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Tanning St. Moriz

About Tanning St. Moriz has written a tremendous amount of reviews confirming its excellent quality. In a wide range you can find various means: bronzates, lotions, sprays, etc.

English brand St. Moriz offers effective products that help you get a bronze skin tone with mousse, lotion and mist spray for the body.

The brand

The production of tanning beds is well established in the UK. Shop windows showcase a wide range of products for a perfect tan. This is a niche of premium products at an affordable price. Their quality is in no way inferior to the traditional visit to cosmetology rooms, tanning salons.

The company exists in the market of beauty industry for about 10 years. During this time, St. Moriz has developed new products for artificial tanning products. They found your ideal tone and aroma composition that neutralizes the specific smell of an important component of dihydroxyacetone.


Cosmetic products are decorated in the same style. All lotions and sprays vary in type of application, composition and texture. But they have the same shade, pale sand.

Important advantages of such products are:

  • specially designed formulas;

  • instant and easy to obtain an even tan;

  • hypoallergenicity;

  • the ability to be applied to the body evenly, without spots and stripes;

  • pleasant aroma means;

  • additional skin hydration.

You get completely new formulas, the best alternative to unsafe sunlight, UV radiation.

For girls with pale, almost "porcelain skin" is not recommended for a long stay in the sun. But to become a dark, tanned beauty - everyone’s dream. For this, universal wipes, sprays and lotions from St. Moriz, giving no worse results than natural "sun baths".

Natural shade provides the highest quality of all ingredients. Your tan will last for 5-10 days. The waterproof shade will appear already 8 hours after application of the product. You are guaranteed to get a velvety, deep, rich shade without any stains on the body. Also, don’t worry about your clothes becoming dirty or spoiled.

With St. Moriz you can "decorate" any part of the body.

If we are talking about the cold season, when there is no need to be exposed, then it is enough to apply lotion or spray only to certain areas, for example, the neck, décolleté, face, hands. But starting in mid-May, provided that there are a few more weeks before vacation, you can treat yourself to an excellent tan of your legs, stomach, back, including.

A big plus of drugs from St. Moriz is that they do not leave orange spots on the palms when applied repeatedly. Thanks to lightweight textures, comfortable application, fast absorption and skin care are ensured.

The composition contains an important component, DHA Ecocert or dihydroxyacetone. Its feature is the effect only on the upper layer of the epithelium. This means that the substance does not penetrate deep into, and therefore does not carry any harmful effect. The tan is "taken" due to the interaction of DHA with the amino acids of the dermis.

The manufacturer also clarifies that there is not a single SPF filter in St. Moriz products. This means that for additional protection against UV radiation, sunburn, special cosmetics must be used. Only in this case your body will be protected even in the sunshine itself.

How to choose

When choosing a remedy suitable for you, study the formulations indicated on the drug, as well as reviews on the network. You need to know that the brand shows only 2 types of color density. Owners of a light skin tone should pay attention to medications labeled Medium, darker - Dark.

Do not be afraid of the very shade of the substance. When you spray a spray or wet a napkin with lotion, dark drops will fall on the body, the color of which is close to black. This effect disappears immediately and after a few hours you will see a delicious tan on velvety skin.

And when choosing the perfect tool, pay attention to tanning makeup. It effectively stains the upper layer of the skin, is completely washed off in the shower. Such a tool is suitable for you if you are going to make an impression on an imminent date, celebration, at a party or on stage.

One way or another, the most persistent of the entire series presented by St. Moriz is considered a lotion that helps two hours before the release to achieve the desired result. There is no more reason to enroll in a tanning salon, waiting in line. You no longer depend on time with a new series of products for express tanning.

How to apply

St. Moriz’s products (car bronzates) come with a special applicator mitt, which makes it easy to apply and evenly distribute tanning. The manufacturer recommends pre-treating the skin with a scrub, taking a salt bath, and then moisturizing it with body milk, lotion.

However, an important advantage of St. Moriz is the fact that even without all these “pirouettes”, you can give your body a bronze, golden hue at any time and anywhere. It is enough that the skin is clean and dry. In the latter case, if you believe the reviews, the color comes off much faster than after cleansing the skin of dead particles, peeling, etc.

You need to take a shower 4 hours before using the lotion itself.

All kinds of cosmetics will help you cleanse your body: scrub, mousse, cream-peeling, etc. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach places that are most exposed to peeling. It is about ankles, feet, elbows and knees. Regarding hair removal, it is recommended to carry it out a couple of days before the procedure with tanning.

Application Instructions:


The most top-notch product in the collection of the British brand was Instant Self Tanning MistA lotion with a delicate, non-greasy texture. Thanks to instant absorption, in just a few hours you will get a “new self”, dark-skinned, tanned, sexy. In parallel with this effect, you get completely moisturized, soft skin that exudes a delicate aroma. The shade is fixed for 8 hours. You yourself can choose what degree of tan you want to get: Medium or Dark.

The tint of such a product is washed off after the first shower, but there remains a pleasant golden hue, which sometimes can not be achieved on the beaches of the most expensive resorts. It is best to apply autobronzate from the ankle zone, paying attention to places with folds.

Quite often, in anticipation of external transformations, girls forget about such "trifles" as the bend of the fingers, the ear region, the back side of the knees.


It is impossible to count the huge number of positive reviews about the St. Moriz brand. Many people agree that these are the best products for express tanning that exist on the market of cosmetic products. Some are satisfied with the price, others with quality, others with the duration of the mousses, tanning sprays. All unanimously claim that the product is applied evenly, if you carefully follow the instructions. The effect is really noticeable after 1 hour, but a real tan, like in a solarium, after 8 hours.

Most girls prefer lotions rather than sprays. In their opinion, they are better distributed on the skin, more economical.

The brand has two types of tanning. One of them demonstrates a gradual action, manifesting itself only after a short period of time. The intensity increases until you get the right shade. To stop the staining process, you need to take a shower.

In another option, you apply lotion, tanning mousse for several days, and the golden hue begins to appear gradually. Special substances that make up the drug wonderfully mask problem areas of the skin: small scars, scars, scratches. It will also turn out to get rid of unwanted freckles for a while.

This is the best alternative to tanning salons. You independently regulate the degree of manifestation of tanning, stopping at the right minute. The manufacturer has created truly superior premium products at an affordable price.

Dreaming of a cold shade of coffee with milk and enchanting appeal, choose the St. brand. Moriz



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