of great benefit. Seaweed has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. They contain zinc, fluorine, selenium and iodine.

They increase the elasticity of the dermis, tone it, help to establish collagen production, contribute to the renewal of epidermal cells.

  • Papaya Oil Extracted from the fruits of a tree native to America. Since ancient times, the Mayan and Aztec tribes used this plant for medicinal purposes. This product is very rich in minerals and vitamins, has a high content of folic acid. Oil perfectly moisturizes the dermis, carrying nutrients to its deepest layers. It has an antibacterial and calming effect. Oddly enough, it has an exfoliating effect, gently removes dead particles of the epidermis from the surface of the skin.

It softens the dermis, making it smoother, gives a healthy shade.

  • Sweet almond oil. It perfectly nourishes the dermis, moisturizes it, increases elasticity.

It removes irritation and redness, fights dryness, softens, enhances the regeneration of epidermal cells.

How to use

In the application of the cream there are no special recommendations.

This product must be applied to the skin of the abdomen, chest and buttocks after taking a shower twice a day. Gently massaging.

It is not recommended to apply to the nipple area during feeding, in order to avoid swallowing components that may cause him to allergies.

Also, no matter how the manufacturer declares hypoallergenicity and that the product is ideal for sensitive skin, you should test the cream on yourself in order to avoid the individual intolerance of any of these ingredients.

It is recommended to start using the product in the early stages of pregnancy, when the stomach and chest have not yet begun to grow, and the skin is stretched. This will prepare the dermis for the load, moisturize it and give elasticity, which subsequently saves you from the appearance of ugly scars. Better to prevent than deal with the consequences.

In addition to applying cream for stretch marks during pregnancy, it is also important to observe other rules that prevent the appearance of stretch marks. They will be discussed in the video below.


Cream for stretch marks Avent has proven itself on the good side. Many, knowing the quality of Philips Avent products, choose it as a means of care and prevention of striae during pregnancy and lactation. But some remain loyal to him even after breastfeeding, when they regain their body shape, which was before childbirth.

The product perfectly moisturizes the dermis, nourishes it. Buyers notice the disappearance of itching at the time of skin stretching, which worries most ladies in an "interesting position".

Watch the video: Super Tips to Remove and Prevent Stretch Marks Malayalam (January 2020).


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