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Taft Volume Powder

Every girl dreams of beautiful, magnificent hair, and the desires of beautiful representatives of society are taken into account by the modern beauty industry, providing many different cosmetic products. Every year, new care products for hair appear, and one of the latest developments was powder for volume. The know-how was quickly accepted by the general public, as well as professionals: stylists and hairdressers.

Features and Benefits

In a matter of minutes, the hair of the famous Taft brand can bring your hair into perfect condition. The styling powder is specially designed to provide amazing volume and long fixation of curls, with proper handling it is not felt on the curls and does not leave marks on the hands. A small amount of powder is enough to instantly highlight the texture of individual strands and give the hair an incredible volume from the point of their growth.

Powdered by Schwarzkopf experts, the powder for the Taft volume not only gives the owners of thin and volume-free hair the desired splendor, it also refreshes the hairstyle if it has been spoiled, for example, by a gust of wind and long wearing of a headgear. The special formula of the product thickens the hair, provides control over the hair and guarantees its reliable fixation. An effective product, in addition to everything else, is very economical - a 10-gram jar is enough for 50 uses.

Method of use

A small amount of powder needs to be poured onto the hand (if the procedure occurs at home, and not in a special beauty salon) and scattered along the roots of the hair, then slightly lift the curls with your fingers and fluff them. Masters are also advised to apply the product directly on the head, but in order for the right amount of cosmetic substance to get exactly where the girl suggests, you need to get used to it, but this does not work for everyone.

In fact, Taft volume powder, like Volume and Freshness spray, replaces exhausting and long combing procedures, it saves beauties from using varnish, gives volume for a long time.

It is not necessary to use varnish after powder and this is another plus of this product from Schwarzkopf. Even unwashed strands due to styling will look well-groomed. A unique powder gives volume, and it will hold for a very long time, but if you do not irrigate the hair additionally with varnish. Otherwise, a significant effect will not work, but the strands will quickly become dirty, and the girls will have a feeling of heaviness on their heads, their hair will become sticky.

Apply the powder extremely carefully so that it does not crumble into other parts of the hair. From this, they certainly will not get worse, but they will lose their natural shine, which, if there is an acute desire to shine in public, will have to be restored with special cosmetics or re-washing your hair.

To use styling is often not recommended by its creators themselves, since the powder has the ability to dry hair and scalp. Therefore, it is rational to apply it only in especially important cases.

If the girl wants to cover her hair with powder daily, then she will have to buy additional cosmetics for nourishing hair and those that will envelop her hair, protect them from the drying effect of the powder.


If you look at the numerous comments, you can make certain conclusions: powder for volume is good for short hair, but also on medium and long hair will also show itself on the positive side. The powder has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma that does not cause irritation and does not interfere with the smell of eau de toilette, as is often the case with other care products.

Especially for a long time the volume will remain on the hair with a fine structure, since such a feature of hair along with powder will allow you to keep a beautiful and magnificent hair style.

Schwarzkopf developed this product as a product for home use, so you can buy it at any supermarket, boutique, salon, or order on the Internet. The powder does not stick hair, they remain smooth, although many owners of rare hair say that after applying the product they become sticky to the touch, although they visually look clean and well-groomed. Many people feel discomfort on their heads, as if there was wax on their hair. The tool is ideal for cases where you need to make a pile or volume. That is, when there is a need for a beautiful hairstyle for the whole day.

Also the minuses include the moment of electrification. The curls after the powder sometimes “bite” and the volume, as some consumers notice, does not last as long as the manufacturer promises. The jar of powder is small, only 10 grams and lasts not for 50 uses, but for a significantly smaller number of times, although this fact has an advantage, styling can be put in your purse and it will not hurt, but on the contrary, it will allow you to correct it at any moment hairstyle outside the house.

More information on how to use powder can be seen in the next video.

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