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Popular brands of shampoos

Today in the Russian market you can find countless brands of hair shampoos that will vary in price category, composition, method of application and purpose. You can find shampoos for natural or hair extensions, straight or curly; dry solid shampoos or traditional liquid - care products are for every taste. The main thing is not to get lost in such a variety and choose the right product.

The most popular among buyers are safe products that are made only from natural ingredients and do no harm. Such products do not contain alkali and other chemical components, and the result of their impact is expressed not only in cleansing, but also in healing.

Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica is a well-known brand of natural shampoos that uses only the latest achievements and discoveries in the field of cosmetology in the composition of the offered goods. The products of this brand have a reputation of harmless and organic, as evidenced by numerous international certificates of compliance with world quality. The composition includes natural components in the form of oils and plant extracts that grow in Siberia.

The basis of almost all the means of this line is cedar elfin. The use of products has a beneficial effect on the hair, leaving it attractive even without daily washing. Natura Siberica is the right choice for those who have sensitive scalp and suffer from allergic reactions.

It is important that the series are not tested on animals.

The brand receives many positive reviews from its satisfied customers. About this - in the video below

Soap-based Mirra Lux

Soap-based Mirra Lux shampoos are another example of natural products that make hair smooth, soft and silky. The composition of the funds does not include sulfates, silicones, parabens and other chemical components. Mirra Lux products are suitable for dry, oily and mixed hair types. There is the possibility of choosing a highly specialized remedy (for example, against dandruff).

The entire line is built on folk recipes, the basis of which is the soap root.

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L'Oreal Professionnal

The French brand L'Oreal Professionnal has offices in more than 140 countries. It is created specifically for damaged and weakened hair. This is a professional cosmetics, the purpose of which is restoration and protection. The main component is lactic acid, which regenerates and nourishes the hair along the entire length, accelerates the growth process. A striking example of a brand is sulfate-free shampoo. Pure resource, which has healing properties: removes dead skin flakes from the scalp, protecting it and enhancing barrier properties.

It is possible to use products for hair extensions.

Avalon organics

Avalon Organics bioorganic phosphate-free cosmetics has undergone rigorous clinical trials to meet international quality standards. The company's products appeared on the market more than twenty years ago, having proved their effectiveness during this time. A well-tested formula is designed for weighting, moisturizing and protecting from the negative effects of the environment.

The plants included in the composition are grown in natural conditions.


The brand offers a wide range of cosmetic care products, including shampoos for men. Inside the company there is a constant process of updating and releasing new products. One of the most popular means is macadamia nut oil shampoo. Oil penetrates the deep structure of the hair, restoring it from the inside.

A big plus is affordable prices.

Shampoos of this brand already have fans around the world and still continue to receive flattering reviews. Learn about this from the next video.

Freederm by Shering-Plow

Almost a medical product recommended by dermatologists and sold in pharmacies. The product solves all the problems associated with itching and dandruff. There is a narrow specialization of products, in connection with which you can choose a separate tool to eliminate specific shortcomings. Shampoos can be used for preventive purposes.

If you have additional questions, it is best to consult a doctor for advice.


Davines Restorative Scrub Shampoo was created especially for residents of cities that usually experience similar difficulties with hair care. The unique composition includes natural components and special scrubbing components. The product can easily wash away city dust and pollutants accumulated during the day. Davines has a delicate detergent effect.

An important feature is the presence of potent antioxidant ingredients.


Luxury care. One of the leading brands of high quality professional cosmetics. Products include innovative ingredients and unique pure formulas. The line of funds is not available in hypermarkets and in the mass market, it can be purchased only in luxury stores.

Before buying and using, you should carefully study the structure and condition of the hair in order to select the most optimal product for carrying out home care procedures.


An American brand that has been on the market for more than fifty years and offers customers a wide variety of products. A distinctive feature of the brand is the presence of a moisturizer in the composition of each product. You can choose a shampoo to moisturize, nourish, restore, increase volume. In the range there is a unique series for follicle restoration, and the most popular series of shampoos is Dove Therapy.

Suitable for all hair types.

Clean line

A proven domestic brand with more than 20 types of shampoos in its collection. Favorable distinction is the system of flexible prices. All products undergo mandatory dermatological control and analysis. The constituent plant base includes decoctions of natural herbs: nettle, calendula, chamomile. Therefore, the constant use of funds gives the hair volume, natural shine and flexibility, strengthens the roots, softens and moisturizes.

The Clean Line products include a specialized men's line.

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