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Jojoba oil for face

Jojoba oil was used for facial skin in ancient Egypt. This is a unique product, which in our time is used as a rejuvenating and nourishing agent. This is a great option for basic skin care for women’s face, it can be added to daily creams and lotions, many women make face masks from it, remove their makeup.

How to get

The oil is produced in two ways: by the method of refining and by cold pressing seeds (nuts) of Simmondsia chinensis (Simmonds China jojoba), a shrub that grows in southern Arizona, southern California and in the north-west of Mexico. For cosmetic purposes, it is better to use oil obtained by cold pressing. Natural 100% vegetable oil has a golden color and a slightly perceptible smell of macadamia nuts or, as they are also called, Australian nuts. Such oil is most often sold in dark-colored glass jars, as it is afraid of light.

Unique Benefits

Oil makes up about 50% of the seed weight. In the literature, along with the term "oil", the term "jojoba wax" can also be found, since it visually looks like liquid wax and hardens at room temperature.

Jojoba squeeze contains amino acids in the composition of proteins, in structure resembling collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. The oil has properties identical to spermaceti, saturated with tocopherol, tannins and ethers. This is a real storehouse of vitamins and useful substances for beauty and health. Another important property is its resistance to oxidation and rancidity.

Women's facial skin ages faster than men's skin, so the use of jojoba wax is especially recommended for weaker sexes.

But the most amazing thing is that it allows you to slow down the development of bacteria that cause tuberculosis, has enzymatic properties that are used in the manufacture of penicillin and cephalosporins, when applied to the skin its anti-aging and bactericidal properties are manifested. The beneficial properties of the oil are stored only two years after opening the package, so it is very important to notice the expiration date on time.

Due to its unique properties, it refers to base oils, therefore it can be used in its pure form as an independent cosmetic product.

Application in cosmetology

Originally, jojoba oil was used by the Indians of Mexico as a wound healing agent, as well as an effective protection of the skin and hair from ultraviolet rays emitted by sunlight.

The modern range of application of jojoba wax is quite wide. Jojoba oil is used for officinal ointments in the treatment of dermatological diseases of the face (true eczema, neurodermatitis, atomic dermatitis), in cosmetology. Most beauticians praise this product for its versatility.

Its distinctive feature is that it is suitable for most types of skin: problematic, normal, sensitive, oily and aging.

It allows you to maintain skin elasticity, slow down the aging process, protects it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, cold. Jojoba wax components create a protective film for the skin and, penetrating the surface layers of the epidermis, help preserve the lipid film. Wax is actively used in the fight against acne, reduces the production of sebum of the scalp, and promotes hair growth.

The high efficiency of the oil makes its use popular. It is part of many facial products: facial cleansers, soaps, sunblocks, lip balms, and there is also a make-up based on jojoba wax. It is used to create creams against the formation of fine wrinkles under the eyes.

Depending on the degree of concentration, it can be cosmetic and essential.

Essential oil has a higher concentration of nutrients and does not require a large amount when used. Usually just a few drops of essential oil are used to make some kind of cosmetic product. Cosmetic oil is a finished product that does not require additional ingredients.

Recommendations for use

Jojoba oil is a wonderful natural product that can be used without the addition of other ingredients.

It is recommended to be applied to the skin of the face before sunbathing, so that the tan is even and gets a beautiful golden hue; on the eyebrows to enhance hair growth, on the lips in order to protect them from wind and cold. And it can be used instead of a daily daily cream, which has high regenerating properties, actively fights age-related changes and first wrinkles. To enhance the healing properties, it is better to heat it in a steam bath so that it becomes warm and has a more liquid-looking consistency. It should be remembered that the essential oil does not heat up.

Jojoba wax does not cause allergies, which is its additional advantage over other analogues. The only thing you need to remember is that this is a natural product that has a natural golden hue, can turn yellow. Therefore, in order not to accidentally spoil your favorite clothes, it is recommended that after applying them, after 3-5 minutes get wet with a napkin and remove excess oil.

Such an oil is not suitable for frequent use for those women who want to maintain their snow-white skin.

Jojoba cosmetic oil is widely used to remove makeup, after wetting a cotton pad with oil, you should thoroughly wipe your eyes and lips, cosmetics are washed off in one motion. Plus, wax will enhance eyelash growth, which is especially useful for owners of thin eyelashes. For those who are building eyelashes, such a tool will be useful in their restoration. Without much work, you can improve their appearance in just a month.

Wax can be added to your favorite night or day cream, as well as to finished lotions and face masks.

Before applying the cream on your face, you should add a few drops of oil to one of your favorite remedies, the main thing here is not to overdo it. For effective scrubbing, you can add oil to a regular face scrub. This will allow you to perform two procedures at the same time: cleansing and nutrition.

At home, wax can be applied to damaged areas of the skin (acne, peeling, burns). Can be mixed with other cosmetic oils, such as peach, apricot or almond. This mixture is often applied to the area around the eyes to get rid of bags under the eyes. This procedure is best performed two hours before bedtime so that in the morning the eyes do not look swollen.

I use jojoba wax as a remedy after hair removal over my lip. It well softens and nourishes damaged skin, quickly removes redness, and slows hair growth.

Mask recipes

From jojoba oil, you can make nourishing and regenerating face masks. The ingredients can be any. The most common are honey, egg, clay.

For face

For mature and aging skin, it is recommended to use a honey mask: 10 drops of jojoba, 30 grams of honey, 2 teaspoons of live yogurt, 1 egg white. Everything is mixed and applied for 15-20 minutes, then washed off with warm water. The procedure can be performed no more than twice a week.

To moisturize dry skin, you can use a mask based on peach and apricot oils and jojoba oil.

Apricot oil can be replaced with grape seed oil. A one to one proportion of each product is used. To enhance the effect of the mask, we recommend tilting your face and using your fingertips to lightly tap on the forehead, cheeks.

In the fight against wrinkles, it is recommended to use ice enriched with jojoba wax.

To prepare it, you need to take mineral water or previously settled water. Add a few drops of wax and pour into ice molds. You can also add a leaf of mint and parsley for beauty and smell.

To slow down the aging process and regeneration of the skin it is better to use a mask based on sour cream, clay, matched to the type of skin, jojoba wax. You need to take 70 grams of sour cream, the fatter, the better, 1 teaspoon of cosmetic clay, selected according to skin type, and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. The mask must be applied in a dense layer. It is not recommended to talk, laugh while the mask on the face. The mask is washed off with warm water after it hardens, after about 20-30 minutes. After use, it is recommended to wipe the face with a bath towel in order to achieve a massage effect.

Modern spermaceti mask involves the use of an old but effective recipe for beauty, in which jojoba wax replaces the role of spermaceti. 30 drops of jojoba oil, pre-heat it in a steam bath, add 2 drops of vitamin E and 2 drops of vitamin A. The mask must be applied immediately after preparation, otherwise the vitamins can evaporate under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Previously, this mask was used by Soviet actresses to restore the skin after makeup.

The following mask will help refresh your skin after long flights, sessions or other stressful situations. You need to grate a freshly peeled cucumber on a fine grater, add 5 ml of jojoba oil, a drop of lemon, cover your face with a paper towel and leave for half an hour.

For lips

To combat weathered lips, a mask based on jojoba wax, honey and vitamin A should be used. Only a few drops of oil, 1-2 drops of vitamin A and a teaspoon of honey will be needed to clean up dry lip skin. We recommend using unheated honey to prepare the mask so that there are more useful vitamins. You can use the mask both once and repeatedly. The skin of the lips will be young again.

A good way to nourish the skin of the lips is the daily use of wax as a balm. In a week, the lips will be soft and smooth.

For beautiful eyebrows

To ensure rapid growth of the eyebrows, you need to daily process them with jojoba wax in the amount of 5-6 drops. The oil is applied with massage movements, which helps to improve microcirculation and the flow of nutrients to the follicles.

The result will be visible in a couple of weeks: the eyebrows will become thicker.


Domestic consumers are more and more used by jojoba squeezing. Often their first acquaintance occurs with cosmetic products based on it - shampoo, mask and hair conditioner, face and body cream, face and body scrub, lip balm.

The appearance of pure jojoba oil on store shelves is of interest to potential consumers. They are actively familiarizing themselves with the beneficial properties of jojoba in the forums, they purchase pure oil for home care treatments. As a rule, wax is first used for anti-age facial skin treatments and for adding to your favorite facial cosmetics.

Basically, in the reviews there is a description of life experiences using jojoba wax without adding any additional ingredients. Customer reviews are twofold: either delight or complete disappointment. The main advantages of using jojoba wax in home cosmetology, according to consumers, are good skin hydration and lifting effect. Women claim that after a week of application, changes in the skin of the face are noticeable: it becomes smooth and beautiful, healthy color.

Failure to use wax is often explained by the use of fake products or products of poor quality, the addition of additional components to the oil that cause allergic reactions (itching, burning), tightness of the skin. Many women complained of an allergy like jojoba, so it is better to consult a doctor before use.

Often consumers pay attention to the type of packaging: plastic or glass, preference is given to the latter type of packaging, which indirectly indicates high quality.

Most women are comfortable with the price / quality ratio of oil. Many users note that they did not regret the money spent on the tool.

Consumers of jojoba oil from the manufacturer Mirrolla note the good quality of the products (its use justifies consumer expectations) at its low price, which is an indisputable advantage when choosing cosmetics. At the same time, some buyers note the insufficient information content of the jojoba oil packaging, the composition of the oil is not indicated, in particular, confirmation of its 100% origin.

You can learn more about jojoba oil from the video.

Watch the video: Jojoba oil for skin and hair. Dr Dray (January 2020).


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