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Day cream “Black Pearl. Self-determination "

A face is a business card of every woman. Nowadays, a well-groomed appearance is associated with success. If a lady is able to take care of herself, that means she can handle everything else.

Facial skin requires constant and proper care.

It is most exposed to the harmful effects of the environment and ultraviolet radiation and needs to be protected. This is especially true in a big city, where the air contains more harmful substances that affect the condition of the skin. Experts recommend the use of such care products as night and day cream Black pearls, which protect the skin around the clock. In the article, we will analyze in detail the features of using the daily remedy.

Youth and beauty

Black Pearl is a well-known brand that has been produced for more than 15 years. Every year the line is expanding, filled with innovative skin care products of all ages. To date, various programs have been developed that are aimed at solving a specific problem.

The program "Self-rejuvenation" is designed for ages from 26 years, the moment when the first wrinkles begin to appear.

The products in this series include components that help restore the self-rejuvenation process that is present in young skin. It is divided into age groups 26+, 36+, 46+, 56+.

The product range includes such programs as:

  • Bio program
  • cream experts;
  • age programs.

The first series of products contains bioactive substances that can protect the skin from harmful effects, such as air pollution and increased power of sunlight. Favorably tightens the entire contour of the face, making it more attractive. The composition includes components such as retinol, vitamin E, Shea butter, which have proven themselves in the struggle for youthful skin. And among the components of serum and eye cream is rose oil, which creates a lifting effect.

Cream experts are creams with a unique formula that independently adjust to the skin type, recognize imperfections in hydration, nutrition, renewal, and correct them. Allows, if necessary, to prevent aging or to combat existing wrinkles. The main component in all units is hyaluron, supplemented with Shea butter, almonds, peaches, avocados, jojoba extract and soy proteins for different ages.

The latter also help to restore the independent production of anti-aging substances. The composition of the funds includes hyaluronic acid and liquid collagen.


Day cream is the main shield for the whole day. Its composition must be approached responsibly, because these substances should protect the precious epidermis from harmful effects.

The option for normal to combination skin provides deep hydration, basic care and maximum protection. Also, it has a matting effect. The formula is universal for any age. The composition includes a bio-extract of orchids and jojoba, vitamin C, Shea butter.

Gentle care has been developed for dry and sensitive skin, has a light formula, is quickly absorbed and does not create additional discomfort. Suitable for daily use. Peach and sunflower oil are nourished with the necessary antioxidants, and retinol and vitamin E give elasticity and do not create the effect of dryness and tightness.

It is relevant at any age.

In age programs from the Black Pearl brand, the choice of day creams is wider. All of them in their composition have UV protection - a very necessary component in the modern world, where the sun shines very intensely. It is worth remembering that funds with an SPF filter must be used not only in the summer, but also in the remaining 3 seasons.

This will protect against premature skin aging.

For very young skin from 26 years old Two products are provided, depending on its type. The cream has a light texture, easily lays down and is absorbed, filling with moisture. Nutrients make the skin smooth and silky, and the formula allows you to establish an independent production of nutrients that will help keep freshness longer.

Cream 36+ Designed to combat age-related changes and to meet the special needs of this age. Easy to apply, penetrates deeply, nourishes and protects the integument.

Returns smoothness and elasticity.

For skin after 46 years have your own anti-aging day cream. Its task is to maximize help the skin actively recover. Returns density, improves elasticity, adds smoothness, tightens the contour of the face and neck, which is necessary for a well-groomed look at this age.

The formula is enhanced with liquid collagen, pro-elastin and retinol.

In this series there is cream 56+. It takes into account the special needs of mature skin, helps increase density, reduce wrinkle depth and protect against harmful effects. The formula contains vita-proteins for the restoration of protective functions and the independent development of anti-aging substances.

Many girls and women have chosen Black Pearl cosmetics for everyday care. It is made from simple and natural components, therefore it has a price lower than that of foreign analogues. Both young girls and older women buy it, this is a good gift for mom and grandmother. However, this product has some negative reviews due to the fact that each skin is individual and some components can cause an allergic reaction in single users.

How to care for your skin

It is better to keep skin fresh from a very young age, as soon as you start using makeup. There are some simple tips to help keep your complexion healthy and clean.

  • Change bedding, in particular pillowcases, at least once a week;
  • in the morning after washing use a tonic and apply a day cream;
  • leaving your home protect your skin: The composition must necessarily contain a component that creates UV protection;
  • on bright sunny days cover your face from direct rays with a hat and wide brim;
  • rinse in the evening all makeup, apply night cream

In the summer, use a moisturizer and protect the nutritious from cold, rainy or windy weather.

Also, it is worth remembering that bad habits do not have the best effect on appearance. Lead a healthy lifestyle, and this, in combination with the right means, will preserve your beauty for many years.

When choosing a day cream, carefully study the composition, and before use, test on a small area of ​​the skin and carefully study the instructions for proper use. In pursuit of youth, remember that to be a luxurious woman is not to look the youngest of all, but to look chic at your age.

You can learn more about the cream "Black Pearl. Self-rejuvenation" from the video.

Watch the video: SKIN CARE EMPTIES: VLOGMAS 2018 DAY 24. DR DRAY (January 2020).


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