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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Chambor Powder

Chambor powder has long established itself in the domestic market of cosmetics as a quality tool for smoothing skin tone.

A little about the company

The history of the company producing this product is rooted in 1986. Since then, products manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland, which already says a lot, have been of excellent quality. When producing cosmetics, this company applies all innovative technologies and follows modern fashion trends, which is why for many years it has been a favorite product of many women.

You will learn more about the powder of this brand from the video.

What is needed for

Your skin has an uneven tone. To hide the flaws, apply this product. It makes the dermis smooth, gives velvety. Also, the powder creates protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing premature skin aging. Another action of this cosmetic product is the matting effect.

It perfectly eliminates oily sheen. It hides skin imperfections in the form of pigmentation, redness, black spots, acne.


Chambor compact powder has a very high-quality packaging that has not changed much since its inception. Cardboard box in dark blue with a gold flower. The powder is inserted in a plastic frame in the color of the box and has a large slightly magnifying mirror, for ease of application. The powder box itself has a lock that reliably closes it and prevents opening.

The sponge is quite comfortable. It also has a logo in the form of a rose. The powder itself is well compressed. A small amount is taken with sponge, which allows you to create a thin layer on the face without giving a mask effect.

This product has a mass of 16 g. This is a large volume, which will last you for several months.

You can find sets in which, in addition to the main powder, there is a spare unit. It is easily mounted with adhesive tape in a plastic powder box, and replacing the main unit is not difficult.

Chambor compact powder contains vitamins A and E, natural polymers, corn starch. It does not clog pores, has an excellent matting effect. Perfectly smoothes and improves complexion. Present SPF 15 - a filter to protect against ultraviolet exposure.

Color palette

Chambor compact powder has a fairly wide range of colors. Each woman will be able to choose the tone that will suit her perfectly.

Here is their description.

  • Hue No. 1. Suitable for fair skin, has a beige tone.
  • Tint No. 2. Pinkish color.
  • Tint No. 3. Natural tone.
  • Tint No. 4. The lightest shade of the palette. Suitable for almost white skin tone.
  • Tint No. 5. Suitable for owners of dark skin. Beige tone.
  • Hue No. 7. For brunettes, yellowish color.

How to choose a tone

When choosing a shade of Chambor powder, first of all, it is worth considering the skin tone and color type in general.

Do not use powder, darker than your natural skin tone. This will visually detach the head from the body. The tone of the applied product may be lighter, but it should not differ much from your shade of the dermis. Otherwise, such a makeup will create a doll-like look of makeup as a whole.

How to apply

Apply to the skin after cleaning it using a tonic. Previously, you can apply the foundation for makeup, but in the summer you can do without it. The powder is applied with a sponge or round brush. In the second case, the layer is thinner.

To renew makeup during the day, if in a hot heat a greasy shine still appears, you should first wet your face with a dry cloth. After that, apply a layer of powder. Then the makeup will not “flow”, maintaining the perfect condition.


The cost of Chambor powder is not too high. Product packaging with a spare unit is about 1000 rubles. At first glance a little expensive. But remember that the mass of one block is 16 grams, that is, the contents of the entire package weigh 32 grams. At a time when the powder of most famous brands has a mass of 9 grams at a price of about five hundred rubles. In this case, you can only buy an additional replacement unit for Chambor products, which will cost much cheaper than the new one.


This powder has been presented on the market for many years, and there is a specific opinion about it. According to reviews, this is an excellent product that does not fit only units. The main thing is to choose the tone number correctly.

The compact Chambor powder perfectly matts; when applied with a brush, it creates the finest coating that lasts ideally for up to ten hours. Ideally hides freckles, as well as acne and other skin imperfections.

Chambor powder will allow you to create the perfect make-up with which you will feel confident all day, even in the summer heat.

Watch the video: Review of chambor brightening smoothing foundation wet and dry in hindi!! (January 2020).


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