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Cream Black Pearl after 36 years

To always look young and well-groomed, it is important to properly care for the skin. Care is not only in cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition, but also in the selection of funds suitable for age. Perhaps it is the Black Pearl cream after 36 years that will help you maintain youth and beauty.

Features and Benefits

Brand "Black Pearl" produces 4 lines of anti-aging cosmetics "Self-rejuvenation". Care programs are designed for women after 26, 36, 46 and 56 years old. All of them have a common basis, but different components in the composition that meet the needs that appear on the skin with age.

The general motto of the brand, and in particular the 36+ series of makeup products is to stimulate natural immunity against aging. It is assumed that under the influence of the active components of the cream, the skin will begin to actively develop its own collagen, elastin and hyaluron, which give elasticity, maintain hydrobalance and give the skin a healthy look.

The line "Self-rejuvenation 36+" consists of day, night creams and cream-serum for the eyes. Both creams, as the manufacturer promises, are suitable for the chest and neck.

Day cream for the face contains three main active ingredients:

• Hyaluronic acid;

• Liquid collagen;

• UV filters.

Night cream also contains liquid collagen, but the emphasis is on the nutritional component. The composition includes cosmetic oils: almond, shea butter (shea), vitamins E and C and amino acids.

Cream-serum for skin care around the eyes has the same basis - collagen and hyaluronic acid. In this recipe, they are supplemented with bio-peptides and UV filters. You can buy creams of this series in cosmetic stores throughout Russia - both in supermarkets and in small outlets. In addition, products are sold through the Internet.

The indisputable advantage of Black Pearl cosmetics is its cost. The Russian manufacturer holds more than affordable prices: creams with a similar composition from other brands will cost much more. "Black Pearl" will be affordable for almost every Russian woman.

The subtleties of mature skin care

After 36 years, the signs of aging become visible on the face with the naked eye. Unfortunately, this process cannot be stopped. However, it is quite realistic to slow it down if you start work on time.

By this age, metabolic processes in the skin change. Keeping moisture inside the cells is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, dryness and sagging. According to Russian studies, after 40 years, half the woman is faced with dryness, even if the skin was oily at a younger age. At the same age, age spots appear.

Fibers that support skin tone - collagen and elastin - also become significantly smaller. As a result, the oval of the face becomes less and less clear, and in the end, it “blurred”.

To solve all these problems, the care cream should support the production of skin fibers, nourish and moisturize, eliminate dryness and irritation.

A must-have component of any face cream - UV filter (usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). In cosmetics for aging skin, this ingredient should be in one of the first places, because under the influence of sunlight, the aging process, alas, only accelerates.

In general, considering the composition of the line "Self-esteem 36+", we can conclude that the cream meets the needs of the skin. At the same time, the opinions of cosmetologists are very contradictory: the fact is that alcohol is present in the composition - skin care specialists do not like this element. Moreover, in the description on the box with the cream, it is indicated much earlier than the main active components, which means that it is much more there than useful substances. Many brands of inexpensive cosmetics have this feature, and this must be taken into account when shopping.

However, even the best cream will not have an effect in the absence of skin recharge from the inside. Any cosmetologist, except for the appointment of a care line, will give tips on correcting nutrition and lifestyle.

The basic principles of nutrition for healthy and young skin - a sufficient amount of vitamins of group B and vitamins A, E and C. To do this, you need to increase the amount of dark flour products in the diet, more often eat whole grain bread and bran. It is definitely worth introducing oatmeal forgotten from childhood into the diet. To saturate the skin with vitamins, you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green and leafy ones (broccoli, spinach, salads). Fatty sea fish is an excellent source of fatty acids, so necessary for the skin after 35, and even more so after 45 years.

For complete skin regeneration, a daily 7-8 hour sleep is required.

How to use

One of the main principles of modern cosmetology is comprehensive care. If you decide to purchase the Black Pearl anti-aging gamut, it is ideal if you have the whole line on your shelf - two creams and a serum around the eyes.

As experts of this brand advise, in order for the skin to receive enough care, you need to purchase both products at the same time and make sure that they simultaneously end.

So, day care is applied to the skin in the morning, after cleansing. Both in the morning and in the evening, experts recommend cleansing the skin. Since the mature skin is often rather dry, the ideal companion is the “Foam-Mousse for washing” of the same brand, or “Bio-oil”.

The cream is applied with light movements along the massage lines of the face - from the nose up, from the center of the forehead to its edges, along the cheeks - directing the hands from the corners of the eyes to the ears (no cream is applied to the skin under the eyes), from the center of the chin to the ears. The remedy should definitely be “stretched” to the neck and décolleté - there age problems are usually visible even more than on the face.

After 3-5 minutes, you can start applying makeup.

It is important that all these procedures should be done no less than half an hour before going outside, especially in cold weather. The liquid contained in cosmetics has the property of "freezing", which means that it freezes right on the skin, destroying it.

The brand experts recommend to apply the drug for night care up to 22-00 hoursbecause after this time, active recovery processes begin, which means that the skin should be ready for them.

Before evening departure make-up remover is done - in the Black Pearl line there is micellar water, tonic and other products for this. In particular, the products of the Cleansing and Care line also used liquid collagen and hyaluronic acid - i.e. they can adequately complement the line "Self-esteem 36+".

Eye cream is applied morning and evening to the area under the eyes (a bone and a little higher). If the product has a roller applicator, it is applied in a spiral. If it is squeezed out of a tube, a few drops are applied, which are driven into the skin with light patting movements. In no case do you need to rub and stretch the skin in this area.

How it works: customer reviews

This series has been present on the market for several years - there are a lot of reviews on the Internet, both on specialized sites and on beauty bloggers. The general trend is positive, most of the customers give the cream positive ratings.

Most often, women note:

• Pleasant dense texture;

• unobtrusive aroma;

• fast absorption;

• skin hydration;

• a pleasant complexion after application.

Negative sides of the cream - by reviews:

• Lack of self-healing effect, lifting effect;

• may cause allergies and clogging of pores;

• low concentration of natural ingredients in the composition.

Many women say that this is just a good caring cream, from which you should not expect a super effect. It is well suited as a base for makeup. However, there are those to whom the cream is perfectly suited - the effect of rejuvenation was noticeable.

It is often compared with the creams of another series of Black Pouches - Expert, which presents an adaptive product that supposedly adapts to the needs of a particular woman - for example, nourish dry skin on the cheeks, and moisturize and soothe oily skin on the nose and chin.

The effect of the impact, according to reviews, is most noticeable in the series "Self-rejuvenation."

Since the product does not have a dispenser, regular customers are advised to dial it with a special cosmetic spatula or, for example, an ice cream stick. This will prevent the growth of bacteria in the jar, which means it will allow the product to stay fresh longer.

In the next video - a review of the day cream Black pearl "Self-rejuvenation" 36+.

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