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Face oil masks

Modern girls and women do many different facial skin care treatments. Particular attention must be paid to the use of oils. A feature of any face oil mask is the presence of simple, but rather useful components.

Beneficial features

Today, oils are quite actively used in the field of cosmetology. They are integral components of many care products, and also play the role of one of the main ingredients in medicinal formulations. This is due to the presence of a large number of useful properties. The impact of natural components favorably affects the health and condition of the skin.

Quite often, olive oil is used to create cosmetic masks. This option can be called universal, as it is used in many fields. Masks based on the olive look perfectly nourish the skin, make it more hydrated and silky. The main advantage is that cosmetic formulations with this component can be easily prepared at home.

No less popular in the beauty industry are essential oils. These options have recently begun to be used by girls and women. You can do this at home, using a ready-made recipe to create.

The main advantage of cosmetics is that they are suitable for any type of skin.

It is necessary to highlight the main advantages of ethereal species:

  • naturalness. The base of the liquids lacks synthetic additives, preservatives and harmful dyes. Essential oils contain a natural complex of vitamins. Organic and fatty acids present in liquids have a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • security. After the use of funds, allergic reactions do not occur. Essential oils help to cope with excessive sensitivity;
  • epidermis compatibility. The consistency of esters resembles subcutaneous fat, which is produced by the glands. Due to this, the epidermis reacts positively to masks and other oil-based products.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of composition for skin care. The best oil is dry. This is due to the fact that it contains a large amount of fatty acids. The category of dry species includes avocado or macadamia oil.

The epidermis absorbs their components well, leaving an invisible protective film.

Owners of dry skin should pay attention to the formulations saturated with vitamins and nutrients. These options include argan or coconut oil.

How to choose by skin type

As noted above, special attention should be paid to the type of epidermis and its features during the selection of a suitable species. Those who suffer from excessive sensitivity, the appearance of defects and rashes, it is best to use chamomile seed oil.

It should be understood that the occurrence of such problems on the face is too active the sebaceous glands.

Owners of sensitive, oily and combination skin need to pay attention to dry formulations. The main advantage of these options is that they stop the increased work of the sebaceous glands. The components contained in the oil do not clog the pores, which is important.

Most women suffer from too dry skin.

In this case, a nutrient base that moisturizes the epidermis is suitable. A good choice would be macadamia oil or pomegranate seeds.

Quite often, women prepare their own anti-aging masks. So, for mature skin, funds are suitable based on macadamia and rosehip oils. They perfectly smooth fine wrinkles.

Application rules

An important point is not only the correct selection of the basics for creating masks, but also their proper application. There are several rules that must be observed when working with cosmetic oils.

To begin with, you should know that they are applied exclusively to a damp surface. This applies to argan, watermelon (from seeds), castor and cedar species. Only in this way can the components be completely absorbed.

If clay is present at the base of the mask, it is recommended to first apply a few drops of oil to the surface.

Do not use ready-made formulations with the names “face or body oils” for care. The basis of the funds contains many synthetic additives, which is harmful to the epidermis.

How to clean your face before applying

Before applying the finished composition, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. From the face it is necessary to wash off decorative cosmetics. This applies to tonal foundations, bronzers, blush and mascara. For these purposes, you need to use standard cosmetics in the form of gel foam, milk or tonic.

The next step is cleansing.. For these purposes, it is necessary to use scrubbing agents. It is known that for each skin type, options are selected individually. This avoids irritation and allergic reactions.

The final stage is peeling. At home, for these purposes, you can use honey, ground coffee or sugar. This allows you to quickly and efficiently clean pores.

After carrying out all the above activities, a moisturizer should be applied to the face.

Home Recipes

There are many different options for face masks that can be prepared at home. For example, a mixture based on mustard powder. To it you need to add a small amount of lemon juice and 2 ml of jojoba squeeze. All components must be combined, and then applied with a thin layer on the face.

A good option would be a composition based on flax seed oil, sour cream or baked milk, cottage cheese and yolk. All components must be thoroughly grinded, and then applied to the skin with soft circular movements. The procedure should last at least 30 minutes.

To make the epidermis more elastic and smooth, you can use a composition with shea butter. It is necessary to add an egg (yolk) and lemon zest to it. Grind all components, and then apply to the skin. The composition is washed off with mineral water.

Owners of sensitive skin need to choose products that have an antibacterial effect. To prepare a composition with such properties, tea tree oil and linden flower infusion are used. The components are diluted with gelatin, after which its granules are dissolved in a water bath. The mixture is applied to the face, after washing it off, the skin is treated with grapefruit.

One of the most valuable and effective formulations is neroli oil. Basically, it is mixed with other natural esters and extracts. The use of such mixtures allows you to get rid of skin defects.

A good option would be to prepare a mask with eucalyptus, camelina oil and gray clay. A small amount of yeast (approximately 5 g) is added to the base. Before applying, it is recommended to steam the skin with a herbal compress.

A good remedy is a corn oil formulation. An additional component is honey. It is necessary to combine a teaspoon of food. Often an egg yolk is added to such a mixture. The composition is evenly distributed over the skin and left for 20 minutes.

Pumpkin oil will help cope with wrinkles. On its basis, many different cosmetics are being prepared. It is necessary to pour 2 drops of the ether composition of cinnamon into it. A warm mixture (previously recommended to be warmed up) should be applied for about 30-40 minutes.

For the preparation of cosmetics at home, vegetable oil is often used. The components contained in the basis of such options gently cleanse the pores and restore cell membranes. The plant base can be supplemented with semolina and buckwheat honey. The components must be connected, and then heated in water to a temperature of 39 degrees.

And now the video is a mask recipe for moisturizing the skin of the face.


Women who used cosmetic oils to make masks noted the good effect and safety of the components. After application, the skin becomes soft and silky. On the surface of the epidermis there are no irritations and redness, which is quite important.

The advantage of the options is a pleasant aroma and full naturalness. Mixtures perfectly nourish the skin, saturating it with useful elements and vitamins.

Watch the video: Tumeric & coconut oil face mask - stop eczema, redness & inflammation on your skin. Amazing results! (January 2020).


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