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Tonic Garnier

Every girl, woman in her life seeks to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible. This is primarily true for facial skin. But how to give it freshness and maintain a beautiful view for a long time?

Today there is a wide range of cosmetics for skin care. But among many different creams and masks, consumers prefer Garnier products, especially tonics. According to consumers, this is the best combination of price and quality, as they are relatively inexpensive, and the results show excellent.

What it is

The Garnier Basic Care Series refreshing face toners are primarily designed for gentle care. The composition of the unique formula of Skin Naturals includes grape extract, which has the ability to remove toxins from the body and make the skin clean and healthy.

The product very gently removes impurities and dead cells. After its use, the pores are noticeably cleaned, the face becomes velvet, because the oxygen exchange of the skin is much improved. Tonic is ideal for daily use.

A special complex of vitamins B5 protects and soothes the skin, saturating it with useful substances. Therefore, it becomes much more elastic and as if shines from the inside.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you start using this cosmetic series, you need to consider all the pros and cons of this kind of funds. This can be done by reading the consumer reviews of this tool.

Let's start with the pros:

  1. pleasant aroma. Since the composition of this product includes extracts of many fruits, for example, grapes, it has a soft and delicate smell;
  2. does not contain alcohol;
  3. moisturizes and cleanses well from makeup or dirt;
  4. can be used before applying day cream, as it prepares the skin, making it soft;
  5. no need to rinse after application;
  6. does not leave a film on the face, while there is no sensation of dryness;
  7. reasonable price in comparison with other lines of cosmetics.

But, nevertheless, many consumers still emit a number of negative properties of this tool. Which ones exactly?

  1. Not suitable for oily skin, as it moisturizes it even more.
  2. If you have sensitive skin, then irritation may occur after applying this product.
  3. There are a lot of allergens in the composition, so before using it, you must always consult a specialist to avoid consequences.
  4. Inconvenient lid on the package.
  5. Many consumers talk about the feeling of stickiness on the face after applying the tonic.

Of course, such products may not be suitable for all skin types. But in the Garnier product line there is a wide variety of care products that contain a vitamin complex, so there is always the opportunity to tailor it to your needs.


It is quite difficult to list the entire composition of the tool, but let's focus on its main components.

  1. Denatured alcohol dissolves various substances that affect the cleanliness of our skin. He also disinfects and dries it.
  2. Glycerin is a moisturizer. It is used so that the skin does not dry out with temperature changes, or air humidity.
  3. Salicylic acid has an antiseptic effect, while preventing the appearance of irritation.
  4. Alphahydroacid helps to cleanse dead cells.
  5. Zinc glucan disinfects and helps heal wounds.
  6. Triethanolamine regulates the pH level in the tonic.

Such products also contain natural or artificial aromas that give the product a pleasant and soft smell. Of course, this is not a complete list of the composition of such products, but only the most basic thing, which is available in almost every tool of this line of cosmetics.

Better Problem Solving

For problematic skin, cosmetologists recommend cleansers. That is what Garnier’s Clean Skin Asset is. Let's find out in more detail what it is.

This tool is great for oily skin. Its main task is the fight against problem areas, namely acne. It contains salicylic acid, which has an antibacterial effect, as well as components that contribute to the regeneration of facial skin.

Due to its composition, the product perfectly cleanses pores on the face, and also prevents the appearance of traces of acne. Also, when it is used, the amount of subcutaneous fat is reduced and the skin becomes dull. This is because the composition contains activated carbon, which smoothes it.

"Clean skin Active" refreshes the skin, energizes it, saturates it with nutrients and vitamins, removes oily sheen and black spots on the face. After applying this product, it looks healthy and velvet.

The Garnier brand has earned popularity among users for its high quality and affordability. The company's developers, in addition, are constantly pleased with new products that help customers look well-groomed and beautiful.

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