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Kerasys Shampoo

When we meet people, we first of all pay attention to how they look. Stylish hairstyle will help to make the right impression, create a unique image. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of cosmetics that help care for curls, give them a healthy and radiant look. Among them, Kerasys brand shampoo can be distinguished.

Features and Benefits

This manufacturer submits its products to the court of mods. You will provide professional care to your locks even in the conditions of your home. Consider the main advantages:

  • The shampoo contains only natural ingredients. The product is created according to the latest modern technologies. With the help of active components, you can quickly and effectively repair damaged curls, preserve the desired shade of curls, give the hair a maximum volume, healing effect.
  • The Korean brand meets all quality and safety standards.
  • Wide range of. You can choose different types of this tool for use. Everything will depend on what effect you want to achieve.
  • Active home care. Thanks to this tool, you can carry out intensive restoration and strengthening of hair in the conditions of your home. Now you will not need to visit expensive beauty salons.
  • Saving. Shampoo can be purchased at a specialty store at an attractive price. You will not spend the entire family budget, but will gain an important product to maintain natural beauty.
  • Great mood. You will feel stylish and attractive with luxurious hair. The mood from this will improve. Others will notice this. People will be attracted by your inner and outer charm.

A bit of history

This trademark was founded in 1954. A small family business has grown into an entire corporation. Now products are distributed in various countries. The basis of production is high quality raw materials, only proven and safe components. Means include extracts and plant extracts that will beneficially affect the strands.

All shampoos are designed to meet the needs of normal and damaged curls. A single bottle contains a large number of biologically active components and biochemical compounds. Thanks to comprehensive care, the curls will be healed, strengthened. Protects the product from the adverse effects of the environment.

Main varieties

A pleasant moment for all buyers is a wide range of goods of this brand. You can easily pick up the shampoo that is right for your hair. Consider the main ones:

  • Healing

This option is perfect for thin and damaged curls that require special care. You can fill your locks with vitality, protect from the negative effects of the environment, for example, from the harmful effects of chlorinated water, the scorching rays of the sun. This shampoo will be an excellent protector of hairstyles for stress, improper care, when the hair is thinning and lose moisture.

An important point is the cleansing of the hair. Thin hair should be washed often. You need to do this correctly. It is worth foaming a little substance in the palms, apply to the roots. With the help of the resulting foam, you can rinse the entire length of the hair. This will effectively cleanse the scalp and not bring the tips to dry.

Also, this shampoo is notable for the fact that it is able to strengthen the bulbs. The hair structure is restored from the inside, affecting the weakened areas. Thanks to active substances and natural components, the product penetrates deep into the lock. Shampoo is designed to solve several problems:

  • Eliminate fragility, effectively nourish and moisturize curls.
  • To increase blood circulation in the skin.
  • Seal the hair structure, make it stronger, increase the volume.

Thanks to the herbal extracts contained in the shampoo, you will feel the healing effect. This will be facilitated by:

  • Hood of mountain arnica. It has a calming effect, helps improve blood circulation, forget about hair loss.
  • Gentian is yellow. Helps strengthen follicles, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Yarrow Extract It is a source of vitamins A and C. It is the lack of these elements that can lead to brittle strands.
  • Wormwood extract. Helps eliminate high fat content. This substance will give elasticity, shine to curls.
  • Edelweiss extract. It is a powerful antioxidant. Helps provide nutrition and hydration.
  • Vitamins A and E, which will become mandatory for stimulating hair growth and strengthening.

A healing agent can be used every day.

  • Refreshing

This option is perfect for all men. It is this shampoo that will fill the stronger sex with confidence, give freshness and purity to curls. You will have a flawless image. The product was developed specifically for the effective care of men's hair. The bottle will be an excellent styling tool. The substance absorbs excellent conditioning properties, helps eliminate dandruff, skin itching and other skin problems.

A refreshing shampoo will help to maintain the tone of your hair constantly. It is especially useful to use it in the summer, during the hot period. The liquid will give you a cool menthol, fill the hair with energy, strengthen them along the entire length. Numerous reviews of men confirm the high quality of the product.

  • "Salon Care "Smoothness and Shine

Often our curls are subjected to perm, straightening, which contributes to their dryness and loss. It is worth noting that before curling it is better to test your locks. Especially fragile and damaged hair, this procedure is strictly contraindicated. This option is designed to solve the following problems:

  • Stimulate microcirculation of the skin.
  • Restore the original hair structure.
  • Return curls flexibility and mobility.
  • Restore the protective properties of the strands.

Among the active components of shampoo, red wine antioxidants and keratin can be distinguished. They allow you to effectively make up for the damaged hair structure. You can also solve the problem of extinct locks that have lost their vitality and strength.

  • "Oriental Premium"

This substance is suitable for any type of hair. This is a significant advantage of the tool. The composition of the product includes camellia oil, which helps strengthen brittle locks, make them silky and beautiful. Shampoo helps to effectively nourish and smooth out curls throughout the structure. The product contains traditional oriental herbs. These include ginseng, angelica, rogue root, orchid, camellia leaves, pomegranate. They will help strengthen hair follicles, prevent hair loss. The keratin complex adds elasticity to each lock.

Using this shampoo, you will feel how the hair was filled with vitality, acquired a healthy shine, elasticity. You will forget about the fragile and weakened hairstyle.

  • "Color"

This shampoo helps restore damaged and colored hair. You can improve their texture, make elastic and shiny locks. The substance contains panthenol, gerbera and edelweiss extract. The main tasks that shampoo solves:

  • Nutrition, gloss, color fastness. Suitable for painted and damaged strands.
  • Thanks to the unique system that is part of the product, the tool will provide color fastness and brightness for quite some time. You will receive dazzling shine of a hairdress and natural shine of hair.
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin. This shampoo is tested by dermatologists.

It is important to use shampoo correctly. Distribute a small amount of fluid to the hair. Massage them and then rinse with warm water.

  • Restorative

If you notice that your curls have lost their integrity, the scales are loose on the hair fiber and other non-positive changes, then you should buy this shampoo. It contains liposomes that act at the cellular level, penetrating deep into the heart of the cell, moisturizing and nourishing it.

This tool will help protect your curls from the adverse effects of the environment, eliminate brittleness, cross-section. The main tasks that shampoo solves:

  • Restoring the heterogeneous hair structure, smoothing scales, eliminating damaged tips.
  • Activation of the process of growth of curlsstrengthening follicles.
  • The formation of the protective shell.
  • Stabilization of the sebaceous glands. The tool will not dry out the tips.
  • The substance will make your hair glossy and strong.

Thanks to phytoextracts, a healing effect on the scalp will be provided:

  • Walnut Shell Extract. It will help to effectively nourish the hair, giving it elasticity and a healthy look.
  • Sunflower seed oil. Will protect your hair from the adverse effects of sunlight, have a regenerating and moisturizing effect.
  • Extract of chamomile pharmacy. It will help strengthen hair, cure damaged areas.
  • Calendula hood. It has a disinfecting property. It will help normalize increased oily skin.

Such a shampoo will be an excellent helper for colored hair, as well as curls that undergo frequent styling. With regular use of the product, the elimination of split ends, the cessation of hair loss, is noted. The strands will not get tangled, they will become smooth and well-groomed.

  • For the treatment of scalp

For those ladies who are worried about the condition of their curls, there is a special shampoo. It is it that needs to be used if you feel itching, discomfort, dandruff has appeared. This option was developed specifically for the care and treatment of problem areas of the scalp. The composition of the product includes active ingredients that have caring, cleansing and regenerating properties. They are able to bring the epidermis back to normal.

With the help of a number of components, you will get rid of dandruff, dryness, peeling, restore the water balance in the cells. Special antibacterial components will actively fight bacteria that provoke the appearance of inflammation, redness and irritation. Nourishing ingredients will help soften the curls, provide them with the necessary nutrition, add silkiness, and help facilitate the daily care routine.

As part of the shampoo, you will find a complex of vitamins. It is he who fills the locks and skin with valuable trace elements. You can get healthy and strong hair. At the same time, shampoo will help activate the process of regeneration of new cells, improve blood circulation. You will be pleased with the visible result.

  • Nutritious

This option will become indispensable for owners of curls, which are very badly damaged. Now you can not be afraid to do frequent styling, dye your hair. If necessary, just use this tool. It contains all components of natural origin. Moringa seeds help make up for the lack of protein. Your hairstyle will gain volume and radiant shine. Thanks to sunflower seed oils, your strands will be under reliable protection from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and other adverse environmental factors.

With constant use of the product, you can notice a visible effect. Caring for your hair will be easier and easier.

  • Moisturizing

This substance is intended for dry strands that are devoid of luster and vitality. Shampoo will help to effectively moisturize the hair, return strength, strength, energy to the curls. The composition of the bottle includes only natural components of the keratin complex, panthenol and others. Many women who have tried this tool talk about its effectiveness. You for a short period of time perfectly cope with your problems.


Korea is the place of manufacture for Kerasys shampoo. Numerous studies by scientists have confirmed the high quality of the product, its effectiveness and safety. Many users note the effectiveness of all the natural elements that make up the liquid. With regular use, you can get rid of dandruff, skin irritations, itching and other unpleasant moments.

An important point for buyers is the ability to restore the weakened hair, give it vitality, natural shine. Since hair is often exposed to heat during styling, you should pay attention to this series. Now you can not be afraid for the condition of your hair.

Shampoo will help with daily care. The product is intended for both men and women. Many men like menthol shampoo, which helps to create styling and gives a touch of coolness on a hot day.

All buyers note a pleasant smell of funds. A light aroma will remain after washing your hair. You will feel a surge of strength and energy, as well as a good mood. People around you will notice a change in your image. You will feel confident and attractive. Accordingly, you can achieve success and achieve your goal

It is better to use shampoo according to your hair type. Only then can you achieve your goal. It is important and proper to carry out the procedure for caring for your hair. The product must be gently applied in the palm of your hand, lather, and then massage into the roots and massage your head with massage movements. After a certain time, you can wash off the shampoo with warm water.

You can learn more from the video.

Grateful users and ease of use of this product note. Shampoo does not require any additional instructions. It needs to be applied a little to the hair (as we said above). Ease and ease of use is a clear plus of the product. The process of washing your hair will now be not only quick, but also enjoyable. The procedure will not cause you discomfort. The hair will be washed and cleaned very well, the product is washed off quickly.

Pleasantly surprise buyers and the affordable price of the goods. You can purchase the right and important product at an attractive price without spending your entire family budget. At the same time, the hair will become soft and obedient, as after visiting expensive beauty salons.

Some ladies find shampoo economical. A little is enough to rinse the whole head. One jar of shampoo lasts about eight months. Celebrate people and a wide range of products. You can choose the tool from this line that will suit you more.

Thus, we examined the main advantages and properties of Kerasys shampoo. Now you know how to properly care for your locks so that they are filled with vitality and health. Let your stylish hairstyle conquer the hearts of the opposite sex, and you will feel confident and at ease.

Watch the video: Kerasys Shampoo + Conditioner Review (January 2020).


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