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Olive cream

The most effective cosmetics that care for your skin are made on the basis of natural ingredients. Olive cream is one of those products that will always be in demand. The thing is that its main component is natural olive oil, or rather, the very irreplaceable substances obtained from it in the industrial production of cosmetic preparations that act on the epidermis, making the skin look younger, glow from the inside, look well-groomed and beautiful.


In order to get the main component for the cream, olive oil is used.. It is produced by a special technology, retaining a greater amount of squarpen. It is a natural moisturizer that effectively restores the skin. Reviews from use indicate: this is the best assistant to preserve youth and beauty.

Olive oil protects the epidermis from the harmful effects of external factors, saturates the cells with vitamins and minerals.

This oil is added not only to the formulation of creams, but also to milk for removing makeup, in formulations intended for masks. Olive creams for skin with clear signs of aging are especially effective. After regular use, changes are noticeable for the better, deep wrinkles are smoothed out, and small ones can disappear altogether.


It’s never too early or too late to take care of your skin. Even at the age of 20, girls need to choose the right cosmetics that will preserve their beauty and youth, protect their face from harmful ultraviolet rays. After 35 years, when the epidermis begins to lose its elasticity, care should be especially careful.

Olive cream is primarily effective as an excellent moisturizer. It softens the skin, makes it soft.

Dry skin gets rid of signs of peeling, a healthy look and radiance return to it.. The product has the features of an antioxidant, protecting against negative environmental factors. And most importantly, it slows down the aging process. Olive cream is able to regenerate damaged cells.

It heals inflammation, eliminating their traces, helps to cope with sunburn, eliminates redness and inflammation.

Who will suit

Many manufacturers are ready to offer women their products based on olive oil. The most popular are the Finnish, Turkish, Russian products from well-known brand manufacturers. All of them are focused on different age groups of customers and on different types of skin.

Therefore, a properly selected olive cream guarantees quality care for all women, without exception.

Dry skin needs restoration procedures. Cream based on olive oil gives it softness, relieves redness, fine wrinkles. Two weeks of use and the effect is obvious - perfectly moisturized, radiant color, lack of inflammation. Beauticians believe that if the skin is oily, using a cream will get rid of black spots. For combination - a remedy with olive oil will help smooth out areas, nourishing and moisturizing them, protecting against external irritants.

Best remedies

Finnish face cosmetics do not need advertising. Many drugs have olive oil in their composition. Herbamedicus olivenol - A popular product that moisturizes and nourishes the skin for a long time, making it soft and velvety. It is well absorbed, after it there are no greasy traces. The price of such a cream is from 240 rubles.

The cream from Neva cosmetics. In addition to olive oil, an extract of these fruits is also present in it. Incredibly effective cream in the winter season, perfectly nourishes, retains moisture. The price is quite affordable - from 40 rubles.

Organic olive - a product from Greece, its cost is from 700 rubles. The manufacturer assures that the product is suitable for all skin types, providing a regenerating and restoring effect. User reviews with such assurances completely agree.

Funds from Turkey are no less popular. Everyone knows Misa helps owners of oily skin. This drug narrows pores, restores water and fat balance, and has an amazing moisturizing effect.

On the video - a review of another Turkish cream with olive oil Dalan D'Olive.

Israel invites women to try Health & beauty - cosmetic product based on olive oil and honey. After its frequent use, the skin is transformed.

She is moisturized and looks great.

Olive face cream Apieu returns skin smoothness and velvety. The Korean brand is very popular in Russia. It is rich in components that soften the skin very well, make it supple and pleasant to the touch. The price of such a product is from 650 rubles.

Another budget option is represented by a trademark One hundred recipes for beauty. A product based on olive oil is called to nourish the skin, saturating it with useful trace elements from the inside.

The use of this product evens the complexion, makes it natural and attractive.

We do at home

By the way, You can prepare an effective cosmetic product at home. In addition to high-quality olive oil, cold-pressed, and you will need a glycerin component. Glycerin is sold at the pharmacy. It must be mixed with olive oil, add a little oatmeal and, if desired, a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. The mixture can be stored for up to two days. The finished product is applied to the face for 15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

A week after application, fine wrinkles disappear. And after three more deep ones become less noticeable.

How to make milk cream with olive oil for face and body skin "Royal care", see the video.

Watch the video: Day Whitening Cream Works Like BB Cream. Olive Day Cream-Fiza BeautyTips (January 2020).


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